Oh For Pity’s Sake

I’m not ignoring you, I really want to comment on your posts ….Β BUT

My computer has been hacked by  Neurotic Cat, 2nd born will be calling round in a day or so to fix the darn thing
My computer has been hacked by Neurotic Cat, 2nd born will be calling round in a day or so to fix the darn thing

Sometimes it will let me sign in, other times nothing !! all my files are somewhere…goodness knows where and Neurotic Cat is now a cyber space sensation,

Please be aware I’m a touch feral so observe the notice

I think that covers everything
I think that covers everything

27 thoughts on “Oh For Pity’s Sake

    1. This morning I have internet access, but can’t retrieve my e-mails, which is just as well because they are all probably from NASSA or MENSA regarding Neurotic Cats acceptance into their elite membership, the computer won’t recognise the printer …perhaps they have had words and my last downloaded crochet pattern was a bridge too far regarding their volatile relationship, google earth has absconded, and my bookmarks are MIA so all in all I’m having a great day, even the ironing looks inviting !!! Hope all is carefree at your abode and you are all in the best of health πŸ™‚

      1. I think you might have more than a couple of gremlins lurking in that little box by the sounds of things ;-/ I hope you managed to enjoy a relaxing moment on top of the pile of folded clothes?? personally I would have gone for the chaise LOL but heyho – each to their own, a little stress can invoke some funny behaviour……I know!
        Thank you for your kind thoughts too πŸ™‚ I’d love to answer yes to both…but maybe better times are around the corner πŸ˜‰ Hope your end is keeping upbeat too, what with your Beloved’s quandary in the workplace and of course all that dust…I bet he is fair sliding off those polished walls by now πŸ˜€
        Let’s hope, which ever corner of your computer your files have been kidnapped to, gets bored, and sets them free soon!!!

      2. Just a little footnote…..LOL, it’s like when I don’t answer the mob or phone, my family think OMG she’s died again ;-/!!!! So, Just thought I would let you know I’m mia for a couple of days…I hope in the meantime you can take all the reigns over the Tangled Backwoods – I should hate (….love :-D!!) to have to read about any misdemeanour’s or mayhems on my return on the 27th πŸ˜‰ I hope I’m not going to miss the results of The Wicker Man result during that time????? You have 3……2…….1….to let me kn………..

        Oh dear too late – I must wait and see…


        Have a great week Mrs. P – hope K9 is adjusting well too πŸ˜‰

      3. LOL your footnote reminds me of every time I use to visit my Granddad, even if I’d seen him the day before he always greeted me with the immortal words – “I thought you were dead”
        I hope you are up to mischief while you are MIA

      4. LOL not so much of the mischief…had to behave whilst staying with our daughter and partner πŸ˜‰ ….but, a lovely long weekend nonetheless πŸ™‚

      5. Ooooooh a lovely long weekend, hope you had a good catch up and the weather was kind to you, now do tell in the world of medicine what’s all the latest on blood letting ??

      6. Oh dear! By the very fact you are enquiring about blood letting……makes me wonder.??… if one of your humours is in an unhappy state ;-/ Being we are in the yellow bile season of summer, I’m guessing you’re in the ‘easily angered’ state perhaps… about some matter or other?? There is an alternative to the blood letting I’m led to believe…rather than letting it out, I’ve heard a good dose of G&T’s helps thin things down and eventually returns all your temperaments to a very happy state!!! LOL Though, this system of medicine is highly individualistic, so, I’m afraid I can only say, start with a good amount…. and take it from there………..
        Do let me know if it works – of course I’ll wait till the migraine passes – to find out ;-D

      7. Ahhhh my dear, one is merely surrounded by idiots, I fear there is not enough gin to sooth my tempered brow, I only want to kill one of the offenders as a warning to the others ….Beloved says this is not a tried and tested method and has offered to go on a gin run for me LOL

      8. Hahahahaha I’m going to try a little crochet to sooth my temper …until 6pm that’s when I feel it’s an acceptable time to take to the demon drink

    1. Wouldn’t you know it I’ve nearly finished my latest project and can’t print off the pattern for the last finishing items, I’ll have to write them down then hope I can read my shorthand LOL how’s your sewing project coming along ??

  1. that compawters can be haunted sometimes… and not evgen the exorcist can help … just the guy from compawter stores who said: WHATTTTT??? as my momma told him her password hehehehe I hope the machine is fixed soon and all gremlins run away :o)

    1. Unfortunately Neurotic Cat has had to postpone her trip to Pluto as she has banged her head, ensuing in a small gash – which is healing nicely but her paws will remain on Earth for now, all I have to do is make sure she takes more care while accessing her space buddies online, I can’t go through the trauma of having no computer again LOL

      1. Oh dear! Poor Neurotic Cat! Between this, your misbehaving computerbox and K9’s “delicate operation”, you’re really living in interesting times at the minute… Hope everything quietens down again soon πŸ™‚

      2. Whoo hoo I even had time to do a little crafting this morning, this is the life, I’m making the most of it before the next crisis arises LOL

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