Ronnie Biggs ..He’s An Amateur

K9 has now hit adolescence, which means he’s turning a deaf ear to everyone …except the bees that apparently dwell in his head and ‘make him act a little naughty’

Oh the money I've spent on interactive toys, chews, not to mention his weekly bone allowance...and he runs off with a bucket
Oh the money I’ve spent on interactive toys, chews, not to mention his weekly bone allowance…and he runs off with a bucket,

I tell you this puppy and his ‘stealing’ would make Ronnie Biggs green with envy, you can actually watch him working things out, how to reach them, and when is the best time to put his devious acts into motion, waiting until you are conveniently ensconced in the WC is prime time, after attending the call of nature I emerge from the downstairs loo to find the little horror had …

Pealed the door seal from the back door and was demolishing at a rapid rate of knots
Pealed the door seal from the back door and was demolishing it at a rapid rate of knots

So far today he’s helped himself to a box of cat food, a hand crafted candle holder, a piece of wood from goodness knows where in the garden ….the shed is probably missing a side panel, a bowl from the sink, and a pair of knickers from the washing line, and the piste de a resistance .. Beloveds camera …while I was writing this post..which he’s inadvertently broken the pop up  flash and  the battery cover.

On the bright-side apart from the laughter, at least it’s put an end to the quandary of  what to get Beloved for Fathers Day …new camera it is then


19 thoughts on “Ronnie Biggs ..He’s An Amateur

  1. Oh no! Whilst I do miss having a large dog, the benefit of downsizing to Yorkies is that they can’t actually reach anything in order to destroy it, even if they had the strength – which they don’t. Apart from every single tassel on my £55 cushion:)

  2. that’s a hard time… teenagers aren’t easy… no matter on how much legs they walk… a candleholder was on Easy’s menu list too… that was a little sad it was the one I made with my own paws as I was a kid :o)

    1. I try hard not to laugh as some of K9’s antics, but some of them are down right funny .. we keep moving things higher & higher out of his reach, or so we think until he parades into the lounge with his ‘latest’ prize, but I swear he’ll be grounded if he steals anything else today 🙂

  3. K9 has the equivalent of playing with the cardboard box and not the toys I see!!!! It sounds like he has stored up all his mischief for today…and, he’s proper enjoying himself too! Hope he doesn’t get a draught in his bed tonight though, having no excluder now! Not saying he would of course…but, you don’t think your Beloved smeared dog treat smells over his old camera by chance??? LOL ;-D

    1. K9 would like to set the record straight, in the defence of his naughtiness…..OH THAT’S RIGHT HE HAS NO DEFENCE lol
      I hadn’t thought about Beloved sabotaging his own camera ..but now you come to mention it

  4. Oh no! Clearly K9 likes a challenge, and simply being given treats and toys is no longer enough for his developing problem-solving capabilities! Maybe you should start hiding his things all over the cottage… Oh, and leaving all your preciouses on the floor so they don’t present a tempting challenge for him 😉

    1. After chatting to ‘Dog Training Lady’ we have come to the conclusion K9 is attention seeking, when no one is around he doesn’t steal anything !!! and has he doesn’t chew any of his prizes we think he just want to play, so for now we have been advised not to give anything he steals a value so to speak but either ignore his antics or play with him with his own toys, mostly this is working …apart from him eating all the strawberries out of the garden, claiming Neurotic Cat’s bed as his own, oh and running off with Beloveds afternoon cake treat, which to be fair Beloved left unguarded LOL
      Thanks for the advice I’m off to play footie with K9 now …I wonder if I’ll make the British squad …my tackling is coming on a treat 🙂

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