Keeping K9 Busy

How to keep a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy busy and mentally stimulated can be a tricky business, after all he can only be walked so far at such a tender age, and although he partakes in a training session each day, it needs to be exciting and fresh or he’ll soon get bored and lose interest, so inventive thinking comes into play

Before you all throw your hands up in horror, this box doesn't contain chocolates which is poisonous to dogs !!!
Before you all throw your hands up in horror, this box doesn’t contain chocolates which is poisonous to dogs !!!

K9 likes nothing better than ripping things up and discovery games so I thought why not combine the two

I hid some dog treats inside each little compartment
I hid some dog treats inside each little compartment, which spilt all over so he then had to seek them out

So there you have it one happy, smug (NOT SO) little pup, who’s had a treat, thinks he stole a box, and got some fresh air all at the same time, and I got to peg my washing out without any “help” Β .. Β job done πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Keeping K9 Busy

  1. We have a Buster cube for Sam…she rolls it around and it occasionally dispenses a treat. The trouble is that Sam plays with the cube and Max follows her round scrumming the treats as fast as he can!! I suppose that’s doggy teamwork!

  2. What a lovely little game for K9, I bet his tail didn’t stop wagging from start to finish! πŸ™‚
    I did wonder if you had hoped K9 would shred all evidence of a little chocolate binge LOL the irony seems to be that he managed to remove the inner sleeve and treats without so much as a tear πŸ˜€

    1. Ha you noticed that I was trying to get below Beloveds radar that I had indeed eaten all the chocolates ….without sharing !! in my defence I had to so K9 had something to keep him busy πŸ™‚

      1. I don’t think K9 miinded a jot, he seems to have been having a wonderful time whilst you pegged out! AND, Of course it would have been too risky to just put the choccies in a bowl for later…they might have melted with all the sunshine down your way LOL !!!
        I was perusing ways in which you could have put them to another use rather than having to eat them all yourself…..and fell upon this…….
        LOL LOL, there’s an idea for next time πŸ˜€

      2. LOL I nearly choked on my tipple (a glass of coke due to being on earlies tomorrow at ‘The Workplace’) next time I see a perfectly formed petite gentleman I’ll start throwing choccie’s his way … after all I don’t have enough ways to get myself arrested

    1. I even got to put my washing on the line in peace, which was my main objective LOL
      Of course the added bonus of watching him trying to figure out what I’ve hidden is quite high on my amusement scale πŸ™‚

  3. Oh I love it!!!!! Thank you. Would you believe, when Frankie wakes up after her morning nap she harasses the life out of me with her ball. She keeps dropping it at my feet to play and I feel so mean refusing. She will do it for 2 hours…easily 2 ! She is more demanding than I ever remember my kids being at that age. I will try this.

    1. I sure know what you mean about puppies being more demanding than children, I save any boxes to hide stuff in for K9 to ‘discover’ and I find a bone one a week gives me a couple of hours reprieve, until he realises what ever I’m doing so so much more interesting than anything he has LOL
      How’s Frankie doing? how old is she now ?

      1. She is 13 months and every bit the pup she was when we brought her home. Very cute but wants to be a part of everything……..and still takes things and demolishes them!

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