The ‘Blogs We Love Award’

This idea came about by a wonderful comment from Repurposing Junkie please let me introduce ‘The Blogs We Love Award’


Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you

Post the award badge

Nominate between one and three blogs that you really enjoy, tell us why they are special to you …Simple 🙂

Let the respective bloggers know they have been nominated

The blogging community is awesome, it’s supportive, and connects us to such a wide diversity of ideas, so come on ladies and gents lets celebrate and share the blogs we love

Every blog I read is close to my heart and deserves recognition so it’s been a bit of a mare singling just 3 out, I’m biting the bullet and nominating

Repurposing Junkie .. for many reasons, Keri is the inspiration behind this award, one simple comment turned my distressing day around, her work is totally inspiring she transforms the mundane into breathtaking works of art, she takes unloved objects and gives them a new lease of life, this is not just upcycling but giving junk a soul

The Snail of happiness, the tag to this post is small steps to a kinder world, now if that doesn’t set your world of imagination on fire I don’t know what does,  Ms Snail is single-handedly educating me a whole host of subjects, she knits, crochets, harvests her own grown crops, and is working hard on sustainability – the woman is a marvel, yet she never preaches she simply guides me forwards

Caren’s craft and canvas I love Caren’s creativity, how on earth she creates such masterpieces is beyond me !!  although she has a completely different skill set to my own    she lights my imagination and helps keep me sane in the strange little world I live in, her sense of humour has me in stitches, and she has a heart of gold. Caren thank you for being you !!!!

To everyone who takes the time to blog, or post comments,  THANK YOU each and everyone of you has a blog that we love ❤




21 thoughts on “The ‘Blogs We Love Award’

    1. It may be a silly idea – hey I’m full of those – but I just wanted to pay it forward to some of the amazing blogs out there, if it never catches on I don’t care I’m simply wanted to share a little appreciation 🙂

  1. What a beautiful way to praise nice and creative people!! I already know The Snail of happiness and I agree with every single word you said! As par the other two, they were a gorgeous surprise indeed! Pure inspiration!!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I’m honored that I inspired this award!! 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement!! You made my day!!

  3. OMGoodness Roma :-D……What can I say?? But, a HUGE BIG FAT THANK YOU! ❤ After being MIA for quite a few days, wrapped up in a sudden surge of unexpected creative commissions, I come back to catch up and see your wonderful comments and your nomination which includes ME!!!!!!!!! I'm overwhelmed…..completely! 🙂
    Thank you soooo very much …but, ME actually keeping YOU sane?! LOL – crack open the stout my dear!!!
    Of all the people you could have chosen, I'm totally bowled over by your kindness :-)!
    From the very first post I read of yours, I knew you were of a 'kindred spirit' (I hope one day to be as great as yourself!!) and the amount of wonderful times you have had me in fits of giggles has been so uplifting 😉
    I have been thinking of you this last week in 'The Workplace', I realise it must be very tough to be in that position time and time again with people you have become very attached to… I know they will be glad you are there with them at the end, however much they remember, You have touched their hearts! xx

    Thank YOU!!! 🙂

    1. You are most welcome me dear,
      Ooooh Congratulations on your unexpected commissions, I hope we get to hear about / see your latest whirl of activity
      As for feeling overwhelmed are you sure you just don’t have a hangover ???
      To counteract the sadness at ‘The Workplace’ I’ also been in fits of giggles two outstanding characters have joined us for respite – one is teaching me to swear in French – apparently I’m an excellent pupil, while the other has asked about going out for the evening ‘on a purely educational study’ of the local hostelries for copious amounts of vodka and could I accompany her to a tattoo parlour as it’s something she has been considering for the last 50 yrs and now feels the time is right to go ahead with her decision !!
      I’m still confused as to why these characters are drawn to me … Boss Lady says it’s because I obviously share the same belief system – Is that a compliment ???

  4. What a nice idea, and so simple! I can see this catching on, some of the other awards floating around the Blogosphere need so much work… I’m glad I saw it here first 😀 Congratulations to all your nominees too, I’m already a big fan of The Snail of Happiness but I must check out the others!

    1. There are sooo many brilliant blogs out there, each and everyone deserves a mention simply because they put a little of their soul on the line each time they press the publish button

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