Why ???????????????????

Why ? Why? why would you do this to me ??
Why ? Why? why would you do this to me ??

I turned my computermabob on this morning and the machine which I supposedly own,  allegedly control, and should in reality be mine, yet the darn thing has updated itself to the latest Windows 172 or what ever system which jolly well felt like.

If only I had an inkling what the other 171 systems involved I might have a fighting chance, it’s only Monday I don’t think the week bodes well

Note to self ...buy more Gin
Note to self … buy more Gin



24 thoughts on “Why ???????????????????

    1. It took me a good 5 minuets to find my documents, I don’t hold out much hope of finding anything to stop the updates, and I’ve just realised the TV advert for Windows 10 only features babies Mmmmm perhaps now I’m out of trainer pants the new Windows updates will always be beyond me LOL

    2. Well you can stop it from updating itself, but unless you are prepared to manually check for updates on a regular basis, it is not a recommended route to go. Updates often include fixes for security issues so they are important.

      1. I’m not against my computer updating, it was the whole shock of Windows 10 making an unannounced appearance, perhaps my computer realised I might be getting to grips with Windows 8 and thought it had better keep one step ahead
        I keep muttering the mantra “it’s only a machine” to ward off any evil spirits that may actually live inside my computer, Beloved says I’m being melodramatic 🙂

      2. Personally, I would not touch Windows 10 for another 6-9months at least. It is still being developed and if their “free offer” is accepted, you and your pc become participants in their search for problems so they can be fixed. Great venture on Microsoft’s part …. getting testing done for free!

      3. Hi S of N. That’s a good compromise. At least you have control over not only what is installed, but also when. There’s nothing worse than trying to do something which is really working your pc and Windows automatically starts installing updates ……… and suddenly everything slows right down to a snail’s pace! To make matters worse, it decides that it needs to restart in order to complete the instal!:)

  1. Aaaah, computers. Just when you think you have them all sussed out, they do something else that reveals their true, untameable nature. Have you tried threatening yours? It’s what I do with the ones at Other Work when they don’t behave…

    1. I don’t claim to have a clue about computers – I keep telling myself its only a machine yet the darn thing has a life force all of its own, I think it hates me LOL

  2. I accidentally clicked on the link what said my upgrade to windows 10 is available… oh boy… fortunately my husband was there to rescue me… and honestly I don’t need “10 windows”, it’s to much effort to clean them all :o)… so to buy more gin makes sense :o)

    1. I didn’t click on the windows 10 update yet my computer decided I don’t have enough garbage going on so what the heck I’ll update anyway and watch the fireworks LOL

  3. Noooo! To be honest I like 10, but I had monumental battles with windows 8 so I’m glad to see the back of it lol. Hope you get to like it soon 🙂

  4. Thankfully my inherited cast off doesn’t seem to have the inbuilt intelligence to do such things, just as well otherwise…I would have run away and be slicing your lemons by now!! Hope the Offi was open;-) ?? 😀

    1. Well now I’m the proud owner of a computer that has installed Windows 10, have I figured it out yet ?? not really of course all the helpful instructions, hints and tips have been a god send – oh wait I didn’t receive any of those, so I’m on a mission just pressing random buttons… this is where the gin is most helpful LOL
      Apparently you can now buy the stuff in a bucket from the cottage by the beck – at least I’m hoping it was gin and not 2nd hand bath water they haven’t got round to dumping in the pond yet

      1. LOL I’m sure if you add a paper bag over your head whilst dealing with all this new modern technology all will turn out well ;-)….I wonder if you are using the ‘pecking’ method or the 1888 McGurrin method???…though something tells me it’s the combined…”pecking Mcgurrin method :-D” inspired by 2nd hand bath/gin water – keep at it!!! I’m sure you’ll have it mastered before the beck/bath/gin runs dry 🙂

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