Back To School

I know lots of you have been doing ‘The Great School Shop’ for uniform to kit out your little – or not so little ones, for what some might say as “The most wonderful time of the year”

Beth my little one is just starting primary school and this will be the first time she has to wear a school uniform, mostly she is quite excepting about the whole thing … although we did have a few ‘discussions’ about certain aspects of what she will have to wear

Right here goes, shoes .. NO you can not have ballet pumps but Sarah Jane shoes, YES you do have to wear a hat to school, then there was the hiccup at the store –  what do you mean you don’t stock school knickers?? but I NEED school knickers

Finally we have everything we need and Beth is kitted out, please bear with me while I show you my sweetie in her uniform

Beth the 'Back to School Bunny' the pattern is by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Beth the ‘Back to School Bunny’ the pattern is by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen

My main inspiration was from this Book although the dolls in the book are much larger and I scaled Beth down to about 2/3 the size so I had to create the pinafore myself, and adjust a couple of things ..oh and if you are wondering

She is fully equipped with traditional school knickers
She is fully equipped with traditional school knickers 🙂

A must for my Etsy Store don’t you think ??


32 thoughts on “Back To School

    1. I’m really pleased with how she turned out, I won’t be crafting for the rest of the week as Gelfling comes today and we will be busy doing all the things he wants to make it a memorable visit 🙂

      1. Not to mention the scraps of paper with numbers and instructions to re size her knickers and configure my ideas into an actual pinafore LOL Beloved thought I was on sort soft of mission to win the Nobel Peace Prize for physics

      2. Cracking the enigma code has nothing on being able to resize a pair of crocheted gym knickers…scaling down to scale whilst decoding the pattern would have frazzled by brain cell LOL. I think your Beloved should at least nominate you for all your hard work ;-)!!!

      3. It would be easier if I didn’t write in code, when I come to re read my scribble I’m left wondering if its even in English, hows everything at yours?? are you all ready for the Outlaws to visit

      4. Maybe a semaphore system could work for future reference LOL 😀
        What a backbreaking week ;-/ I never, ever, ever, EVER, want to see a can of Mr. Sheen again we are literally skidding around the house….it’s been polished to ice rink standards :-0 OMGoodness if they find any tumbleweed dust balls, they are more than welcome to take them home!!!!!
        I have made an itinerary, which, if should prove unsuitable, they are more than welcome to throw me out of a moving vehicle….and make their own plans LOL I’ll let you know how things pan out!!
        Meanwhile, enjoy every minute with little Moo 😀

      5. You never said your Outlaws were related to Torvill and Dean, or that you were hosting the winter Olympics,
        I shall look forward to many a happy reminisces of activities including their scores on the ice 🙂

      6. I have my score cards made in readiness LOL and I’m so happy that ALL my plans were excitedly received, I may just have a small stout to celebrate, that in theory, all will go well ;-D

      7. I hope your visitors bring as much pleasure as my visitor has ..and I shall look forward to hearing about your adventures 🙂

      8. 🙂 It’s been all go in food prep today, both little lambs have been helping with their own bake off 72 mini muffins ready for a small family gathering, I hope it will be enough ???

  1. Oh, how sweet is she? Every time I think I’ve picked my favourite feature, I notice something else… Right now I love her little shoes the best, but I could defect to the hat camp at any time! And OH GOD, school knickers! It’s been a loooong time since I last heard those dreaded words… I’m surprised you didn’t have a struggle getting Beth to wear hers! Hope you and Moo are enjoying some fun Moomin-filled days together 😃

    1. Thank you soooooo much for your super comment, I don’t know about you but we had to wear school knickers for PE I can still remember prancing around the gym in mine thinking I was the next gymnastic extraordinaire LOL

      1. Yep, us too… I can still remember our first day of PE in my new primary school, when we all tried to cover up our hideous enormopants by stretching our aertex blouses (remember those?) over them. I suppose it didn’t help that ours were a rather hideous shade of green… Black is much classier!

      2. Our school knickers were navy, combined with a white aertex blouse so not a bad combination all told, and what about school plimsolls…how trendy were they – NOT 🙂

      3. Were they the lace ups or the elastic ones ? it didn’t help that I was so much taller than everyone else so I tended to look like Side Show Bob in my pumps LOL

      4. They were the black ones with the little bit of elastic on the top… And oh dear, since they were so completely flat I can see how they might have made you feel a little Sideshow Bob-esque!

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