Does Anyone Know ??

I really REALLY should keep away from the interweb !!!

I love / want /NEED to find the pattern for this !!
I love / want /NEED to find the pattern for this !!

PLEASE does anyone know where I can find this pattern ???


45 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know ??

      1. Thanks again, the instructions are quite vague and as I’ve never crocheted a garment before I’m looking at alternative ways to achieve the look I’m after 🙂

      1. I’ve been looking all afternoon to no avail, I really appreciate you looking, you are superb at crochet I bet you could write a pattern for something similar 🙂

      2. I’m totally unable to create a pattern, no kidding! The fact is that I had saw something similar quite a while ago and I’ll try to remember where… I think there was a pattern too, but please, do not have great expectations, I’m quite in a mess lately :/

      3. The Snail of Happiness has found the pattern, It’s in Russian, I’ve tried google translate but the instruction still seem a little vague, I suppose I could use the accompanying digram and work something out for myself ??

      4. I google translated the instructions to see if I could help somehow but have to tell that you are right, they are so very vague. But…. you have the measurements and the pattern charts, I think you can try to do it just by following them. I have never crochet a garment, but I suppose it should be like in knitting, the only thing you have to be careful with the decreasings….

      5. Thank you so much Tajana for taking a look and it isn’t just me that though the instructions were vague, I might have come up with another idea of how I can crochet a similar coat, I’m working on it, if the solution becomes clear I’ll let you know as I do so want a crochet coat, even if it is rather ambitious for a novice like myself 🙂

      6. I’ll be honest and tell that crochet a garment is not appealing to me… that because I’m such a slow crocheter… I prefer to knit…. But this coat is an interesting challenge….

      7. There are some beautiful knitted coat patterns, so why this crochet one grabbed my attention I’m not sure, I mean it’s not as if I’m accomplished at crochet !! but when you heart speaks you must listen 🙂

    1. The Russian translation leads a lot to be desired I’m wondering if I can cobble one together
      I’ve just read your latest post, your photos and introduction brought a tear to my eye ❤

      1. I’m sure you can 😉 bringing perhaps a little of a ”Mrs. P” twist to it all 😀
        I’m so pleased that you liked the little post about Wallis and Lamb, I really wanted to do something a bit special I really am totally in love with them both!! They’re curled up together fast asleep right now, so sooo cute – I imagine it being very hard for you to part with each and everyone you make, they are so very special! Thank you for being so kind xxx

      2. Although I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for I might have stumbled on a way to achieve what I’m after, I still have some more head scratching to do though 😉

      3. I have considered the box style, but I’ve found a yoke top down pattern that I can tweak, I’m just deciding whether Aran, or DK would be the best option, then of course I’ll have to do my swatch to see if it will all work out, it’s a lot of faff just because I saw something on t’web !!!

    1. 2nd born helped me trace the source of the picture, it turns out it was in a Russian magazine – no name given!! and although it mentions a pattern there is no link to it 😦 some one must have pinned it and that is where it’s getting its exposure, which is a shame as the designer is missing out on sales. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to recreate it, but I might be able to cobble something together 🙂

  1. Oooh, what a mystery! Maybe you could cobble together a Frankenpattern for yourself by googling “crochet coat pattern”, and using that to help you figure out any parts of the translated Russian pattern that are still unclear. Can you do that with crochet patterns? I know it works for knitting!

    1. I’m going to have to practice shaping in crochet, then I can combine a couple of patterns I have found, I think this will be my post Christmas project as that will give me time to practice, frog and curse until I have figured out what on earth I’m doing LOL

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