Ooh Mrs T !!

In my last post regarding Buttons the lovely Mrs T aka Caren was kind enough to offer me some heart-shaped buttons FREE OF CHARGE !!! what a wonderful gesture, and of course I snatched her hand off politely accepted, with a proviso but more about that in another post

Anyhoo this morning said buttons arrived

Aren't these just sooo cute, and perfect for future projects, although one is getting sewn on a Button Bunny straight away
Aren’t these just too cute, and perfect for future projects, although one is getting sewn on a Button Bunny straight away

Inside the package was a little something I never expected in a million years

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY, a beautifully hand crafted peg bag - with a rabbits on RABBITS !!!
LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY, an amazingly hand crafted peg bag made by Mrs T’s own hands  – with a rabbits on  .. RABBITS !!!

OMGoodness what an incredible surprise, thank you sooooo much Mrs T,

Look at the detail !! how exquisite, and you all know how I feel about rabbits :-)
Look at the detail !! how exquisite, and you all know how I feel about rabbits 🙂

Mrs T you’re a gem – I do have one tiny little concern thought …how on earth did you know I was in dire need of a peg bag ?? is the cottage under surveillance ? or have you been listening to the malicious gossip of the ‘Village Ladies’ concerning my peg storage predicament ?  either way



32 thoughts on “Ooh Mrs T !!

  1. LOL 😀 That’s the fastest snail mail parcel I think I have ever known!!! I can’t believe they got there today !!!!!
    I’m so pleased you like your little surprise, as well as the buttons 😀 …I kind of figured, you would have a small space somewhere for an extra bunny, no matter what the format 😉 Hope it brightens up your wash days!

    1. Pleased with my surprise ?? I’m over the moon.. now come on you can tell me – in strictest confidence of course – which of the ‘Village Ladies’ has been brandishing gossip to the world about my lack of an adequate peg bag?? or do you really have the FBI supplying you with intelligence ??
      If it is the latter I hasten to give my side on the story regarding me eating Beloveds cookie
      PS if it was pure luck on the peg bag front please disregard the cookie confession ..I didn’t do it 🙂

      1. I’m so thrilled 😀
        Well…………we all like to listen to a bit of gossip from time to time…..as we know, BUT, if indeed your ‘Village Ladies’ have mentioned your supermarket plastic bag swinging on the line on washday…….I never heard a word – must have been that the wind was blowing the wrong way that day LOL
        Oh No!! You are the Cookie Monster??? I bet you even had it between meals…didn’t you?? Tut tut! LOL I bet there will be redundancies now the truth is out, just think of all those poor agents ;-/ Don’t worry, I won’t let your Beloved know it was you, let’s leave him chasing the clues, to…Who done it??!
        To be honest, choosing to send you the peg bag was pure chance – none of the above sadly!! – knowing your love of bunnies, it was perfect for a little surprise 😀
        I hope it serves well, especially after all your lovely comments in this post – I’ve sent them as far as America and Australia and had some lovely responses 🙂
        Oh btw I’m really pleased that there was a little button just right for your bunny today too!

      2. Do you think Postie sensed my faux pas with my now redundant peg container which why he was quick off the mark to get you adorable gift to me quick sharp ??
        I’m not surprised you have gone global with your crafting, and now as you have conquered ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ your empire will know no bounds 🙂

      3. LOL….what always makes me smile, when I take a parcel, the postmaster always asks..’ what’s inside??’.. even for mailing in this country sometimes….do they have an x-ray machine concealed under the desk for verification of declaration, I wonder???? Maybe his alarm bells rang, when I confessed your parcel’s contents…perhaps your Town Crier has been belting out your ‘Village ladies’ dismays without your knowledge…maybe a south east wind brought the surprise and THE much needed together…..perhaps your Postie was on a sugar rush from his brekki, sending him speedily on his round ……GOSH, I’m thinking we could plume a novella from this 😉
        ….Now, if only I’d thought of that, conquering ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ I could have included a little flag too 😀 LOL

      4. OMGoodness you mean to tell me my woeful peg container antics are common knowledge even in your part of the world ?? thank goodness you came to the rescue with your gift ..tomorrow mornings stroll with K9 can be done with my head held high complimented with a smug grin now my pegs are safely housed in a designer bag

  2. Oh woweeee, look at that! What a lovely surprise! It’s one thing to get a bunch of awesome buttons in the post, but getting an extra bonus handmade goodie as well… You lucky duck! Are you now laundering everything in the cottage so you can put your gift to use? (I would be 😀 )

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