I Think My Bottom Is Too Big

That’s as may well be, but what I actually mean is on my latest project of an African Flower Bag, The pattern stated US double crochet which is a UK treble, which is what I did, it was only when I had sewn the darn thing together, even weaving the ends in that I realised it just wasn’t working for me,I was really REALLY gutted at the result.

Soooo disappointing, I'd sewn it altogether and even woven the end in
Soooo disappointing, it would be fine if I’d wanted to create a cocoon, which I didn’t 😦

That only leaves one option left to me ‘The Great Unpick’

Talk about holding my breath, as this is a yarn stash busting project I can't afford to slip up
Talk about holding my breath, as this is a yarn stash busting project I can’t afford to slip up

So now I’m going to re-do my bottom using a half treble stitch (UK term) I may be gone quite a while


16 thoughts on “I Think My Bottom Is Too Big

  1. Oh NO!!!! Poor you!!!… after all that hard work, to find an error on the pattern =( I hope you can salvage it without too many harsh words?! The bottom bit aside, it looks beautiful and I’m sure when you’ve redone the bottom, nobody will ever know..about all the blood, sweat and tears you put into it – apart from us blogging bunch that is 😉 Good luck!!

    1. I sure do hope you blogging bunch won’t refer to my big bottom in public !!!!
      I’m half way through my long stint at ‘The Workplace’ so I’m hoping to sort my saggy bottom by the weekend

      1. LOL…We’ll try to keep it amongst ourselves…if we do! 😉 I must say, it’s a shame you didn’t need a tea cosy and you maybe had enough wool to spare to make another less saggy bottom – the shaping looks perfect to keep brews warm! Perhaps, the pattern writer was multi tasking…between bag and tea pot covers???

      2. Haha now there is a thought a ‘Cozy Bag’ I’ll inform ‘The Village Ladies of you invention, I’m sure we could start a new trend for such an item in time for The Christmas Fair of course we’ll be sending you a portion of the sales proceeds as not to infringe upon your patent 😉

      3. LOL 😀
        OMGoodness you already have Christmas in mind??!!!! The sun hasn’t yet cracked even one flag this year and you’re planning out your stall…now that’s what I call an organised Lady! 😉

      4. Well I do have to convince ‘The Ladies’ that the ‘Cozy Bag’ is the next big thing in crafting circles, then organise a knitting/crochet group to maximize our niche market, as well as sending out a
        scout to recce the local bring & buy sales for tea pots …and the odd gift for the poor unfortunate ladies whom’s better half’s aren’t picked for the burning of ‘The Wicker Man’ …I tell you village life is a non stop whirl of activity

      5. LOL…….!!! Having read you list of ”To do’s” it sounds as if you are on speed 😉 trying to keep abreast of upcoming events! How would that little village do without you??? 😉

  2. Oh no! It’s so annoying when a project trips you up in its final stages! But I’m sure you’ll have it wrangled back into shape in no time, and your bag’s bottom will be supermodel-perfect. Good luck 🙂

    1. Really I should have been a little more observant and noticed my bottom was looking a little oversized LOL still I’m downsizing it as we speak 🙂

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