Birthday Girl

Moo & Second Born called by with birthday wishes

Flowers, cake and a note from Moo
Flowers, cake and a note from Moo

The letters read …. happy birthday. have a lovely day, love from Marley xxx

Moo reminded me that he had shared his birthday cake …..

Apparently Moo enjoyed his piece of cake
Apparently Moo enjoyed his piece of cake …. well little boys and chocolate cake are a match made in heaven

Mid morning Beloved decided to whisk me to Newark On Trent for me to pick out my birthday gifts at a local Antique centre

I decided upon a glass jelly mould, a couple of WW1 era postcards, a 1950's sewing pattern and a book dating from 1895-6
I decided upon a glass jelly mould, a couple of WW1 era postcards, a 1950’s sewing pattern and a book dating from 1895-6

All in all a lovely birthday with many happy memories made


20 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

    1. I’ve been buying a few vintage patterns of late, when Beloved & I get the master bedroom finished I’m having a sewing fest of mammoth proportions LOL

    1. I’ve had a lovely day, the first time I’ve not been at work on my birthday for a few years, so to spend it with family then off to be given free range at the antiques centre was bliss

      1. Days don’t come any more special than that!!! 😀 I’m so happy for you – it would seem we have both had a lovely family filled weekend in one way or another 😉 AND (counting backwards in birth years after that certain age – well I do it!!)…..You’re a year younger too…. LOL 🙂

      2. How did your weekend shenanigans go ?? I hope the rain didn’t spoil the event too much, I notice we have bright sunshine this morning *chunter chunter*

      3. Thanks for asking 😉 …we had a marvellous time….Merlin worked his magic and kept the rain at bay until the very last person was leaving – resulting in a lovely leisurely afternoon garden party! And, apart from a glass of champagne each,for the toast, I couldn’t give alcohol away ;-/ ????!…not that I had it hidden or anything LOL…but, everyone was happy with cups of tea! 😀 I guess that means I will have to save my Ginger Roger’s routine for another time 😉

      4. I’m so glad everything went according to plan like a well oiled machine, are you now running low on tea ?? sounds like a crisis to me LOL
        Mind you it does sound like you will be able to have a few practice runs on your Ginger Rogers routine with the ‘lubricant’ you gave stashed …. sorry stored away

      5. Delivered little lamb number two to the train station this morning, after his trip up for the celebrations and then resolved the TEA CRISIS!!!!!!!!! Phew 😉
        A couple of brews later, a screwdriver, screws and hinge combined with a bit of DIY on one of the loose decking planks, makes the (stash)… left over drinks…. readily available should a Roger’s moment sweep over me LOL

      6. LOL What on earth are you going to do with yourself now you have completed the late spring clean of last week, or do you have to start again with a post party clear up, don’t forget drinky poos have an expiry date !!!!!!!! so keep your screw driver handy

      7. Do you know, I can’t believe how clean our little abode was after everyone left????!!!…not even party food crumbs anywhere?! (mind you – Peppy probably ‘hoovered’ those up!) All I can say is thank goodness Spring is coming to a close – let Summer BEGIN! Cleaning is now officially over for this year (set aside a few hay bed changes, of course!) I took a day off today and trundled around our small snaking grass ‘lawn’ pushing the old fashioned push lawnmower in a Michael McIntyre fashion – careful not to stay put too long in one spot due to the blasted horseflies (got wise to that after last year’s munching)…I’ve dotted and crossed i’s and t’s on the calendar (code only I know the reason for 😉 !!!) to make sure my ”practice” schedules are within (dates) ”limits” SO, I think all things are covered 😀

      8. The thought of you storming around your lawn a la Michael McIntyre had me in fits …you did wear the microphone head gear to complete the ensemble I hope, I also have a similar code on my calender to denote days I’m at ‘The Workplace’ …dog training …oh and one I’ve forgotten what the code stands for LOL

      9. I’m glad it’s not just me that does that
        ;-/!! Writing something down in short in advance, then finding it weeks later as the date comes around…not having the foggiest???? ;-@ LOL

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