Look Who Has Found A Friend

A little while ago I posted about the plight of my friend Theo Grey now I’m not one to blow my own trumpet BUT I have put Emma in Jane Austen’s novel to shame, I plotted, held impromptu dinner parties and drinks in the garden on balmy summer nights  and lo and behold

Rose finally caught Theo's attention
Rose finally caught Theo’s attention, here she is all dressed in her sun-dress, I’m not surprised she has captured his heart

They are becoming quite an item, being seen together most evenings, I do believe its love … how do I know ?? well its obvious really when a lady rabbit is besotted her nose turns into a red heart

The happy couple, now will I be needing a new outfit for a winter wedding I wonder
The happy couple, now will I be needing a new outfit for a winter wedding I wonder

20 thoughts on “Look Who Has Found A Friend

  1. What a darling little couple they make 😀 Rose looks stunning in her little outfit and matching shoes, it’s no wonder she caught Theo’s eye – what a stylish little bunny she is !!!! 😉

    1. Thank you Mrs T, although I do wonder if I should have incorporated a muzzle ..the nose kind not the dog kind LOL as her face is a little how shall I say …’flat’ but I think she has a little of the folk art look about her

      1. Next year I’m going to start the craft fairs once more as I’ve missed all the other crafter’s and the chatter of the buyers so I’m going to need all the stock I can make, so even if she doesn’t sell through Etsy may be a face to face seller will have the urge to give her a new home

      2. With the long winter evenings on their way, sounds like you’ll be very busy building up a good stock;-) ……which probably means too, that you need some more yarn. LOL Great excuse for a shopping trip I think!!!

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