Gelfling’s To Do List

Late yesterday afternoon the sun broke through after a rather damp dull day, Gelfling took this as a cue to make a start on his ‘to do’ Β list

A walk up North Fen Lane was first on his list
A walk up North Fen Lane was first on his list … Grandpa and K9 were allowed to come as Gelfling figured he would need their help later on in the walk

Now don’t be under the impression that this was a mere stroll.. Oh no Gelfling had an ulterior motive

Blackberries were the goal of our walk,
Blackberries were the goal of our walk, the more the merrier as far as Gelfling is concerned, this is where Grandpa comes in …he can reach higher than us to pick the best berries

Then there was the quest of figuring out his ‘signature’ dish for ‘The Great Gelfling – Grandma Bake Off’

I have the feeling Gelfling is taking this challenge VERY seriously
I have the feeling Gelfling is taking this challenge VERY seriously … Did I ought to be worried ??

20 thoughts on “Gelfling’s To Do List

  1. LOL I have lane and sun envy!!…what a lovely lane to have on your doorstep I wonder if Mr. P and K9 maxed up their speed to the national limit after passing the sign πŸ˜€
    Looking at the deep concentration on Gelfling’s face I think you might be right to be worried…maybe a chef in the making??? πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing the lovely results!!

    1. I would never have thought the evening would have been so pleasant after such a dull day, The bake off went really well, we are waiting for Beloved to come home from work so he can begin judging the tasting

      1. It’s amazing how a day can turn around, sometimes early evenings at this time of year can be the best part of the day, especially up here! I think Beloved is in for a lovely treat, two desserts…maybe more, if he has to have seconds to make a final decision πŸ˜‰

      2. We had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon after the bake off, we were suppose to go for a stroll with Beloved and K9 in the evening …but Gelfling and I were soo tired we had to call it a day Gelfling was in bed for 8 pm with me a close second …bed for 9.30 pm being a Grandma is sooooooo tiring LOL

      3. We all slept well .. awoke this morning to a chorus of “You who I’m awake now, the sun is up ” at least it was light πŸ™‚

      4. Although I’m a morning person I don’t chatter half as much as Gelfling until I’ve had a cuppa and something to eat, the fact he finds each day an adventure is VERY endearing

      5. A great age to be, but how is it, they ‘supercharge their batteries ‘ after a few hours sleep?? it’s wonderful that he has such imagination and enthusiasm for everything as well – Oh to have all that morning energy back again πŸ˜‰
        It’s been so nice to see Grandma’s and Gelfling’s amazing adventures! πŸ˜€

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