I’m super annoyed today,  ‘The Workplace’ is actually quite physical a lot of hoisting, manoeuvring, and repositioning …all done with the safety of ourselves and residents in mind  then what jolly well happens?????????

I reached over to the work surface to pick up K9's clicker & treat
I reached over to the work surface to pick up K9’s clicker & treats

and I’ve put my back out ….well my shoulder to be totally accurate, I went to work for my shift thinking I’d be OK and nope I had to come home again, so off to see the  Doctor tomorrow if I can get an appointment



31 thoughts on “Nooooooo

  1. I manage to cause myself the sciatica by only walking on tiles barefoot so I can understand you well! Have some rest and try to not worry about the things to do! They’ll be done sooner or later. Despite the pain which could be so very annoying, you have a reason to be spoiled by your Beloved… and I think that even K9 will contribute to your healing 🙂

    1. Oh poor you, I hope you recovered from your sciatica quickly.
      Beloved is in ‘The Capital’ working so at least I don’t have to do any housework for a day or so, and as the weather is slightly cool but sunny the back door is open so K9 can wonder in and out to the garden, I’m just going to take it easy for the next few days reading a couple of books I have stashed away 🙂

      1. That’s the right way to do! I got the sciatica something like two years ago but have to admit that I feel some pain from time to time… Well,today we have bought a bike for me to move easily in the new town, it will help me to stay amore fit than usual so I hope to have less annoyance… 🙂

      2. I feel bad to say Beloved bought me a bike last year and I still haven’t been on it, you have now inspired me (once I’m rested) to get out and about on it 🙂

      3. 😀 😀 😀 I have to be honest and say that I am so awfully lazy….. the only way to make me move is to obliged me to….

  2. Oh NOOOOO! I hope you feel better very soon!!! There’s nothing worse than your back or neck being out of sink with the rest of your body – toothache is a breeze by comparison!!!! I hope you are still able to step into your own bloomers..??…. it’s such a misfortune, when, your arm doesn’t seem able to stretch long enough, due to the pain…(I know, I’ve been there, when I put my lower back out) thence comes the question..?…’do I ask for assistance or leave the blooming things off??? LOL 😀
    Also…….who is going to take your place with K9 for the dance moves ??? I hope your Beloved has been paying attention to the routine…but more over…I hope the outfit and shoes will fit him if he has to step in 😀 😀 😀

    1. K9 has been placed in front of the moving picture box thingy to watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ so he will be able to keep his paw on the pulse of the dancing world. Meanwhile the Dr has confirmed that it’s my upper back that I’ve pulled he recommends no twisting or lifting, so bloomer assistance is un necessary but ….the putting on of the corset is causing a few problems, I thing going ‘free range’ may be the order of the day. This just about sums up how I’m feeling at the moment LOL

      1. K9 is so lucky to be viewing Patrick S….If that doesn’t keep him in the groove – I don’t know what will!!! I think I might have to go in search for a shot of him myself LOL 😀
        I’m sure you’re please that you have the downstairs department covered!!! Though, I do hope the incapacitation doesn’t last too long, just do as the doc suggests….going ‘free range’ has all the benefits of enjoying the Spring breeze!! I think an intravenous shot could be the order of the day too 😉 !!

      2. Lucky me, I get to go ‘free range’ just as the breeze in coming from the north LOL I don’t think my kidneys have felt such a draft since my early 20’s then I was too young and stupid, now I just keep thinking I hope I’m not making myself susceptible to the bubonic plague 😀
        After yesterdays film entertainment, today while I catch up on a little light reading… a jolly good murder mystery… you never know all the top tips I pick up will come in handy …I’m parking K9 into a stay position to watch footloose, I’m hoping that by next week he will go to dance class and wow everyone with his new moves

      3. Goodness! All this resting up and enjoying your free time sounds like you have moved into early retirement mode LOL 😉
        I hope you have had a shawl around you whilst taking vital notes from the murder mystery – wouldn’t want an Arctic blast to catch you at this exposed time – hope the upper back is feeling less troublesome with all the distractions you have been setting?!
        I bet K9 is quite getting into his time viewing classic dance movies, I should think that he can ‘paw tap’ in time with the music by now 😉

  3. Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better soon… I put my back out at work a couple of years ago and I didn’t sleep for a week! Treat yourself to a hearty dose of tea, gin and murder mysteries and I’m sure you’ll be right as rain in no time 🙂

    1. I’m feeling so much on form, it’s surprising what r & r can do, I have a few creative thoughts wafting through my mind to boot although I’m not sure where to begin, I’ll have to do a post asking for guidance 🙂

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