Not Quite Finished, I’ll Explain Why

So I’ve sorted my bottom out, my bag bottom that is, and I’ll show you my oh so nearly finished project

Considering it's my first attempt at an African Flower Hexagon I think it's holding it's own
Considering it’s my first attempt at an African Flower Hexagon I think it’s holding its own

And now for the explanation of why it’s not quite finished, firstly I need the assistance  of Bear Grylls to rescue my sewing machine (as aposed to the vintage hand cranked machine from my Previous Posts) from what has become a mass storage room while we are STILL undertaking renovations…as this will be his most dangerous mission to date I’m waiting on conformation he’ll actually be able to get insurance for the quest, and secondly I’m undecided which fabric to use as a lining here are my options

They are all lovely, so maybe a little input from you will help me decide which will be the winning fabric, the button jars will be emptied to find the most suitable accessory for the handle attachment
They are all lovely, so maybe a little input from you will help me decide which will be the winning fabric, the button jars will be emptied to find the most suitable button  for the handle attachment

So if and when Bear can pop round to the cottage I’ll be sure to let you know


18 thoughts on “Not Quite Finished, I’ll Explain Why

  1. The second one,I find it so suitable.. i adore the one with the macaroons but see it better for a book cover. The bag with the African flower is delicious,you dit so great!!!

    1. Thank you for your expert advice, I’m itching to get my sewing machine out of it’s hibernation, I’m not sure how long it will take as Beloved has lost a little momentum on the renovation front

      1. Of course,my dear! I made him that one I usually make for our breakfast. 😃😃😃 He liked it and took some with him,just in case he finds himself in an extreme survivor situation 😃😃😃

  2. Mrs. P….Your African flower bag is beautiful, I bet you’re thrilled with it??!!!!! 🙂 Love the colours and the selection of fabrics you have short listed for the lining. I tend to agree with Tajana about the cookies and cake fabric…..t would also make a very nice wicker basket lining or elasticated cover too! Between the strawberries and the blue flower/cherry fabric, personally I would go with the blue, probably because of the flowers tying in with the African flower theme (even though there are strawberry flowers on the other fabric as well) decisions…decisions….they are both lovely and I’m sure whichever of the three you decide on – it will look wonderful:-D
    ….Bear Grylls 😉 !! I knew you should have booked him officially to call round – if only he knew there’s a lady in distress needing his help – I think, he’d be there in a shot LOL 😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mrs T, when Bear turns up …(he had a stop over at Tajana’s for cake) I’ll take action shots of him clambering over the box mountain in the spare room.
      Would you believe he had it wrote into the pre- visit contract, that under no circumstances am I to re enact any part of ‘Play Misty For Me’ ….and there was me thinking I could audition him for the part for ‘The Village Ladies’ am dram club …spoil sport 🙂

      1. Ooooo! Looking forward to that (Popcorn at the ready)- DO set up multiple camera angles if you can – don’t want to miss anything LOL 😉
        OMG…after he has already stopped over at Tajana’s…I think it very wise on his part to have written the safety clause into his visit………there may after all have not been much of him left to audition for the Village ladies (Yikes, I can’t believe that was 1971!!!!!!!!!!!! :-@ no wonder I’m getting another Mallen streak ;-(

      2. Goodness………the last fiasco??????????…….. I don’t recall you managing to share videos….:-( ……. I can only assume the rating was off the scale LOL, If he got one of those steaming oven moments last time, there’s no doubt he’s coming for could he resist ??? ;-D There’s no question your sewing machine will be in action very, very soon!

      3. Hahahahaha I need to get Beloved re enthused to finish the cottage, he’s lost momentum a little of late and who can blame him, I have loads of sewing projects stacking up, the fact Bear grylls next survival program is being filmed in ‘The Room of Gloom’ should spur him on, either that or I’ll tell him they BBC is calling round to film an episode of hoarders

      4. Well…if those two reasons don’t get Bear hot footing it….I don’t know what will ??! LOL
        Your poor Beloved 😦 ! I hope his smouldering renovation flicker gets to reignite as soon as you have a clearer future 😀

  3. Nice! Bear had better hurry up and liberate your sewing machine so you can finish this bag and start parading it around the village immediately! I love all the fabrics, but colour-wise the blue probably matches best. I feel I should put in a good word for the cake fabric too, though… How nice it would be to have a bag that’s always full of tasty treats? 🙂

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