An Old One And A New One

I’ve done a few extra hours at ‘The Workplace’ the last week or so and as you might just have figured out by now I have a ‘thing’ about books,  … I’m looking for a ‘Books Anonymous Group’ after all I figure if the members are looking to downsize their stash I could be on the receiving end of a good few deals

Anyhoo I have added to my crafting library with two new tomes of knowledge, ‘Hooked’ is relatively hot off the press, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s delivery, the pre- loved auction find book is from the 1930’s and is a pre runner to ‘The Big Book Of Needlecraft’ I bought a few weeks ago

Now my latest books are intended to help me craft my 'Handmade Christmas'
Now my latest books are intended to help me craft this years  ‘Handmade Christmas’ well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it

Would you believe it I’m working extra hours this weekend, and I know just how the added little bounty can be put to good use 🙂


21 thoughts on “An Old One And A New One

      1. LOL I have a few projects on the go at the moment, I really need to get a couple completed before I start anything else, by next weekend I’m hoping to have a FO or two

      2. Fingers crossed for a quick FO and to add my opinion about the retro vibe you an Helen talk about,yeah,you should write about! I love the vintage style but it is not always easy to make it fit to the modern one.. Your ideas works always so well!!

    1. What a coincidence, there are some patterns in there that are soo of the era, perhaps I ought to do a post to inspire a retro vibe 🙂

  1. LOL…I’m surprised it hasn’t occurred to you to form and run a books anonymous club???…I think you’d be great at helping people (and, solving their problem in the process ;-D) with ‘their’ addiction!
    Two great new books! I’m sure they will give you tonnes of inspiration and nice to craft something from yesteryear 🙂

    1. Perhaps Beloved could build an extension to house a library of ‘Lost Books’ where folks could drop off their tomes while undergoing therapy, I could open a small crafting/coffee shop to invite folks to adopt a new book and learn a skill at the same time, how about hosting classes to try out patterns from my vintage books, ahh don’t you just love a nice day dream 🙂

      1. Oh My Dear!…..why must it stay a day dream??? I’m sure you can persuade your Beloved that your Doll’s House can be put on hold (as well as the rest of any renovations already on a list…) whilst he constructs a bit more for your rural idyll;-)
        I’m still holding onto such a dream of running a B&B in the Cotswolds, for over 25 years I have been perfecting it….only trouble is….1) we would be luck to afford a tent down there(with a lean to for guests…..2)at 26 & 21 I can’t see my little lambs wanting to play ‘ring’o’roses or dance round a maypole whilst I peg out the white linens ;-/

      2. Hahahahaha B&B Glamping in the Cotswolds with built in added entertainment of a May Pole… me in for a mid week break

      3. Love to!!!! :-D!!!!
        As soon as I have mastered the lean to guest abode on the snippet of land we might never be able to afford…I’ll let you know 😉

      4. I’ll send Bear Gyrlls round, he’ll build you a shelter, whip up a maypole and have the BBQ going in no time at all, then all you’ll have to do is decorate with a little bunting and voila your b&b business is up and running

      5. I have my bunting on the go this very moment…LOL…. 😉 I reckon if you send him round at the weekend things should be ship shape for your arrival midweek – of course I’ll insist he stays around to welcome you as the first guest – maybe, you could persuade him to try out the maypole with you, whilst I cook his favourites on the barbi 😉

      6. LOL I caught sight of Bear’s celebrity Mission Survival quite by chance … what is that hussy Emila Fox from Silent Witness doing sidling up to MY bear…I may be late booking into your salubrious B&B I have to hunt her down and tell her a few home truths

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