Where Do I Begin ?

OK so I’m sat at home and crafty thoughts are drifting through my mind, only trouble is I have no idea how to go about what I’m trying to achieve, so please if you have any advice I’m all ears

Yep I want to charge off down a crafting road that has no sign posts
Yep I want to charge off down a crafting road that is fraught with an attitude of ‘I have no idea what you are talking about’

I’d really like to have a go at stamping a few gift tags, postcards, fabric and anything else I can get my hands on BUT it’s a minefield which is better blocked stamps, clings, clear???? Β and Β what other basic equipment do I need ? how easy/difficult is it ?

This is the type of thing I'm looking at
This is the type of thing I’m looking at, if you know anything about me of course my first project will have to be a rabbit πŸ™‚

By now you realise I’m beyond dumb about this craft, are there any super books,blogs and tutorials that you can recommend, yes I’ve look on the web but came away even more confused
Thank you in advance, and I apologise for my ignorance πŸ˜€


32 thoughts on “Where Do I Begin ?

    1. I think I’ve found a basic book that look pretty good, some of the rabbit stamps I’ve seen are sooooo cute so I just might get them …you know just because LOL

    1. I have the urge to just dive straight in, but don’t want to feel disappointed with my lack of knowledge, I’m off trawling the internet for books etc…which is jolly enjoyable LOL

  1. Hi Mrs P. I can’t advise you on this but what I want to say is long overdue……..I am SO enjoying your posts and absolutely loved seeing your home turf. That’s what I love most about blogging…….seeing where other bloggers live. Your neck of the woods reminds me so much of the BBC programs that I just adore!!!! As soon as I can’t negotiate the iPad WITH Frankie in tow, I am going to post some shots of my home turf. I hope your back is getting better. Jane

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    1. Why thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, as for negotiating your iPad with out a ‘little helper’ I hope it’s soon πŸ™‚ My back is getting better each day hence my desire to try a new craft LOL

  2. I use the type of stamps that ‘stick’ to a clear block – that way you can see through to line the stamp up perfectly. They are easy to wash too.

    1. Thanks for the help, I’ve spent many a happy hour today on the web doing tons of research, joined a stamping group on FB, ordered a how to book, hinted to Beloved that a trip to Hobbycraft this weekend would be nice, so all being well a new obsession beckons LOL

  3. Sorry I’m not clued up in stamping – my only attempt was to stamp red lips all over a white vest for a holiday once…but, it does look like you have got a good few tips πŸ˜€ and I’m sure after a chauffeur driven trip to acquire more bits and bobs there will be no stopping you !!!! LOL…I see in all your confused frustration of, ”Unfortunately that day has come” you managed to grow a beard as well!!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. LOL πŸ˜€ LOL πŸ˜€ LOL πŸ˜€
        I have just recovered my composure after showering myself with stout!!!! ;-0
        I think, under the circumstances, of having your back out of sorts, your Beloved might just let the sprouting hair pass this time – though what a look to take him shopping – bet he wouldn’t want to be walking in the same aisle though!

      2. One day I will learn not to click onto your comments while drinking varied beverages, my computermebob screen is now covered in tea, to quote Beloved “What the hell have you spat out this time?”

      3. Ooooops sorry !! LOL…:-D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        ..I love how your Beloved is quite unfazed now with your beverage spraying and sounds like he almost accepts it as the norm!!!! – in many years to come, he will look back and probably say, as you merely dribble down your chin…..”….you remember Dear, when your could orally extinguish or destroy with your uncontrollable spraying technique….??? ”
        LOL at least the tea is quite expendable..unlike the juniper cordial πŸ˜‰

      4. * sprays another fluid over the computer* Hahahahahahahaha Beloved just sits at the computerlaptopmebob opens the lid and gives it a customary wipe down before each use while muttering under his breath, I fear my dribbling days are drawing ever closer as I can testify if I have an unscheduled afternoon nap

      5. LOL….what are you like….????.. ..LOL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I should imagine your Beloved’s sleeve is a proper sight after his computing each night
        So, you already have the tell tale trickle too….oh my…time to tuck your best lace hankie under there next time you have an afternoon snooze LOL

  4. Oh my WORD, I had no idea stamping was such an art! Or maybe it’s a science, I can’t tell… Anyway, if it helps at all, I’ve been stamping my own carrier bags to use at markets since I started out. I picked up a pack of sticky letter stamps in Paperchase for next to nothing, and refused to undermine my successful bargain hunting by buying the perspex block you’re supposed to stick them to in order to line them up before you print. Instead, I stick one letter onto each face of a totally ordinary plastic playing dice – well, four of the faces. You have to hold on somewhere or you get inky fingers! I’ll admit it’s pretty ghetto, but people love the bags, so I’ve never even stopped to wonder if I’m doing it “properly”. I’d say just jump in with whatever materials you can lay your hands on and have a bit of fun with it πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

    1. ‘Ghetto printing’ you ought to licence that phrase I love it, have you any idea what ink I use on fabric to achieve a ‘vintage’ feel? I found some sepia ink on-line but never thought about it’s suitability to use on cloth, I’m off now to google Paperchase thanks for the top tips xx

      1. Oooh, tricky! I’ve only ever used paper. You may have to use fabric paint, and its gloopier texture will probably limit the amount of detail you can have on your stamps. I’d imagine… Please bear in mind that this advice is coming to you from a position of NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER! Maybe you could look into screen printing if you’re wanting to do larger pieces, like bags or clothing? I’m sure you’ll figure it out though, you always do! Good luck πŸ™‚

      2. I’m really looking into this printing malarkey, I have a few supplies winging their way to mine so hopefully in a week or so I should have something to post about …or at least something to giggle about

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