Well Hello Lovely Yarn

I know this may be a little early to mention the Christmas word, but this year all my gifts are to be hand crafted, so I need to start now !!

Gelfling & Lady love (First Born's intended) gifts are going to be made with this super Drops Alpaca 4 ply yarn
Gelfling & Lady love (First Born’s intended) gifts are going to be made with this super Drops Alpaca 4 ply yarn

I have down loaded the first pattern (all 41 pages of it !!) and am raring to go, OK let me re-phrase that, I’m a little apprehensive as the first project has 58 motifs and I actually need to learn how to do an African flower pentagon, heptagon, triangle, octagon and square yet, so all I can say is ….it may be a long old haul, don’t wait up, and for all my blogging companions I’ll sign off with this message …

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26 thoughts on “Well Hello Lovely Yarn

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….. wait,belly ache…… I’m ok now….. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……. ok…… I’ll stop, promise…… hem…….. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ….. ok I’m stopping to laugh right now!!
    Seriously now: the yarn is gorgeous!!!! I adore it!!!! I want to have a Mother in law like you!!!!!

    1. That’s what I was crocheting yesterday, a couple of practice shapes, ‘The Workplace’ rang an hour or so ago could I work an extra shift, so to give my eyes a well deserved rest I’m going to work LOL

      1. Well,I find it a good deal so you can have some rest even at ‘Workplace’ šŸ™‚ You have all my understanding and you did right to start now a Xmas presen which has a long go.. You’ll make your family happy!! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ What a beautiful thing!

  2. That yarn looks lovely and soft!
    We do a ‘Handmade Christmas’ in our family too – but you are way more ahead than me! I usually don’t really give it much thought until October, and then madly scramble to get everything made!

    1. I swear if I started my gifts on January 2nd I’d still be in a mad rush come Christmas week, don’t you just love matching the right gift in the right yarn/fabric etc to the right recipient ??

  3. LOL LOL LOL šŸ˜€ Beautiful colour choices!! Can’t wait to see what you create, though I suspect we might have to wait until the pressies have been received, so as to not give away the surprises šŸ˜‰

    1. I have a feeling my blog will be super boring as I will only do sneaky random shots of what I’m creating so as not to give the game away, I’m not altogether sure I’ve given myself enough time to get everything on my list done !!!!
      I wonder if I can postpone Christmas and have a mega Easter instead ????

      1. I’m, sure some of the older members of your family wouldn’t mind waiting till Easter…though not sure how young Gelfling would feel…or indeed your Beloved???…I’m sure he’s already blowing dust off the decorations ready for this year’s cottage grotto makeover!!! LOL We can always make your posts into a guessing game – maybe the winner can have any dropped stitches šŸ˜‰

      2. Slight hiccup on the crafting front this afternoon….I got my right & left mixed up, so dropped stitches could well be up for grabs as a bonus prize for anyone who can figure out what on earth I’m up to , I’m off now to write on the back of my hands with a black marker to avoid more confusion.
        If Christmas really is a must I’d better get a move on LOL…..now which one is my left again @:-/

      3. LOL šŸ˜€ I hope you implemented ‘L’ & ‘R’ before the G&T hour…otherwise, you could be up for patenting a new pattern design! I’d better polish my bottle tops….in the hope I can guess the right answer – never pass anything up – a couple of dropped stitches could be handy to have, some time in the future šŸ˜‰

      4. I’m going to have another go at crafting this afternoon now I’ve figured out my port from my starboard, if I don’t get it right this time my latest project may be morphed into an unrecognisable free-form piece of crochet, which I’m sure in certain ‘arty’ circles may be worth a kings ransom LOL

      5. I don’t know how they would cope without you!?! I know all your above and beyond must be very much appreciated and your dedication to care seems limitless šŸ™‚ Poor Beloved must be missing you…..I wonder couldn’t you book him in as a part time resident???? LOL…That way all bases are covered….OOOOps my mistake..K9!? maybe postie could houses/dog sit while he pens that much awaited novella I want to read šŸ˜‰

  4. Not too early – I started making Christmas gifts weeks ago, too! Doesn’t your heart give a little leap of joy when a yarny bundle like this is delivered to your door? Mr H-L just doesn’t get it…..

    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who stalks the postman …. when I’m expecting a delivery I’m like a 2 yr old in a sweet shop LOL

  5. Nice! Good luck with your latest crafting adventure… you’ve picked out some super colours and that yarn knits up beautifully, so those gifts will be the envy of everybody when they’re done!

  6. Beautiful yarn. I have two large cane baskets of wool, two handknits to undo and longheld desire to start knitting and crocheting again. (Wool last used in 2000), some I’ve had for? maybe twenty years? And now I have flexible time and choice, I’m not locked into the nightmare (for me) of full-time work, so… I shall watch your posts with great interest and maybe call on your skill and wisdom for advice? I love your rabbits- I’ve wanted one since I first met them!

    1. Welcome back into the knitting and crocheting fold, call on by any time, if I can’t help with a knitting quandary I know plenty of folks who can LOL

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