How Delightful

Oh my, I’m full to the brim with excitement, all due to the delivery of yesterdays package from the super talented Mrs T take a look at this

Isn't this just adorable, Caren has captured Wallis and Lamb to perfection
Isn’t this just adorable, Caren has captured Wallis and Lamb to perfection

I’m over the moon how the ‘Heritage Workhouse Rabbit’ Wallis (and Lamb of course) have been saved for posterity – just for me !!! if that wasn’t enough there is another pencil sketch of the duo

The drawings are so life like !!! I could just scoop the woolie due up off the page
The drawings are so life-like !!! I could just scoop the woolie duo up off the page

Unbeknown to Caren at the time when she offered to gift me the drawings, I actually collect art – so she was under NO pressure whatsoever 🙂

These little beauties were originally destined for my crafting den…but on careful reflection how cool will they look propped up on the mantle in the master bedroom with a back drop of my William Morris Brer Rabbit wallpaper, even the mounting is an exact colour match …which actually makes me wonder if there is a spy camera in operation…goodness I hope not the last thing the internet needs is an image of me shaking my booty whilst ironing !!!

Caren you have excelled yourself, thank you so very much,

PS I do hope Wallis & Lamb are settling in


20 thoughts on “How Delightful

  1. Mrs. P, I am so happy that my little sketches reached you (firstly unbent – what kind Posties) unbelievably quickly and that you are so happy with them ❤ . A little token though they are, they are also a Great Big Thank You for all the smiles and fun you bring to your blogs and share with us all!!!
    Obviously, I feel very honoured to be a little part of your fabulous Art Collection now 🙂 LOL….Pressure?? Should I have been under any??? All I can say is, I am now almost like a wafer thin mint from it 😉 Goodness only knows how I rank alongside your Van Gogh's/De Vinci's/Munch's little works 😀 ???
    Unbelievable that the little sketches are to be given pride of place in your lovely new master! Thank you so much xx

    PS……………. Don't worry…..I turn the webcam off when you booty shake and iron!!! 😉

    1. I have first hand gossip that my Postie thinks he is on to a ‘Bunny Smuggling Cartel’ … obviously the post mistress started this rumour with my conversation when I posted Wallis to you

      1. My word!! …It doesn’t take long for gossip to spread round ‘The Tangled Backwoods’ …AND get back to you! I wonder what they make of our two way bunny traffic LOL ???

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