Hard Work

I’m working really REALLY hard at ‘The Workplace’

Which is just fine, yet it leaves little time for crafting or blogging, I figure I get to retire in 15 yrs or there about, so if you can all just bear with me till then that would be great 🙂

Although I have managed to sneak in a little crochet project for Moo

I used some more of my free red aplogy yarn on this cute pattern by Marleen Hartog
I used some more of my free red apology yarn on this cute pattern by Marleen Hartog, I don’t want to show the full Dinosaur as Moo hasn’t seen it yet and I know he peeks at my blog every now and then …when he’s not actually posting on it of course !!

There is a red Triceratops on my needles which should be done some time this Millennium, until then, I have a couple of WIP very nearly completed and as soon as this awful fog and rain clears up making the light in the cottage better I’ll be able to take some photos, hope to catch up with you all again soon 🙂



28 thoughts on “Hard Work

    1. I have just bought a book of dinosaur knitting patterns and the t-rex is leaning more towards the evil guy rather than cute, I think the poor chap is misunderstood

    1. I’m working a LOT more hours than usual (twice as many) as Beloved has had his formal redundancy notice, at least I’m fortunate to be in a position to work extra.
      I’ll have to sneak yarn time in when and where …I’ve heard sleep is for girls anyway LOL

  1. Moo’s little dino is very cute!! I bet the newest edition for your library will get lots of use 😉
    I’m sure The Workplace appreciate all your double stints, though do take care not to seriously over stretch yourself, your health is very important too!!
    Sleep???…..so over rated, especially, I find, when, on waking you discover another little wrinkle LOL..at least you are avoiding that, with your lack of…;-)

    1. Beloved is working his notice period – he’s trying to do more from home than usual while he does this ..so I’m doing a trial interview process as him being a house keeper, in 3 weeks I have some Annual Leave which should give me enough time to whip him up a butlers outfit, (alas he will need new wellies for his garden duties) he will need to trawl through my vintage cook books for suitable dining arrangements – not sure I’ trust him with the family electro – plated silver just yet but he seems at home with the enamel plates LOL

      1. Difficult times……you just never know how new staff will fit in these days??….hopefully the feather duster and apron aren’t proving too much for your Beloved…if he’s failing at this stage, you are quite right to be hesitant about having him deal with the family electro-plated valuables LOL
        In these changing times of life, I hope all settles down well for you both..New beginnings and all that!! xx

      2. We have a couple plans we can into action – both of which require hard work, if all else fails I’m sure Beloved (after all my training) will be able to be a convincing extra in Downton Abbey as a staff member, OR I’ll lease him out to ‘The Village Ladies’ as a bob a job guy 🙂

      3. You’ll have to let me know if I need to look out for him in the Christmas episode 😉 Good to know you have the plans to fall back on I hope all your hard work sets them off into an exciting new venture for you both 😀

        PS… you could always start off a ‘glamping in your garden’ camp-site meanwhile LOL

      4. I must say ”Glamping on the Green” does have an added impact over Glamping in the Garden LOL, especially for signage and advertising! I should bet you could rent out spaces for at least a halfpenny per week, especially having those extra aesthetic features on offer!!….Just think of all those extra candles you can have now we are in the dark age again 😉

      5. Do you really think I could charge a halfpenny ??? I hope everyone knows camping in winter with NO facilities what so ever is sooo ‘IN’ right now LOL

  2. Oh wow, it looks like we’ve both been busy! I’m glad I finally had a chance to drop in and catch up… And meet your little red dino friend! What a cutie! Off to read the rest of your news now, don’t work too hard 😃

      1. Hooray! I’m sure they have many hours of prehistoric fun ahead of them, and Crochetosaurus will be doubly happy when he gets another new friend so soon! I’m pretty excited to see the triceratops, if I’m honest 😀

      2. I’m afraid I’m a little behind where I ought to be on the crafting front, I have an 8 day stint about to begin then I have a weeks annual leave when I hope to get caught up .. please tell me I’m not the only one to get waylaid by an alter egos life that interrupts my crafting life LOL

      3. Nope, you’re not the only one! At least I’ve managed to train my Other Work to only put me down for 3 days a week, but we’ll see how well that lasts as we head towards Christmas shopping fever pitch! Hope your 8-day stint isn’t too painful, we’ll see you on the other side 😃

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