Now What Have I got Myself Into

Have you seen the super dragon made by Lucyannluna oh my goodness how cute, anyhoo she assured me the pattern isn’t too difficult, so off I went to find a tutorial for the African Flower Hexagon by Heidi Bears, which appears straight forward. I say that because my printer decided to run out of ink and I have a barely legible copy of the tutorial

Would seem pink is the 'in' colour for the remaining printer ink
Would seem pink is the ‘in’ colour for the remaining printer ink

While I was perusing the internet various family members have asked for 3 no less !!! items made with this hexagon, so far these are my practice pieces

Not too bad I seem to know roughly what I'm doing
Not too bad I seem to know roughly what I’m doing, sorry the flash on Beloveds (aka my camera) has made the beige cotton yarn look a little gaudy, I assure you it looks better in real life

Now I’m off to start my first project, wish me luck 😀


16 thoughts on “Now What Have I got Myself Into

    1. Thank you, as I’m still trying to get my head round crochet I get super excited when ever I can figure out what on earth I’m doing

      1. He he,it is almost all done…. We have left our apartment in Parma and are now spending some days at my in Laws’. There ate some things left,like our garments,which I’m trying to figure out how to make all stay in a small Fiat Panda car…. Of course I have much mote stuff that I can actually carry in my car…

      2. Good luck with the final push on getting everything into your new home, you must be so excited as you and BM will be under the same roof again ❤

    1. Thank you, my project is coming along, I’m just pleased I can follow the instructions as this granny square is the basis for 2 Christmas gifts

      1. Those are going to be two very lucky people then!!!! One day……I might get around to understanding how to crochet something other than a flower circle 😉 meanwhile I enjoy watching masters at work, like yourself 🙂

      2. *spit my tea out* master ???? LOL I bumble along and if it looks anything like what I’m aiming for I count it as a win, crochet still is a mystical art form as far as I’m concerned… personally I think the Da vinci Code is based on the instructions for crochet, when I first came across a chart for crochet I thought it was a a collection of zen colouring for adults 🙂

      3. Having seen how far you have already got, compared to me, I reckon so LOL!! Now you’re talking, rather than try and fathom out how to crochet I could just colour in the patterns 😀

      4. The patterns are rather cool, I’ll get my crayons out, I’m sure there must be a market for my colourings 🙂

    1. Talk about simple pleasures, every time I learn to crochet something new I get super excited, my African flowers even look like the picture …BONUS LOL

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