Can We Have Your Votes Please

Beloved and K9 are the resident taste tasters for the bake’s made during My Last Post, now although they are totally reliable they are just a tad biased mainly because we did their two most favourite cakes !! so Gelfling has asked if we could please have your votes for your preferred bake, without any more ado THE BAKES 🙂

This baker wanted to do something just a little different with the hand picked blackberries, so for your delight we have a Blackberry compote cheesecake
This baker wanted to do something just a little different with the hand picked blackberries, so for your delight we have a Blackberry compote cheesecake, there is even a surprise layer of compote in the middle 🙂   (the competitor helped with the decorating)

The second bake is more traditional

A yummy Iced Lemon Cake
A yummy Iced Lemon Cake, this is the first ever attempt at a cake for this young baker, even using the wooden spoon method for the mixing !!

This could become an annual competition as we had soo much fun and we got to eat cakes !!

The prize ?? today we are going just 2 villages away to a working windmill 🙂


24 thoughts on “Can We Have Your Votes Please

  1. Oh,how I wish to have a piece of those two bakes!! I’m drooling!!! And it is so hard to vote!!! I love them both and am sure they are delicious!! The trip to the windmill is so well deserved!!

  2. WOW What a fantastic pair of delicious looking bakes!!!! My decision is…………….they are BOTH winners 😀 I’m sure the taste judges said the same 😀 And I hope you all enjoyed your trip to the windmill what a great prize for an exciting day out 🙂

    1. To be fair Gelfling thought they were both VERY TASTY , although he made the lemon cake, he did decorate the cheesecake so a vote for either bake is a bake for Gelfling

      1. Well done to Gelfling for such brilliant baking in that case :-D!!! I do love his creativeness on the cheesecake topping too – very artistic 🙂

  3. Oh WOWEE, what awesome cakes! Like some of the other judges, I’d really need to try them to make an informed decision, but they both look delicious! Extra credit to Moo for mixing his cake by hand though, the last time I did that (due to broken kitchen gadgetry) I thought my arm was going to fall off! I think you both richly deserve your prize, enjoy your day out 😀

    1. I think its important for kids to learn to cook and what better way to start with cakes !!! both my boys are accomplished in the kitchen and now it certainly looks like Moo is following in their footsteps,
      PS both cakes were DELICIOUS

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