Bygone Era

Beloved suggested a day out, who was I to disagree, so this morning off we pootled to Lincoln, to an antique market, which was a mere stones throw from the cathedral

The imposing cathedral can be seen for miles around
The imposing cathedral can be seen for miles around, to have a market this close to such a landmark is amazing

Much to my delight a found a book from 1935 at the princely sum of Β£4.00 ….. bargain

Beloved just knew I'd be drawn to this tome of knoweldge
Beloved just knew I’d be drawn to this tome of knowledge

A wander down a cobbled road way

How typically English don't you think
How typically English don’t you think

where we found a vintage car show in the grounds of Lincoln castle, cue much ooh and aahing from Beloved

Beloved was in his element,
Beloved was in his element,

You can’t go out and not have lunch (well I can’t) a stroll down the alleyways we perchanced upon Lady Rose’s TearoomΒ unfortunately Lady Rose was indisposed but her man-servant Mr Gearings, her cook & maid were on hand to cater to our dietary needs

Mr Gearings and the lovely ladies who made our lunchtime soiree extra special
Mr Gearings and the lovely ladies who made our lunchtime soiree extra special (Sorry about the blurry photo..this was Beloveds doing)

All in all a jolly nice day out πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Bygone Era

  1. What a lovely day out! Simple pleasures, a wonderful new book for you (LOL the little picture on the front cover does seem to remind me of a kind of Mason’s symbol) A lovely stroll through the historic alleyways, perchance lots of shiny metal boxes for your Beloved to drool over and then a luncheon in true style! What could be better?! I’ll bet your nose is already between those pages acquiring new knowledge πŸ˜‰

    1. My latest tome is a veritable delight, Beloved was wondering if a pattern for a new bustle resided within, no I admonished him it’s a 1935 book, mind you it does comment I can get a pair of cutting shears for between 2 – 3 shillings, I wonder if said emporium is still trading?
      To have lunch served by Mr Gearings in true butler style was a little surreal, to be called Ma’am was just a touch amusing, I can’t help but wonder why Lady Rose was indisposed …too much sweet sherry no doubt.
      To see Beloved salivating over motor cars is beyond me LOL, as you can tell the excitement of seeing so much shiny metal in one place got the better of him…his hands were still all of a quiver when it came to capture the likeness of Lady Rose’s staff with the latest box brownie picture thingy

      1. Goodness!!! I have visions of your Beloved wanting to attire himself in a full blown blue billowing bustle between bright burly bumpers….or, perhaps, he was just thinking more of YOUR new Summer wardrobe??? LOL πŸ˜€ Maybe, you don’t need to reply to that!!! It is still the weekend, after all πŸ˜‰
        Oooo! I do hope the said emporium has more than one pair left at that price!! I would be very interested!! I think I may be able to shake some ha’penny s out of our bed hay, once I role Dearest out of the way!
        Do you suppose they laid Lady Rose out on the pantry cold stone to chill out and recover???? Let’s hope the auditors aren’t due in at this time of year – she could become part of the ‘stock in trade’ along with the pork pies!
        I do hope you managed to apply a good dollop of Vaseline to your Beloved’s chin after his excessive drooling??…chapped chops can be so unbecoming, especially if he has important meetings this week! Men do seem to be overcome somewhat by strange inanimate attractions, Dearest will even leave a chocolate box untouched if he thinks it will gain him a better chance of a new ‘power tool’ !

      2. LOL Beloved treated himself to a new power tool only this weekend …what does he do with them all ???? it’s not like they are knitting needles or pieces of fabric …which are ALWAYS a necessity, and he still ate all the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!
        I’m not sure why Beloved mentioned a bustle pattern …I hope to goodness he was thinking of my attire and wasn’t covertly trying to tell me something.
        I’m off to delve into my tome to see what other goodies I’m sure to be in dire need of, there is bound to be something I simply can’t live without…I’ll pass on any relevant information πŸ™‚

      3. We do seem to have similar other halves in their ”need” of that extra tool, I’ll bet your Beloved has them all neatly arranged along the wall in his man cave too?! LOL Talk about taking liberties…a tool and not sharing the chocolate…. =(…he’ll be sorry when it lands on his hips!!!
        There must be plenty of required implements, which you don’t already have… ;-).. perhaps,your Beloved can put his newest power tool into action to build you more storage in readiness of a jolly shopping spree…. I eagerly await all your new found knowledge and tips πŸ˜€

      4. Beloved has more of a ‘have everything within reach’ type of storage system going on, which to be fair is the system I use when I’m crafting, I spend more time looking for something I’ve just put down than I do anything else LOL

      5. ..I bet you even have your glasses on trying to find it …then if you take them off, it becomes perfectly visible..or is that just me and my messy workspace LOL πŸ˜€

      6. Worse !!! I need two pair of glasses when I’m crafting one for real close up work, reading etc, then my other pair for cutting out, sorting through fabric etc, you can always guarantee I ‘loose’ the wrong pair LOL

    1. Thank you for finding the time to call on by, I just love old books so this one has been made to feel at home LOL
      Hope you and your Beasties are doing well ❀

      1. Always a pleasure to stop by the Cottage on the Green… Even if those little monsters of mine have been keeping me incredibly busy of late! I can’t wait to see what crafty delights spring forth from your new book too πŸ™‚

  2. A VERY English day out, how wonderful! I bet they’re used to having their photos taken, such a great idea, these period tea rooms that are popping up everywhere now. There’s one near us called ‘Mother’s’ – not as romantic as ‘Lady Rose’, I’ll grant you, but authentic nonetheless. Brilliant book – can’t wait to see what you learn from it:)

    1. It might just be my love of social history but these type of tearooms have an appeal simply because they hark back to ‘gentler’ times (even if we are wearing our rose tinted glasses) same with vintage books, with this one it’s the prices which are captivating obviously in 1935 knitting, sewing, tatting etc were done on economic grounds, whereas today mass produced goods are cheaper than hand crafted items , when and why did that happen !!

      1. I know, you can buy a pair of socks for a pound but my knitted ones cost Β£13 in yarn and Β£120 in labour at minimum wage! Quality and uniqueness mean, for me, it’s hand made every time where possible:)

  3. I have an old knitting book somewhere in my stash that has a pattern for a “perky snood”. What a hoot! Your entire day sounds a treat. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

      1. I did as you suggested and googled said ‘perky snood’ and I have to hold my hand up ….how cool would one look to complete my 1940’s outfit for a revival Beloved & I should be attending in the autumn πŸ˜‰

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