Tajana’s Earth And Sky Blanket

So by now Tajana’s readers will have seen what I crafted for our gift exchange, I’ll just do a short post to share what I made for anyone not familiar with her page, if you see HERE you will see my inspiration for her blanket, the thing that made me smile is some of my followers assumed I knitted her gift when in reality I crocheted her present …which in hindsight was a little brave of me as Tajana is a renowned crochet artist

My interpretation of the fields and sky
My interpretation of the ploughed fields and amazing  sky scape’s I get to witness each day

The pattern is by Lucy at Attic 24 but I tried to give it a gentle twist by reversing the pattern to give two complementary halves, the shades of brown are meant to represent the various shades of the freshly ploughed fields during all weathers and lights, and the blue the vast expanse of sky due to the flat landscape, the two shades of green in the border are the newly spouting leaves and crops growing in the fields, whereas the grey are the rain clouds …I sure hope you can see where I’m going with this and I’m not in need if respite care at ‘The Workplace’

Tajana's blanket in most of its glory :-)
Tajana’s blanket in most of its glory 🙂 although I managed to miss just about ALL of the border off my photo LOL

Here is a close up of the offending 18 stitches in a completely different yarn that caused me to take to coffee and cake at Beloveds instance !!

I tried to get a really good photo of the offending 18, but the seemed quite happy to blend in with their companions
I tried to get a really good photo of the offending 18, but the seemed quite happy to blend in with their companions

So there you have it my daily walk with K9 represented in a blanket


45 thoughts on “Tajana’s Earth And Sky Blanket

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, maybe I can tell ‘The Workplace’ I don’t need the respite room for another week or two then LOL

  1. Oh Mrs P….IT’S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 😀 !!!!! I’m sure Tajana is over the moon with her wonderful gift ;-)!!

    I just love how the inspiration of your lovely landscape moved you to interpret it into a three dimensional work of crochet art!!! Your colour choices are perfect and work brilliantly all together..and..what a life saver that aran yarn was, you can’t see the join at all!!! 😀

    1. Thank you Mrs T, when I ran out of yarn I thought the whole project was doomed, and I’d been working away at it for an absolute age, still the ‘Dreaded 18 Stitch Blanket’ as it will be forever referred to at the cottage doesn’t look too shabby.
      Now every time I attract Beloveds attention while crafting he replies ” Let me guess you have run out of wool & now we have to go buy a sheep” do you think he really means I can have a sheep ….I do hope so

      1. Love the term ’18 stitch blanket’ how so few stitches could have you in near hysteria and panic and yet now make it probably one of the most memorable pieces you have created!
        OOOO you must share whatever ”term” you used if your Beloved does relent and let you have a sheep!!!?!!… then, I can used it on my Dearest…I’d love my own sheepy!!! I could have it life model in my fabric landscape creations, spin my own bits of wool for toothpick knitting and dip dye the little cutie to fit my mood, not to mention, have it wear little wellies too! 😉
        Avidly awaiting your powers of persuasion…..LOL!

      2. OMG OMG OMG How utterly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww… not only do I want one – I think I’d love a little flock of them 😉 I’ve just been reading up on them after I saw your link, and, their wool is graded like cashmere too! I think you have real bargaining power with your Beloved on this one! How cute would a little flock look trotting round your back garden???…Bonus – they would mow the lawn for him!!! He could have cashmere jumpers and scarves knitted by your fair hand every year!!!!!!! AND as if that wasn’t enough reasons for him to allow you a few…K9 could also keep fit training as a sheep dog LOL 😀

      3. I have an update……….. 😀
        I asked Dearest, if I could have one of these…and showed him your link!!
        His reply…” yes!!…If I (meaning he) can have a miniature horse…!”
        He’s always wanted one…I thought Peppy was close enough to settle that craving…obviously not ;-/
        So I am off in search of a mini horse – probably the variety on wheels (you remember those from our childhood right?! I have a theory that, should I find one I will install it in a mini stable put a nose bag on it and he won’t know it has wheels…at least not until I get a little sheepy LOL 😉

      4. YEAH, go trawl the charity shops you are bound to find one, make sure you put plenty of straw around the wheels it will be ages before he notices 😀
        Beloveds says I can have a tiny sheep if he can have a miniature pig, I’ve done my research you can actually get something called a teacup pig http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/10/06/article-0-06B81058000005DC-588_634x421.jpg which I have to admit are very darn cute, I feel a dainty farm about to take root at the cottage,

      5. I’m sure I will, there must still be some non decaying samples knocking about, even some still with a mane, and I have a huge pile of raffia – that can double up as hay!!
        I was thinking the very same thing about having a mini farm in the back garden ;-)…Oh and check this out…..

        ***TURN THE SOUND UP*** If K9 ever needs a day off guard duties then you have the perfect solution!!
        …One more thing….Has it crossed your mind, that we both have other halves which have a secret wish to own mini animals…????? It must be their mid life crisis set on LOL 😉 Still, It’s cheaper than a Lamborghini!!!!

      6. The link is toooo cute ❤ At least Dearest & Beloved are only having a 'mini' mid life crisis, yet both wanted humongous dogs?? what's that all about

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I feel quite at ease knitting so being brave enough to crochet a gift for an accomplished crafter like Tajana was a little nerve racking LOL

  2. it’s great how you interpreted sky&earth, I love it… and I wish I could do such beautiful things with my hands too… or I wish at least I could finish the sweater I promised my dad as he turned 40…(he turns 71 this year) :o(

    1. Thank you for your comment, now in regards to the sweater dilemma, I find you ought to pace yourself when faced with a crafty project, 31 years is quite an acceptable time delay in these matters LOL

  3. I’m having some problems with my computer so I saw your lovely post only now (Thank you,Big man, for your gorgeous Xmas present….my smartphone helps me a lot in cases like those….)
    Cozy covered by this beautiful blanket is like being in England and it really is like you described above: the freshness of the ground, the deep of the sky and the wake of the nature… I can see all that in this gorgeous goodie of yours 💙💚💛💜 It is so exciting to be the owner of this treasure! I hope that my parcel will be at yours soon!

    1. Bless you for such kind words for my gift to you x
      I’m hoping Mr Postman will call by before too long I’m full of excitement at the thought of your gift coming to the cottage ❤

  4. You’ve painted the perfect blue sky and the freshest of rotivated soils – how pretty a picture! Dare we let on that the sky is normally fifty shades of grey and the soil a murky sea of mud?! No, I much prefer your vision – simply stunning!

    1. LOL my blanket is reminiscent of the one good day we have weather wise here, lets not spoil Tajana’s romantic vision of the British countryside 😀

  5. Oh it is so beautiful Roma! The colors are so very pretty and the offending 18 stitches look like they should be there. At least to me. I know Tajana is loving her gift. 🙂

      1. At least I was able to find a matching colour yarn…much to my amazement, even though it was the wrong thickness I don’t think the ‘Dreaded 18’ stand out too much

      2. Unless you are a critic and looking for perfection, it turned out very nicely. Imperfections, or mistakes or whatever uniqueness is what makes a piece/gift even more special. I hope I stated kindly and not insultingly. That was not my intention. 🙂

      3. LOL the little imperfections are what makes it handmade not factory produced, & I’d prefer handcrafted any day ;-D

  6. You may not agree, but I definitely think the finished blanket justifies the heartache, panic and cake that went into making it! And even after studying the photo AND knowing the color of yarn you used for the troublesome 18 stitches, I still couldn’t spot the join! Another masterpiece, well done 🙂

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