I Have Every Faith In You Son

I turned my laptop on to check into my blog when BAM a message came up, “The fan isn’t working … fix it” or words to that effect … then the computer closed it’s self down.

WHAT !!! What do you mean !! It’s Bank Holiday weekend !! Don’t do this to me !!

2nd Born came for lunch, when it occurred to me Beloved & I had supported him through college when he first left school to do computer studies …what ever they are ?? Β Before I could utter another word

Open laptop surgery began
Open laptop surgery began, I’d been witness to 2nd Born restoring files I’d sent into the ether, or performing his magic when my laptop is possessed by an unknown quantity, but never relishing the prospect of revealing it’s innards

While of course post event I had every confidence in his abilities Beloved & I did exchange glances as 2nd Born delved deeper into what for us might as well be outer space

Yep this bit needs a little fine adjustment, then I just have to put everything back in the right order he proclaimed
Yep this bit needs a little fine adjustment, then I just have to put everything back in the right order he proclaimed

Lo and behold, not only did he put everything back together with out the obligatory 1 left over screw, my laptop is behaving perfectly, to me computers will always be akin to witchcraft,


Please Note no electrical devices were harmed during this procedure, and 2nd Born is now lording it over us mere non tech savvy mortals



14 thoughts on “I Have Every Faith In You Son

  1. Lucky you,I had to bring my laptop to laptop’s surgeon because I burn it…. I’m with no computer now,trying not to use the BM’s one but will soon be obliged to… Still don’t know if mine could be saved….

    1. Oh no !!! hope it can be saved, I was worried mine would have to go in for repair , which I was concerned about because of all the data on it ..or am I just the suspicious type LOL

      1. I will know in a few days if it would be possible to save it ir not…. I’d like to have my data saved but the surgeon was not very optimistic…. 😐😐😐

  2. I hope you had some kind of ceremonial burning outside while 2nd born was delving into unrecognisable territory LOL.. Who knows what cyber demons became unattached during the surgery?! But well done him for saving the day and probably much expense too;-)

    PS….you know it’s not wise to keep your undergarment measurements stored in that witchcraft boximajig???

    1. Burning Ceremony ?? Beloved was in full shaman regalia, wafting a feather and the remains of K9’s latest bone, as the poor man didn’t know the ritual dance he had to copy K9’s dance moves…which K9 actually performed better (Beloved said this was on account of K9 having more lessons / practice)
      I was most disappointed to have to leave for ‘The Workplace’ either way somebody did something right as laptopmebob is functioning fine now.
      P.S my undergarment sizing and secret family recipe for jellied ells have now been stored in a strong box in a time capsule under the 4th tree from the left on the green.

      1. LOL!!! Sounds like your secrets are very safe;-)
        It’s one of my biggest fears that mine will one day go wrong, and, it’s bound to be when I have no tech (my daughter) help around !! At least now I can give the shaman feather and bone dance a go in the hope it might help fix things πŸ˜‰

      2. I know….when/where did we, of our generation take a wrong path….?????! Hmmmm. ;-/ …I’m sure we started out smarter than they – maybe there was something in the water in the 80’s which releases slowly overtime, that doesn’t benefit our generation!
        I’d like to hope it was the Gods, even if they were smirking at your Beloved’s dance routine!!…just so I have the hope to hold onto – should my boxmathingymabob ever die!!! LOL πŸ˜€

  3. Phew! You’re so lucky to have your own tame computer technician in the family! I tried to upgrade the RAM in my ancient crumbly laptop a couple of years ago, and although it looked super-simple in the how-to videos I watched online, I ended up taking it into work in assorted pieces for one of my computer-literate workmates to finish for me! You’re right, it IS witchcraft!

    1. Computers are on a par with electricity, yep I sort of know what you are talking about, but it’s not something I need to be personally involved in LOL

      1. Exactly! I’m so grateful to all those people who obey the call of the computer and devote their lives to working with these irksome machines… SO I DON’T HAVE TO!

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