Home Improvements And Knitting

Beloved & I have just had a weeks holiday – and I use that term Very loosely, Beloved has been pottering on with the renovations, and as the weather was nice we actually got round to hanging our new gates…

Let me tell you these were very darn heavy, Beloved is a great believer that I'm 20 yrs younger than I am and twice as strong !! not to disappoint I rose to the challenge to help carry them from his man cave and help hang them
Let me tell you these were darn heavy, Beloved is a great believer that I’m 20 yrs younger than I am and twice as strong !! not to disappoint I rose to the challenge to help carry them from his man cave and helped hang them

While not being at Beloveds beckoning I did manage to sneak a little knitting in as I have an order for 2 rabbits wearing little Aran Jackets

I was asked for pink coats as the rabbits are intended for home décor pieces in two seperate girls rooms
I was asked for pink coats as the rabbits are intended for home décor pieces in two separate little  girls rooms
Although the coats will be the same I'm going to use slightly different yarn for the rabbits to make them individual
Although the coats will be the same I’m going to use slightly different yarn for the rabbits to make them individual, one knitted one to go

Also the commissioned buttons I ordered for my ‘Button Bunny’s’ have arrived

Commisioned buttons

These wooden buttons are just too cute, hand crafted and a delightful addition to the ones gifted from Caren

Mmmm I wonder what this week will bring 🙂


29 thoughts on “Home Improvements And Knitting

  1. Aran jackets for rabbits – whatever next? Absolutely gorgeous, as usual, and I just hope the recipients know their cable from their garter stitch! Very smart gates. I thought you lived in The Cottage On The Green, not The Manor House With The Big Gates:)

    1. Now there is a chill in the air of an evening every rabbit will be needing a warm woolly LOL
      The cottage was originally a set of 3 one up one down cottages and butchers shop with a room above, it had been converted to one cottage years ago – so although it looks big most folks don’t realise the cottage is only 1 room deep, sometimes its a bit like living in a submarine !!

  2. What a lovely pair!!!….The gates 🙂 I wonder, did your Beloved craft them all himself in his man cave..?? (If so, what a craftsman…and, he definitely has a career ahead of himself!)…My word your Beloved sees you as a formidable woman… being able to carry those gates and hold them with one hand whilst he fixes the hinges, you certainly know how to do all the donkey work LOL? Being too macho…I hope you don’t pay for it the rest of the week ;-/ !! Though, I’m sure you are the poshest cottage on The Green now ;-D !!
    Your newest little bunny looks wonderful and I love the cable jacket, looks almost ashes of roses in colour!
    WOW! I have so much button envy!!! Your commissioned set looks amazing 🙂 How brilliant to have found a person to make exactly what you want/need!

    So excited about my bunny in the future! xx
    But, no rush!..well not really..at all…so much..you know…whenever….eventually LOL 😀 😀 😀

    PS… I hope your social standing has risen since the village ladies have observed your new peg storage 😉

    1. Beloved was all set to make some gates when he heard of someone whom had bough the gates in my post, the chaps wife had also bought a set of gates for her husband as a surprise !! so beloved being the guy he is offered to buy one set of gates from him (obviously they kept the gates the wife bought)
      My commissioned rabbits should be done in the next day or so – the jackets are blocking as I type, as for your rabbit I have actually made a start on her, and the letter that will accompany her to explain how/ why she came to be fostered by you LOL
      There is gossip abound around the village on how I have become the proud owner of a new peg bag 🙂

      1. Goodness, this gate maker seems to be doing a roaring trade off of your site -Good for him!! LOL :-D!! But, it’s a shame they aren’t your Beloved’s…maybe they could team up?? His gates do look wonderful though and definitely built to last..I’m sure your arms look better than Popeye’s after this weeks work !! 🙂
        Oh!!!!…. I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, a letter too?? now you are making me feel somewhat important 🙂 I can’t wait to read it, more so, to find out why I have been given the honour??!! I am so taken aback in the first place that you would even consider making me such a lovely gift ❤ xx
        It would seem you have 'Village Ladies' disorientation as to your knew posh peg bag LOL Hope K9 and his bits are feeling less itchful 😉 I know he had a great sulk going on…but, he was sooo cute too in his newest lampshade of shame. Sending him a special BIG hug xx

      2. I’ll leave you to ponder on what your letter will contain, I just hope you like it!!
        Just one thing … I’m a special kind of person …I deleted your e-mail that contained your address, if you could re send it to me so when your rabbit if finished I can send her on her merry way LOL

      3. I’m really quite intrigued, as I said, I’m sure I will though 😉 I’m overly excited at having a daily companion and overseer with me in my workspace to share all my gossip and creations with – though I hope my bunny is vigilant and mentions any marauding arachnids whilst I am preoccupied?!?! LOL
        Of course!! Look out for an email , to A special AND kind person!! I will go and tend to that straight away 🙂 xx

      4. I’ve been knitting like a demented eejit, and tomorrow I’ll be blocking your rabbits clothing then a day or so later she will be on her way to you 🙂

      5. LOL I bet Neurotic Cat and K9 have had cheese in their ears to distract from all the clickerty clacking 😀 OMGoodness MY bunny is having clothes too????!!!! Oh Mrs. P, how wonderful! I can’t believe you are putting ourself out so much!! I just hope the knitting pattern isn’t too complicated to draw LOL ;-D
        ….I don’t know if you can hear it over those knitting needles??… but, my clogs are back on for another happy dance! I’d better be careful, at this rate, I’m going to be almost fit again! 😉 I can tell you, our Postie is going to get thoroughly scrutinised from Friday onwards, till my little darling arrives!!! Hope he doesn’t get the wrong idea though…..????? LOL 😀

      6. Be careful about stalking your Postie, unless you are after good material for a novel of course 🙂
        My knitting needles have been a blur and this time I showed a little common sense and actually wrote the knitting pattern down – in long hand- without using a coded cipher,so next time I want to use the pattern I can see exactly what I did LOL
        Are your neighbours slightly concerned about all your dancing ..or are they expecting you be on ‘Strictly’ this weekend ????

      7. LOL after your escapades I think I’ll stick to covert curtain twitching then 😉
        A great move to long hand the pattern – sounds like you’ve had steam coming out of your ears this week LOL I’m sooo excited :-D!!
        I don’t think my clog hopping is quite of the Strictly standard, just yet 😉

      8. Oh so you won’t be on ‘Strictly’ then boo hoo
        I just have a little more pattern writing to do then I’ll have all the instructions done, woo hoo
        , your rabbit is oh so nearly ready for a photo shoot WOO HOO,
        the accompanying letter has been written Woo Hoo,
        I can see the finish line WOO WOO HOO HOO – now who’s excited !!!!!

      9. LOL…hope you didn’t cause yourself any mischief in all your giddiness ;-D
        I’m not quite sure what the ”World of Strictly’ would make of me ;-/ ?!! They’d probably think I was some kind of rainmaker 😀

  3. Hahaha! I’m glad I’m not the only one whose “time off” ends up being busier than a regular work day! Your new gates are quite stunning, and my button-collecting eyes lit up when I saw your latest treasures. And your latest pair of bunnies are sure to make those little girls very happy! One thing though… Do you always block your aran knits, and do you find it makes a difference to how the end result looks or feels?

      1. I only steam block …I pit it out and hover the steam iron a couple of inches above my work till the yarn ‘relaxes’ leave it a day or so and hey presto … no doubt professional knitters will have heart failure at my method LOL

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