Swings and Roundabouts

No not the playground type but life’s ups and downs, just when I think I have mastered my way through the maze of life I’m brought back to reality. Last week I had my appraisal and  was asked if I would take on more responsibility….I want LESS not more,

Please don't make me hide under the bed..get someone else to take charge !!
Please don’t make me hide under the bed..get someone else to take charge !!

I did tell my boss I don’t play well with others …. I will take any refused medication myself … and I would require an account at the hairdressers to cover my expenses for hair dye on account my team members will be sending me grey…. yet she is still sure I’m the person for the job….for goodness sake woman NO means NO (rant over)

Beloveds firm is having a cull re-structure with his job possibly up for the firing line redundancy, we do have a plan B which means using every penny we have, and us both working every hour God sends,  but more on that if and when it happens 🙂

On the up side Second Born has been accepted into Lincoln University (very proud mummy)

He must have Beloveds clever gene and I accept the sarcasm comes from me
He must have Beloveds clever gene and I accept the sarcasm / humour/ good looks and modesty comes from me,

Would you jolly well believe it Dog Training lady has asked if K9 (and my good self)  are interested in being trained by Lucy Creek winner of Freestyle to Music at Crufts 2015

Lucy in action,
Lucy in action, I do believe this lady is a genius at training dogs,  so being asked is a complete and utter honour, so will K9 be the Billy Elliot of the Rottweiler world ?? …that depends on him 🙂

21 thoughts on “Swings and Roundabouts

  1. I see that I’m not the only one having hard times…. In this moment I should tell something clever and encouraging…. well,I have to admit that all the nice words you wrote me when I was down came up to my mind and I hope to be enough capable to trasmit you the same positivity you trasmitted to me in those moments… ❤ ❤ ❤ Fingers crossed and thousand of hugs!!

    1. Such wonderful kind words, thank you ❤ ❤ ❤
      it's been such chaos the last week or so, things do keep me smiling though such as reading about everyone's crafting, knowing Second Born is going on to great things and knowing spring is under way it would be nice if the sun shone on my days off instead of just when I'm at The Workplace LOL

      1. Life could be so hard sometimes… the most important thing is to have the right concetration in the very moment it is needed. Keep smiling and take care of yourself ❤

  2. Oh My Word! You do seem to have had quite a topsy turvy week!! Maybe you and your Beloved should venture down to the playground and vent some steam on the swings and slide 😉
    It would seem your Boss has her blinkers on AND her ear plugs in!! – poor you :-(, I bet passing the unwanted buck to you is a much cheaper option then employing ‘A’ another, to do the extra workload!!
    What exciting times, AND you have every reason to be oooberly proud ;-)!!!!!! Your son must be thrilled and many congratulations to him :-D! Obviously, and without a shadow of a doubt, ALL your own genetically passed attributes made this soooo possible for him 😀
    Let’s hope your Beloved’s firm see the value of his experience !….not to mention the mafia connection LOL 😉 Love your billboard caption! Dearest and I are just hoping we last long enough to reap some rewards after all these long slogging years…the only certainties; the tax man fills his pockets from our endeavours…. and then we die….a final tax bill…. so he can have a bit more!!!
    I bet as I’m typing this you are shining up your dance shoes ;-)..have you mentioned the brilliant news to K9 yet??? WOW!!! What an honour to be approached with a training offer!!!! How can you ever pass up on that??????? There is one consolation, should K9 not be the next BE on four legs, and, if your Beloved does get sad news about his future with ‘The Firm’, he could take up the baton for K9 and you could still be the star in shiny shoes!!! 😀 LOL

    1. The worse thing about Beloveds predicament is that there is no time scale on the redundancy cull, so we are unsure when / if it will happen !!
      Just to put your mind at rest plan B is NOT Mafia based (although that COULD become plan C LOL)
      I understand why Mrs Boss Lady is adamant she wants me to take on the dreaded responsibility, she knows I’ll give it my all, working my days off/ extra hours at short notice etc and I must come across like a mardy mare by not wanting to play !!
      As for K9 and his budding BE career who wouldn’t want a dancing Rottweiler 🙂 the plus side I can make my own outfits for each competition (perhaps plan D may come in here sewing for other competitors??) who would have thought I’d be taking up tap and ballet at my time of life https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/17/15/4b/17154bbbb3b1866072cd56a257492ba5.jpg

      1. It must be so unsettling for your Beloved :-/ living with the constant uncertainty, though clever of his firm too!!!, its like dangling a stink bomb (rather than a carrot) one foot wrong, it goes off and you’re out the door!!! It must keep everyone in their employ on their toes 24/7 – quite a clever way of keeping up productivity, I bet they employed a psychologist to muster up this cunning little plan!!! I really hope you get some secure news soon on that front, I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer what we went through, 18 months ago, when my husband’s family firm folded..! At our time of life we should be relaxing on a beach (with Johnny Depp serving cocktails —– !!! 😀 😀 (get that, and we are definitely on the same wave length LOL!!!!)
        I would love to see your dance outfit designs and also a great opportunity to create for other competitors too, you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunities in these uncertain times !!
        We never know, these days, what’s around the corner, and, this new unexpected request to have K9 perform his light fantastic with you, could be a gift from the heavens! Not only in the bonus of future garment commissions….but if all else goes pair shaped, K9 and your good self could be niche roaring Street entertainers!!!! 😀

      2. Perhaps all this uncertainty might have a silver lining after all ….plan E … K9 & I as street entertainers, it just gets better & better 🙂
        About this notion of Mr Depp serving cocktails on the beach ….is it in full pirate costume or not ….if I’m going to day dream I need to get the full mirage clear in my mins eye before I drift off into fantasy land, I should hate to be miss informed and end up in the wrong hallucination

      3. LOL! sorry to have caused you delay in your fantasy drift off (hope you’ve managed to keep busy for the past four hours)….most definitely as a pirate, hair make up, rings…..but I think we can remove the need for an actual costume..well maybe just the forehead upwards………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..LOL :-D………..Oooops, think I drifted of there myself for a while……. LOL ;-)…..enjoy your day dreaming!!!!

      4. LOL Just a little annoyed …After doing a mini spring clean due to Beloveds attempt at plastering (blog post to follow whenever) I find out its No Housework Day, I know I should have spent my time more constructively with Mr Depp D’oh

      5. LOL! OMG, I didn’t know there was an official NHD!! Thanks for the head’s up….I was just about to embark on our Son’s bedroom for his return later today…now, I can officially let him make his own bed up!!! 😉
        As for Mr. D, I reckon between us with our thoughts, he’ll be completely frazzled LOL 😀 😀 😀

  3. So sorry to hear about everything being a little haywire. I hope and pray everything will turn out just right.
    Congratulations on being asked to train with a top dog trainer. You and K9 should do very well.
    And I am happy for Second Born. Congratulations to him for going to Lincoln University.
    Sorry I haven’t commented on any of your posts. I am way behind on reading all of the posts. I am even behind on posting anything. This morning’s post was the first one in over a week. Maybe two weeks. I have lost track. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. It was a nice day for us for a change. I haven’t done anything more with my Cricket Loom either. I have something I want to make, but just don’t seem to be getting around to it.
    Have a great week. 🙂

    1. Life is all about making the most of what you have and that is exactly how we intend to approach this, at the moment I don’t seem to have much spare time at all !!! K9 & I are off to meet with Lucy next week to see how we go forward with the heel work to music, next thing will be to make a video of our progress (if any LOL)
      I’m not sure where the time goes I hope you get back on track with your Cricket Loom, hope your week is full of promise xx

      1. You are so right Roma. We pretty much have to take life on step at a time. It will all work out.
        I am sure you and K9 will do well. He looks like a smart dog, and you are loving and patient. If you are like me, you probably have more patience with your animals than with children. I would love to see the video of you two working together.
        I will eventually get back to my Cricket loom. I am just busy with other things, tired and lazy lately. Have a great week. 🙂

  4. Oh, I feel your pain… It’s so hard to strike the right balance at work. Too inept and they slash your hours, do it properly and you’re offered the dreaded “extra responsibility”! I really hope everything works out to your & Beloved’s satisfaction… But I have to admit to being more than a little curious to find out what Plan B is! And super congratulations to Second Born for getting into uni – you must all be delighted 🙂

    1. All in all it really is swings and roundabouts, super good news and then a touch of worry just to keep things even!!! we have consigned ourselves to the idea that what will be will be …thing is I’m not over patient I kneed to know what is going to happen so we can get on with what needs to be done, if else all fails I can take on the ‘extra responsibility’ and work 13.5 hrs a day 7 days a week…Mrs Boss Lady would be over the moon at that prospect I’m sure. Second Born has another interview at Nottingham Uni this week, if he gets that it will give him a tough but pleasant choice to make, Beloved & I off to carry on with the cottage renovations, the fun never stops LOL

      1. That sounds familiar. Still, without all these trials and tribulations, we’d have nothing to talk about! I’m sure you’ll make it through your “interesting times” and come out with a heap of great stories, told in your inimitable style. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you all in the meantime 🙂

  5. Hmm, bad news and good…..Sounds like you may have a plan for coping with the bad news and the good news is actually great – don’t let K9 down at the owner and dog training now, will you?

    1. I fear Lucy will probably have her work cut out with MY footwork LOL
      K9 has mastered a few moves already …which is why ‘Dog Training Lady’ is so keen to get us training with Lucy in the first place, out of all the pups in our Monday night class, one is showing an aptitude for agility, one’s forte will possibly lead to sniffer training, one as a gun dog ….and then there is Oscar …a dancing rottweiler hahahahahahah

  6. Hang in there. I so get it. I think we all do……..sort of 2 steps forward and one back……..forever! And forgive the cliche but I honestly believe that when one door closes and even better one opens…it really does……even if it’s sometimes a long corridor between doors!!!!!! Jane

    1. LOL with all this 2 steps forwards 1 step back I’ll have the waltz mastered in no time, at least it keeps life interesting …after all I shouldn’t want to get bored, seriously many thanks for the supportive words, it’s much appreciated xx

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