Thank You Jess

I’d like to say a VERY BIG thank you to Jess at oneblindmouse for nominating me for the Love Hate tag

It seems Jess & I have a few of the same loves/hates so rather than go with the obvious I’ll try to come up with a few more obscure ones

Here goes with my 10 loves

1) When Beloved & I get a fit of the giggles, when we laugh so much our sides ache, and tears run down our faces and we can’t even speak clearly                                                      2) The smell of hawthorn blossom,                                                                                          3) Books, old, new, mystery’s,fiction, you name it I just love books                                        4) Crafts, I’d rather make something, anything, even badly, than not create at all                  5) My Daughter-in-Laws cooking, she is a real foodie and I swear she can make a meal out of anything                                                                                                                           6) Nature, Mother Nature is simply awesome                                                                         7) When a get a comment on my blog, to this day I’m seriously amazed anyone reads my inane ramblings, let alone writes back                                                                                     8) Travel, even if it’s to the nearest town/city, I just love wandering up the back streets and finding little surprises along the way                                                                                         9) Genealogy, how my ancestors have shaped the world in which I live never ceases to impress me                                                                                                                               10) Early morning walks…which can be as early as 4.30 am depending on my shift pattern, to be out and about (with K9 I hasten to add) before the world has woke up is stunning

And now for my hates …which I find to be quite a strong word, I’d rather say loath, so here are my loathes                                                                                                                           1) The last goodbye when anyone I love, have cared for, or have nursed looses their battle for life, it never gets any easier, I suppose when it stops getting to me will be the day I know I’m in the wrong job                                                                                                       2) injustice – enough said                                                                                                         3) Impolite drivers, when I’m with K9 up a single track lane and a driver doesn’t slow down so we can get into the hedge bottom – I won’t name names …but Farmer Field you know who you are STOP IT !!!                                                                                                           4) K9’s obsession with Neurotic Cats bed, the washing, wool, or anything else he shouldn’t touch                                                                                                                         5) Neurotic Cats meow, she can wake the whole neighbourhood when she wants, it’s not a sound I can ignore, as soon as I hear her I have to stop everything and be her servant     6) Emergency service sirens, as I live in ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ I have only heard sirens 3 times in the last 8 yrs, but you just know someone’s life is radically being altered   7) Flies, why when they have the whole world to live in they decide to take up residence in the cottage !!!! leave me be please                                                                                           8) Instructions that come with new technology, can it not be written in simple, everyday terms ??? I don’t have the inclination to read 3 sheets of paper just to know how to turn my latest iron on                                                                                                                             9) My hair, I’ve seen better hair on coconuts.. how on earth can I control my life when I can’t control my hair                                                                                                                 10) 3 in the morning, if I ever get a good idea or I’m worried about anything, why the heck does it have to wake me at that ungodly hour

There you have it some of the little things that make me tick, through checking in with other bloggers I’ve got to know some of you pretty well, so I’d lake to nominate some one I’ve not been following for long Kate @Katesclipping, please go check out her brilliant blog




34 thoughts on “Thank You Jess

  1. tha’s an interesting tga. I’ with you for #3 on the hate-list… I sometimes have the wildest dreams when I meet such a road-cowboy…
    the best “instructions” are those who are storaged in or on the new thingy you bought. I’ve got an e-book reader what wouldn’t start… after more than 20 minutes in the waiting line of the store ( to bomb my ears with My Heart Will Go On was probably a sign to hang up lol) the operator suggested to read the instruction what’s storaged on the reader… great… :o(

    1. Road – cowboy now there is a polite term LOL I must remember that one,
      we still have a video recorder as I just can’t face the trauma of having to try and conjure the spirit world to give me a clue on how to work a DVD player

  2. Simple pleasures 🙂 both of which cost nothing but bring great joy…I love the ‘fit of giggles’ and wandering and ‘coming across surprises’ 🙂
    I know right!!! Who? and when? were we all installed with a little ”person” in our brains armed with a sharp stick??? …not to mention their timing!!! they must all have been programmed to poke that stick dead on 3.0 am before sprinkling our thoughts with either extra anxiety/delusions of grandeur LOL 😉

    1. LOL You have delusions of grandeur at 3am ?? a work colleague & I swap notes on our 3am wake breaks as we call them, strange if I have to be awake at that time how I’m never bothered by random thoughts

      1. ??? ;-/ doesn’t everyone ??? LOL Compared to my hay-bed, in my dreams I have an actual ticking mattress, oh what luxury 😉 !
        The brain is a funny old thing…storing up random thoughts just to disturb you, I reckon, when it’s at it’s most bored – usually after around four hours of sleep – it’s probably done all it’s bodily maintenance checks by then and start wondering how to amuse itself – cue ”person” within with sharp stick!!! 😀

      2. LOL I think I just have delusions,
        Just wondering if your “person within with a sharp stick” is best friends with a “toilet monitor” mine work as a tag team, if it’s not one of them its the other,

      3. LOL and double LOL LOL 😀
        There are some things I think mother’s tend to leave out of our education ;-/…(probably thinking for the best??) no matter how far down the line, they should be telling us about such things – then at least we wouldn’t think it only is happening to ourself ;-/…mind if I join you in that *squeeeeeeeeeeel* now? 😉

      4. There is a WHOLE load of stuff my mother never told me, I’m pretty sure she must be laughing at my antics to try and work things out

      5. LOL I don’t know whether 😦 is appropriate or if it should be 😀 in that case!!?? At least you know you have been entertainment for her too over the years though 😉

      6. My mother never live to hear the immortal words “I’m pregnant” if she had she would have laughed out loud and said …..”Now let the fun begin -you have no idea what’s in store ”

      7. I’m so sorry, and a very sad thing too I had no idea!
        Then, I hope she has been watching you from above all these years…and still enjoying the entertainment 🙂 She would have been very proud of all your achievements I’m sure xx

      8. I actually lost both my parents within 6 months of each other, I’ve now been longer without them then I did with them, I’ve been lucky enough to inherited their humour, so please don’t be sorry
        One reason I have taken to working with geriatrics so well is because I appreciate what I never had
        Oh and mum said she was never “going up there, she wouldn’t know anybody”

      9. That’s terrible Roma, it must have been an extremely difficult time when you were still so young. I consider myself very lucky to be able to read along with your humour, every post brings a smile of joy :-), and a precious thing to have inherited from them both indeed! Your parents sound like they were lovely and to be honest I’m with your mum on going upstairs! 😉

      10. No worries, although I find it rather strange when folks mention their parents, mainly because I’ve had to stand on my own 2 feet for so long, I haven’t made my mind up where I want to go yet, I like the thought of upstairs for the peace & quiet as I’ll be the only one up there, but then again the warmth and friendship of downstairs also beckons, do they do a season ticket I wonder

      11. Being with your lovely patients at The Workplace must bring you lots of joy (and sadness too at times of course!) and I’m sure you miss you parents being around, especially when other’s speak of their’s, even though it has been such a long time. What happens to us along the road, shapes us to be what we are! Knowing so little about you, in the grand scheme of things, I’d still say you definitely bring happiness, humour and joy to all those you come into contact with (as well as your loved ones) – I can vouch for that!!!
        LOL an Away and Home mix season ticket would be the perfect solution 😉

  3. Great list! I’m happy to be one of the people who regularly reads and enjoys your ramblings, and can there be anything finer than good food, travel and the wonders of nature? I share loathing #9 with you though… Hair is dead, therefore it doesn’t have free will. So why oh why does mine consistently refuse the guidance of brushes, combs, hairdryers and styling products?!

    1. Thank you for reading and even admitting to enjoying my ramblings *happy dance*
      on the subject of #9 I’m off to the hairdressers tomorrow to try and instil some discipline into my mop … I’m not holding out much hope yes it behaves while I’m there, yet the minuet I get on home ground it’s back to it’s wayward antics LOL

      1. Hahaha, I know how THAT feels! I still remember the earnest look of concentration on a student hairdresser’s face years ago as she tried to overcome my hair’s natural inclination to curl under on one side and flip out on the other…She spent 20 minutes battling with the hairdryer, only for her hard work to undo itself less than an hour later! Good luck today 🙂

      2. Thanks, as I’m going prematurely grey ..thanks to the good old family genes I’m rather tempted to have grey highlights and from there just grow them out – I’ll see LOL

  4. Yeah I’m the same as well. I drink loads of water and the two times I can guarantee to get up is 1 and 3. I’m like that as well, I get amazed when people comment on my blog or like it. I get so excited for new followers. There is nothing like a good giggle and books. Technology has taken over too much with these kindles. I know I am sounding way older than I am, but they are replacing the great experience of looking for books and actually having them. I like smelling books. ha! That sounds a bit weird doesn’t it?ha!

    1. I also worry that all my photos are taken digitally, and we never seem to print any off, gone are the days when we have random photos of folks who’s names we have forgotten LOL

      1. Most of mine fall into that category. haha! There is only a small handful of photos I love of me. My profile picture is one of them and that wasn’t staged. I was the bridesmaid at my Sister’s wedding and we were all in the sitting room, I was fiddling with my shoes when that was taken. I barley even knew it was me.ha!

      2. Your profile picture is ace, I’m never really comfortable having my photo taken, I always seem to be pulling a face LOL

      3. I am the same or I inherited my Dad’s big head so I try to hide behind my friends to try and make it less big as I’m not that tall but I’m taller than the majority of my friends so I want it to look normal. ha! But no one really ever likes the way they look. EVen those super models.

  5. I know yeah!hahaha! Sometimes I think would I like to try and be a model but I hate people playing with my hair and try to get away from them. ha! Of course I wouldn’t make it anyway, I don’t have that “look” they want. So no free clothes.:( sniff, sniff, sniff. haha!

      1. I’m just that bit short to be a model, that bit bigger to be a runway, Kate Moss type model and not big enough to be a curvy model. I’m somewhere in between. ha! Also I have night blindness so I wouldn’t do on a runway in the dark. hahaha!

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