Buttons And The Blues Brothers

I have a ‘Thing’ for buttons – there I’ve said it out loud,

This is just part of my tiny collection
This is just part of my tiny collection, Beloved thinks I’m in need of therapy

Have I got the right button for my latest project …NO!!!!!! I don’t know if you or a friend of a friend can help me –  but I’m looking to buy 2 x 25mm & 2 x 38mm heart decorated wooden buttons, either by pyrography or painted, I need them all to be different, I’ve put a post on FB and contacted a couple of folks on Etsy.. so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can find what I’m looking for

Now for something completely different, if you are a certain age you might be able to cast your mind far enough back to remember a certain cult film The Blues Brothers  now this week I have got to spend time with the REAL BLUES BROTHERS * squeal* I know little ol’ me with the Blues Brothers I did manage to take a couple of sneaky pictures of the famous duo

I did mention that MY Blues Brothers were rabbits didn't I ??
I did mention that MY Blues Brothers were rabbits didn’t I ??
Now this is where the buttons come in I'm creating a range of 'Button Bunny's' and I need the buttons for my guys tummies, come on now how can you not melt at these cute faces
Now this is where the buttons come in I’m creating a range of ‘Button Bunny’s’ and I need the buttons for my guys, come on now how can you not melt at these cute faces

So if you know anyone who can custom make me some buttons don’t be shy send them my way
Thank You x


52 thoughts on “Buttons And The Blues Brothers

  1. I have a thing for buttons too… but always when I need some, I have not enough… if I need 5, I only have 4…its like a curse :o) I love your Blues Brothers, they are egg-stremely cute :o)

    1. Awww the Blues Brothers thank you for the compliment, I don’t suppose your Dearest makes buttons by any chance ?? if not a see a business opportunity LOL either that or I might have to look into myself – a whole range of rabbit buttons swim before my very eyes 🙂

  2. Even The Boys know all the songs in that film – my favourite ever, such a classic. Your versions are classics, too, but I can’t help with the buttons I’m afraid.

  3. Oh,you have become so fast in crocheting stuffed animals,I’m impressed! I prefer to knit them,it is much more easier for me… I loved so much the film and the name you gave to your creatures is so apropriate indeed! Love them so much!

      1. My fingers hurt so much when I crochet a stuffed animal and that’s why I prefer to knit them. I should make some just because… 😊😊😊

  4. OMGoodness I absolutely love your Blues brothers!!!!!!!!! Just adorable 🙂 As for the buttons I do have some 25mm wide which I would dearly send to you for free, if they are what you are looking for?? see below..( none of the 38 mm sorry)
    or, this is the link that I got them through
    Do let me know if you would like me to send you some, I would be more than happy to!
    Your crochet skills have no boundaries since you cracked the enigma crochet code, I’m so completely in awe of your new creations recently, though I also look forward to seeing your commissioned knitted bunnies too 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, many, many thanks for the offer of 25mm buttons, although I have commissioned some , I would really appreciate if you could send me a couple as they would look just right on girly versions I have planned, BUT and this is a big but – only if you let me knit you a little rabbit in return

      1. Oh my word to be in receipt if one of your hand crafted bunnies would mean the world to me, and of course I would gladly send you many wooden heart buttons even without your extremely generous offer, gladly and freely….BUT, and, as in your words, this is a BIG BUT….I must insist that your select an item – of any value!!!! from my Etsy shop, which I can return in favour… friendship has no price tag!!! And, I want you to know I appreciate that 😀

      2. What I would rather prefer if its all the same to you if I’m not being too rude is …when I send you a rabbit if you could do a pencil sketch of it in return, that way I can put it in my crafting den, which I should have back for my sole use in the next 2 weeks, then I will have a some of your art work and a picture of a rabbit BONUS

      3. That’s such a lovely idea 😀 and I would be sooo happy to create a unique piece just for you. It’s such a compliment that you want to have some of my art in your crafting den. I’m super excited about having my own bunny I have already cleared the top of my little craft cupboard next to where I sit, she will be able to watch over all my mess making and creations LOL
        oh, btw if you want to email me your address meanwhile I can send you the wooden ❤ buttons asap 🙂

      4. I’m so glad you agree with creating me a masterpiece 🙂 I’ve ordered the yarn for the rabbits I have on order – plus a little extra for a special little bunny to come and live with you x

      5. Ohhhhh Thank you sooo much Mrs. P!!! Every time you mention it, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!! A little bunny gift for me ❤ I'm so, so excited 😀 Even though my official cleaning regime is over till …did I say 2017 or was it much (much, much)later??? LOL …I still take a little time each day to dust my little bunny spot 🙂 knowing, one day soon I will have my own crafting companion 😀 sitting right there!

      6. Please step away from the stout, you are overdoing it LOL, when bunny arrives at yours ..which will be a while as the yarn isn’t here yet and I’m on with a couple of commissions first please make sure you don’t have your spectacles on as you are building it up into something that possibly won’t match your expectations, where as I just know your art work will be right at home in my collection…I did mention I collect art work didn’t I ??

      7. One day….I will find that spycam of yours…LOL
        I have no problem waiting for my little bunny and I know, having seen all your little creations so far, with or without my specs on I’m going to love it 😀
        OMGoodness….NO you didn’t mention the art collection before??! You mean my art will become part of a private collection??? ( …Perspiring profusely….. No pressure then ;-@ LOL) That is exciting and also a little scary too, better go and find a pencil sharpener in that case 😉

      8. When the cottage is finally done I’ll post about some of the art I have, nothing too special but pieces I love, yours will be treasured simply because you created it for me…<3

      9. That is simply the nicest thing anyone has ever said!! (Still no pressure then LOL) Never mind the pencil sharpener, I think this one might deserve buying a new pencil 😉

  5. Oh, hello Blues Bunnies! They are truly adorable 😃 I am also an avid collector of buttons, but I don’t think I have what you’re looking for… I might have heart-shaped buttons, but not ones with a heart pattern. I’ll keep an eye out though! Happy bunny knitting 😀

    1. It seems I’m not the only button hoarder out there which is something I’ll be able to pass on to Beloved (in a rather smug tone) I’ve reverted back to knitting for my next few rabbits 🙂

  6. Oh look at all of those buttons!!!! MY mum would love those jars, she loves buttons and has a tuber ware that’s full of them. I’ll have a look out for your buttons. Good luck finding the right ones. Your rabbits are cute! Would you customis a hat for each of them like the real blues brothers? That would be adorable! 🙂

      1. That’d good! Not sure how you would go about making them but I’m sure you would figure it out. You seem like an expert by the look of all of your pictures of your creations. 🙂

  7. My grandmother had a vast collection of buttons in a bejeweled cookie tin. I inherited it but down-sized it to something more practical. Love your Blue Brothers. Don’t they need sunglasses? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. This is their ‘winter look’ LOL
      It seems most folks who have commented have a secret or not so secret hoard of buttons …See Beloved I’m not alone !!!!

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