Please May I Have A Blanket ?

Gelfling Grandchild has always seen me crafting away, the little lamb actually thinks I knit rabbits for a living, although he knows I have a day job he is under the misinterpretation the ‘Lovelies’  I assist somehow help in my ‘Crafting Empire’

Anyhoo he has never asked me to create him anything until he charged into the cottage a couple of days ago sat next to me and quietly asked can I make him a blanket

Gelfling Grandchild….. ‘ Grandma please may I have a blanket….it needs to be blue, you know blue like the sky, blue like the water in the beck, blue like the rain in puddles’

Me ….’We’ll see’  which is actually code for yes, but all in good time

Second born took to the hunt for the right shades of blue yarn with a gusto which amazed me
Second born ( Gelflings daddy) took to the hunt for the right shades of blue yarn with a gusto which amazed me, dismissing several options with comments .. nope not the right shades/nope that has green in it/nope that’s not what we are looking for, this was second born’s  ultimate choice 🙂

Gelfling Grandchild held his arms aloft depicting how large he would like his blanket to be if indeed I could make him one, he’s actually given this a lot of thought my I hope I can live up to his expectations

So the Hues of Blue blanket odyssey begins
So the Hues of Blue blanket odyssey begins, if you creative types can squint the left half depicts the beck and puddles the  right hand side the sky with a scattering of clouds, if you can’t envision wait until you are the worse for the demon drink , make sure its dark then lo and behold and it will become as clear as day

I have done it in ripple stitch as this may be construed as waves crashing on the shore, this last sentence could lead you to the conclusion that I have a vivid imagination, or I live in my own little world…either explanation is fine with me


19 thoughts on “Please May I Have A Blanket ?

  1. What a great request!!! I think you melted like ice when your Grandchild asked you to craft him the blenket…. 💙💚💛💜 This is going to be his own Linus’ blanket….

  2. I’m sure Gelfling Grandson will treasure it forever! Loving the representations of the colour waves – they’re such happy blues – second born has a good eye!! Can’t wait to see it finished and know little Gelfling’s comments 😀

      1. …If there are tears….I’m sure they’ll be from the happiness of seeing his little face light up when he gets his ‘surprise blanket’ !! 😀

  3. Oh the dear little thing. That’s such a compliment. And your son bought the wool? It just gets better! That blanket will become part of his dowry. And it’s just beautiful. I wish I could crochet.

  4. I learnt the ripple pattern from Lucy too, she rights very clear tutorials doesn’t she? The self striping yarn was a good choice and makes it a less complicated option that still looks impressive. He’s going to love you even more after this!

  5. Oh, your blanket looks brilliant already! I love how this project has been the work of three generations of your family, what a great story. And I’m sure Gelfling Grandchild will treasure the finished blanket for years to come. Happy crocheting!

    1. Awwww thanks, I’m really enjoying my crochet project, it’s ages since I’ve been able to craft of an evening, thanks to K9 being more independent I have more me time …yippee !!!!!!

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