The Kindness Of Others

I’ve been MIA as I’ve been super busy at ‘The Workplace’ having worked 14 shifts in the last 17 days …Anyhoo when arriving at ‘The Workplace’ yesterday I was asked if I could escort ‘My Gentleman’ to a weekend hospital ophthalmology appointment – no problem (except please bear in mind we are not allowed money/ phone on our person on the premisses)

Off we set on the pre booked transport to Grantham Hospital

This hospital is approx 13 miles away and a pleasant journey through open countryside
This hospital is approx 13 miles away and a pleasant journey through open countryside

Now if I said ‘My Gentleman’ although living with Dementia could talk the hind leg off the donkey it would be an understatement  – he chatted away ALL morning even if his reasoning was way off base at times LOL. The lady driving the ambulance was delightful, when we arrived at our destination the receptionist even though in mid crisis helped with our booking in, ‘My Gentleman’ had his appointment with all involved being very supportive, afterwards it was looming up to lunch time, and no sign of our return transport !! the receptionist rang round to find out what was being done to get us home – even offering ‘My Gentleman’ her own lunch as I had no money for food or drinks, ‘My Gentleman’ politely refused as he didn’t want to appear greedy, yet rummaging through my bag I found 2 very small flapjacks one of which he accepted due to the fact he had  washing up before we left for our appointment as saw it as payment.

After 2 hours the very dear lady on reception while all the time joining in our conversation it turns out she was born in the same town as ‘My Gentleman’ gave a cheer when a designated taxi river arrived to take us home, the receptionist is a shining example of all that is good in the NHS

‘My Gentleman’ was telling me all about his love for

The Welsh Choir -which apparently have a much better singing voice than I could ever offer up
The Welsh Choir –  which apparently have a much better singing voice than I could ever offer up

At the first set of traffic lights the said taxi driver accessed his smart phone and streamed some of ‘My Gentleman’s’ preferred music, at which point ‘My Gentleman’ clapped and by the end of our return journey had tears of joy poring down his face, that taxi driver will be forever in my gratitude

.To everyone who assisted me in the care of ‘My Gentleman’ yesterday and saw the man through his Dementia THANK YOU, your kindness will be forever appreciated, ‘My Gentleman was treated with respect, made to feel safe, secure and valued.

As we arrived home ‘My Gentleman’ clasped his hands around mine and said ” Please don’t let me forget today”  – even though I said I would do my damnedest within 5 minuets of being back Dementia has begun to steal his memories of such a wonderful day – which made me cry


18 thoughts on “The Kindness Of Others

    1. Yesterday shows that the kindness of others really does make a huge difference to someone’s life, ‘My Gentleman’ had in his own words “A magic day” my only despair is that Dementia has already robbed him of that memory

  1. It’s the same with my Father-in-law – we have a wonderful time with The Boys and the next day he complains to staff that we never visit him anymore…….

    1. Dementia is so cruel, it robs dignity, memory, life skills and your loved ones, in short Dementia needs to be eradicated, if only research was much further advanced

  2. Such little kindnesses of mere time and consideration of others goes an immensely long way! I have such a lump in my throat after reading your review of taking ‘Your Gentleman’ to his appointment. Yourself and all carers of Dementia patients must ride a roller coaster of emotions and are utterly invaluable! I hope at least a smidgen of ‘Your Gentleman’s’ day stays around for a while longer for him to recollect upon….

    1. Due to where ‘My Gentleman’ was in his memory during his appointment I varied from his carer, someone who worked for/with him, to his intended – I saw him very briefly yesterday ( I was working on a different floor) he beamed when he saw me 😀 even if he can’t remember our adventure he should be able to remember the feeling of being cared for in my company.
      I did an escort for ‘My Lady’ at the beginning of the week which gave a slightly different outcome – she is quite down the road of Dementia (her verbal responses are totally random) some people in the waiting room appeared a little disconcerted in our presence – I think a lot of people are unsure how to respond when faced with mental illness, yet we had a whale of a time, when she asked .. very loudly ..if I had my bra on I just laughed and replied “Gawd Yes I only go free range on a Sunday”
      A lady couldn’t understand why I had to take ‘My Lady’ into the toilet with me or why I was holding her hand the whole time … There is no way I could let go of her hand ‘My Lady’ is like a whippet, if I’m half as agile at her age I’ll be impressed, although she has no recollection of our day out to the hospital she does remember that we go to the toilet together LOL

      1. LOL I bet you never know what is coming next from your Dear Patients 😀 It must put many a smile on your face!!!
        Your ‘Lady’ sounds super fit for her age, I wonder if she is the same one who mentioned the big comfy knickers 😉 a while back?? Sounds like she keeps you on your toes, not just with her agility but her random questions about your undergarments too 😉

      2. Actually its not the same lady … OMGoodness now you have mentioned it I have 2 ladies taking an interest in my underwear !! perhaps now I’m of a certain age they are taking a personal mission to make sure I’m wearing age appropriate garments LOL

      3. LOL Whatever they be??!! I had a quick trawl typing in just that and one of the first things to jump out at me was a thong that says …’90 and Hot’:-D

  3. I wondered where you’d got to! That’s a pretty heavy work schedule, I hope they’re rewarding you now with some serious time off! Thanks for sharing your good day with us all, maybe your gentleman might like to read it too? Or is he sensible enough to stay away from these demon-boxes we call computers?!

    1. I had yesterday off, back to ‘The Workplace’ today then I have along weekend coming up YIPPEE so I might get some crafting done, I’m hoping to get the demon -box computer set up to find photos of ‘My Gentleman’s’ birthplace, and the Welsh Choir of course LOL

      1. I certainly think you’ve earned a bit of craft time 😀 Did you manage to exorcise your troublesome computerbox then? Happy long weekend, I’m sure you’re counting the minutes to hometime! 😃

      2. Computerbox is complying at the moment – I’m even getting to grips with Windows 10 LOL I have my yarn on standby for the weekend 🙂

  4. your loving compassion for your people show through here- they are blest to have you. I was very moved by your last comments- not to be able to remember a joyous day, how sad, and how kind your taxi driver!

    1. I have since been in touch with the hospital to comment on how impressed I was with all on duty that day, the hospital is only small – not much bigger than a cottage hospital of yesteryear, which I think helped ‘My Gentleman’ cope a lot better.
      The taxi driver was a star, my thanks go out to him for being so compassionate 🙂

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