A Pay It Forward Give-Away

Quite a while ago I ordered some yarn from an on-line company I use quite regularly, they sent me part of the order saying to expect the rest shortly, a couple of weeks went by, nothing, so I dropped them an e-mail, they said it would be here in the next day or so, again nothing, I waited a couple of more weeks then dropped them another e-mail, oh yes it will be with you soon they said. All in all 2 months or more went past, by now feeling quite fractious I e-mailed a terse correspondence, the yarn arrived a couple of days later along with 7 balls of yarn as way of an apology – the ‘extra’ yarn was 1 ball of purple and 6 balls of in your face bright red … not sure if this ‘gift’  really was an apology or a take that Mrs P !!

Any-ways I got to thinking what on earth I could craft with my ‘bonus’ yarn so I made a start on this

Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I've started to crochet I'm not so sure it was a good idea !!
Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I’ve started to crochet I’m not so sure it’s a good idea !!

I’ve started so I’ll finish, oh my giddy aunt it’s going to be a tad  how shall I put it …vivid

So by you are possibly wondering where on earth I’m going with this ??  my idea is because I got this yarn for free why not craft a give-away, and here it is in all it’s *glory*

Mmmmm not everyone's colour combo granted
Mmmmm not everyone’s colour combo granted, this little gem could be used for a yarn/fabric storage ?? a gift for a child ?? I’m sure your toilet rolls will be quite at home interned in this creation  or you could just hide the darn thing away

This isn’t enough ?? well I also took the advantage to craft a primitive folk art rabbit,

This is Robin Rabbit, I'd like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections
This is Robin Rabbit, I’d like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections (the red is a better representation on the rabbit than on the bag – so you may be needing your sun glasses !!)

If this is for you leave me a comment and I’ll but the names in said bag and Beloved will draw out the winner on Saturday 17th October

Good luck …I think that’s the phrase I’m looking for 🙂

37 thoughts on “A Pay It Forward Give-Away

  1. Ha! I am like that. I cannot throw away good yarn but I be damned if I can figure out a way to use some of it. You did great with the caddy and the bunny is adorable!!!

    1. Awww thank you, I’m still trying to figure if the yarn company is laughing up it’s sleeve at gifting such a vibrant , colourful yarn, I have enough to knit Gelfling Grandson a Triceratops …because they were red right ??

    1. Well as I got the yarn for free I felt why not let someone else benefit as well. I’ve done a second bag for a little person for Christmas and I have enough left for a dinosaur for Moo, so thank you yarn company for your gift 🙂

    1. I think my curt e-mail and threatening to shop elsewhere might have had a little bearing on it – all I wanted was the yarn I’d paid for, so the extra yarn was really appreciated, and now a lucky winner will have a hand crafted pressie 🙂

      1. Lucky winner then!!! 🙂 That was nice of them to give you free yarn for waiting so long. I still can’t get a hold of the customer service to change my shoes so I will have to now try and sell them.

  2. What a lovely turnabout…eventually 😉 It’s always nice to get a bonus, regardless of colour, I think both little projects are beautiful and should make their new owner very happy. I bet Little Gelfling will love his bright red triceratops but for the wool company sending such vibrant extra supplies that little creation might never have cropped up 😀

    1. At least with the company sending me such a *dazzling* shade of yarn it make me think just what it would lend itself to, I have a little autumnal shaded project on my needles before I throw myself into the red dino

      1. Well I think donning your creative cap worked wonders…some brilliant ideas on how to skilfully shine in shades of scarlet 😉
        Ooo 🙂 I do hope we get to see the seasonal knitted WIP when it’s finished, love the sound of the colour tones!!

      2. On reflection the shades I’m working with are not so much Autumnal but chocolate !!! which came about by the chocolate week on the Great British Bake Off !!

      3. LOL….well, there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from current events ;-)!! I’ll bet your finished lovely will have all The Village chocoholics drooling on its first parade around The Green ;-D

      4. …. a bread plait cardigan would have been easy for you to recreate…maybe that’s where Aran cable knits come in…LOL sounds like I know something about knitting now – not 😉

    1. I’m giving my eyes a break from the dazzling yarn with a more gentle project and hope to throw myself back into the world of red to begin Gelflings dinosaur next week 🙂

  3. I’ll have you know I won first prize in a beauty competition wearing a homemade two-tone dress (and matching jacket!) in very similar colours back in 1992! The prize wasn’t to be sniffed at either, a week in Cyprus. If you hadn’t already guessed, I’d love to be entered in your lovely draw:)

    1. 1992 feels like only yesterday…a sign of my age no doubt !!
      No doubt you rocked the outfit winning a trip to Cyprus, who would have thought bright red / purple were such a vogue combination 🙂
      Your name will be dutifully placed in the draw

      1. Well, I’m not sure it was in Vogue even back then – perhaps the judge (Eddie Large – shameless name drop) was colourblind? And possibly short-sighted – I found out a few days later that I was pregnant with No.1 Son!

      2. Ha ha, you should see me now in my wellies with my unstraightened hair all wild and curly and no make up on!! I took Mr H-L to the station in my dressing gown and wellies this morning too – very glam!

      3. BOL so you going for ‘The Country Girl Look’ today then??
        I went for ‘The Dog Walking – Smeared In Horse Poo Look’ thanks to K9 – he only walks to heel really, really close when covered in manure, then I sported ‘The Just Washed The Dog Look’ I think I have this country look nailed

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