But I was So Careful

If by any chance you call into my blog every now and again you will know I have ‘history’ with my postman, if ever I do anything amazingly idiotic there he is, for example

Winter morning …Me in full wet weather gear picking up dog mess – NO not randomly, I did have K9 with me !! anyhoo there I am bent over my perfectly formed derrière stuck up in the air ..Postie drives past wind his window down shouts “Morning Mrs P” to this day I hope it was K9 he recognised not my posterior.

Late Morning ..Me answering the door after being on nights – in full pink PJ’s, pink fluffy dressing-gown, hair akimbo ..Postie “Looking glamorous once again Mrs P”

Mid Afternoon ..Me in the hairdressers entombed in a high lighting foils trying to look nonchalant while knowing I look not quite as stunning as usual ..Postie  “So we meet again”

The list goes on and on so I’ll not bore you, but this morning I was forewarned to expect a parcel. Right every things cool, and I was semi presentable you know apart from the wellies and wet jeans due to trying to give K9 a bath, Postie knocks at the door, I went to get the door key

OMGoodness the key isn't where it should be !!! What !! Where !! How !!
OMGoodness the key isn’t where it should be !!! What !! Where !! How !!

A slight panic sets in, what on earth did I do with the key when I came in from walking K9   has K9 eaten it ?? after what seemed an absolute age the Postie opened the door ..” You forgotten how to open the door Mrs P ?”

The key was in the lock OUTSIDE D’oh !!!  I’m sure to this day the Postie is taking notes and writing a novel about the antics I get up to …It’s bound to be a best seller, when it’s published I’ll let you know – heck I’ll probably be able to get you a signed copy

So here is my post, safely delivered to the ding-bat at The Cottage On The Green
So here is my post, safely delivered to the ding-bat at The Cottage On The Green

So what’s inside ?? you will have to wait till next time I have to dash off to ‘The Workplace’ where I’m equally as idiotic


28 thoughts on “But I was So Careful

  1. Ha ha! My poor postman looked through the french windows and caught me singing and dancing all by myself in the kitchen. At least I had clothes on this time….poor man.

  2. As soon as you start your side of the ‘Mrs. P encounters’ novel, I wondered…..should I be addressing future mail with your above mentioned nom de plume??? LOL ;-D

    1. LOL You don’t think Postie will embellish any of the facts do you ??
      I hope he omits the time I had just taken a mouthful of hot jacket spud & he knocked on the door, I was in a bit of a quandary do I spit it out or swallow it ..I went for the second option (I’m too tight not to) then spent the whole conversation doing a Scooby Doo impressing “rello & rank roo”

      1. LOL to be fair…it sounds like he doesn’t to embellish 😉 !!!!! 😀
        He probably thought you were practising for the chipmunk cheek stuffing trials!!!! 😀

      2. WOW .. ……you have the same chipmunk cheek stuffing trials down your way too ???
        I never mentioned the trials before in case folks thought I was making it up !!

  3. Haha! I know the feeling. I think most of my community have seen me in my pyjamas.ha! I am always in my pyjamas when people call in the morning or even evening time. My pyjamas are normal ones but my dressing gown is a cheetah so it has a face, the ears, a tail and I keep the hood up as well so the ears are showing.ha! It looks very tempting to open though. ha!

  4. Hahaha! I’ll definitely be picking up a copy of your postman’s book! I think postmen must become immune to human silliness after they’ve been doing the job for a couple of years… Mine only ever sees me in pyjamas and flushed from belting down the stairs to answer the door!

    1. I’m beginning to think what doesn’t kill my particular Postie (through my antics) will only make him stronger …Oh and add an extra chapter to his novel LOL

      1. All you need to do is state why you started your blog , any advice regarding getting started / continuing to write and a list of blogs you wish to nominate, and the rosy glow of the nomination is much deserved 🙂

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