Mother Of The Bride Dress Etiquette

Don’t get all excited, I am not nor ever will be ‘The Mother Of The Bride’ as Beloved & I have only called into being sons, this post is intended for a dear blogging buddy Caren who is facing a quandary of bridal etiquette, I shall endeavour however to be helpful, upon consulting various tomes of knowledge and not forgetting ‘The Village Ladies’ here is my guide

Please do not attempt to upstage the bride, yet this is also your moment to shine so your dress should be 'understated' and complimentary to the bridal affair
Please do not attempt to upstage the bride, so your dress should be ‘understated’ and complimentary to the bridal affair, yet at the same time flattering and usable for any forthcoming events for example a court appearance if found drunk and disorderly at the reception ….well it could happen !!!

It would also be considered ‘crass’ to upstage the Mother Of The Groom, but I say if her son had the good grace to choose your daughter to marry, it’s game on …unless it’s my son of course then it would be all out ‘Frill War’

After the wedding breakfast it is deemed acceptable to change into a more celebratory gown

To the uninitiated more is more !! flounce is in, but PLEASE do not bare shoulders and ankles at the same time or you could come across as shall I put it ...A Lady Of The Night
To the uninitiated more is more !! flounce is in, and gloves are a must  but PLEASE do not bare shoulders and ankles at the same time or you could come across as shall I put it …A Lady Of The Night

Of course Caren Dearest’s attire is a whole different post

What every well dressed Father Of The Bride needs to be seen in
What every well dressed Father Of The Bride needs to be seen in, just make sure his make up doesn’t clash with your 🙂

If anyone out there requires any more of my useful tips don’t hesitate to ask I’m a mine of information !!!!


31 thoughts on “Mother Of The Bride Dress Etiquette

  1. I’d like to marry my BM but I don’t want a classic wedding day, I just want to go to the city hall and sign the contract…. how should I be dressed in that occasion?

    1. My dearest Tajana,
      Having conversed with you on numerous occasions and having seen your delightful photograph wearing a rather fetching shade of red lipstick, I would recommend a classic gown that can be used for future engagements for example grocery shopping or indeed visiting your future in-laws,my choice would be

      1. Oh,thank you so much!! I can easily see myself in this description of yours!! I think I’ll try to sew myself a simple skirt and find a nice tank top to match 🙂 and of course, the red lipstick will be there 🙂

      2. I replied to you from the WP reader and didn’t see this gorgeous photo of Audrey…. Oh, she is beautiful and this dress is simply gorgeous! I can make myself a white skirt and make a similar embroidery…. I love this idea… Thank you so so so so so so so very much!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      3. Well,I don’t know if I can stand the attention on me…. I hate to be observed in both positive and negative way… Can you believe that at my degree disertation there were only me and my BM …. I always face the most important moments of my life completely by myself…. that’s why I do not want anybody at my wedding even if I do not know if thet will be possible… BUT I want to be suitable dressed for that kind of occasion, not for the others but for me only… and for my companion of course…. Am I mad to think that way or it happended to you to meet someone else thinking as I do…? Please, tell me it did otherwise I’ll feel like a total alien….

      4. What a wonderful idea, just you and your BM to stand together to face the future on your terms and oh so very romantic ❤ You don't need validation from anyone other than the one you love, so far from being alien you are a guiding light 🙂

  2. LOL LOL LOL Oh and a thousand and one more LOLs!!!!!! 😀
    OMGoodness I must find the whereabouts of your spy webcam in our abode??!….giving away My Dearest’s ”Father of the Bride” wedding attire to all unsundry, especially the shade of his pouting lips – at least I can say he co-ordinates with mine for the day! 🙂
    I have so much to thank you for, for all your trawling through almanac’s, talking through with your knowledgeable Village Ladies, and of course, your own (super) natural instinct for these matters! I am just very thankful, given the disclosure and warning, that my daughter isn’t in line to marry one of your sons, LOL, I know I would lose out on the frilly challenge
    I must confess a very recent conversation between daughter and I, concluded, in that, she wanted me to look pretty….Oh what a monumental task…if only she could have done this ten years ago!! ;-/
    Of course, her seemingly endless studies, and, time taken to be asked into marriage, has obviously taken it’s toll on me 😦 …though as a trooping mother, I shall do my best – who wouldn’t want a well dressed Cabbage Patch Doll at their wedding??!! I shall rush down to the local seamstress tomorrow with my yard of fabric in the hopes she can work miracles!!
    Dearest has already been issued with scissors to find the unruly beast beneath my mass of hair, and ,I do rather like the second outfit, though, I truly wish I could fit into the one you suggested for Tajana…BUT if all else fails……I’m having Dearest’s!
    ……..I’m sure he can manage to shimmy down the aisle in my fabric rejection for the special day!

    1. Think yourself lucky are are not subject to any ‘Mother Of The Groom’ photos that may one day surface should either of my boys take the plunge …I’d need a full body cast to keep my saggy bits in situ, no Lycra for me !!
      I have it on good authority that Cabbage Patch dolls are very much in vogue, do you remember my archaeologist friend ?? his Dear Lady makes her living from restoring said dolls – there is a huge market in America for them …who would have thought it ?? not me obviously 🙂
      It’s good to hear your Dearest’s sheep shearing skills are being to the fore in your make over.
      Now if you need any more advice you know where I am, my ancient wisdom is yours for the asking

      1. OMGoodness ‘Mother of the Groom’ photos as well!! I may have those added to my portfolio too at some stage if youngest little lamb decides he will one day get married! Luckily, by telling me about your Dear Lady friend, I will be able to book myself in with her for a complete restoration before that big day 😀 and find out from yourself where to acquire one of those full body casts LOL
        Dearest shearing is probably one of his best attempts, though now being semi de-fleeced I wish it had been a summer wedding 😉
        I may well be back for more of your ancient wisdom …:-)

      2. I shall enquire from 2nd born son when he will be doing his trauma rotation in his nursing degree ..and book us both in for body casts which may well help in his studies as well as keeping us in tip top form LOL

      3. OOOO!!! I’m all in for that 😉 As long as I don’t become a research phenomenon along the way…… ;-/
        I hope that 2nd born is thoroughly enjoying all his new found knowledge for his valuable degree – such a proud mum you must be!! 🙂
        I wonder though if it would be possible to do the complete body cast in an upside down position?? ….I’m sure I would have less wrinkles that way round LOL

    1. I’m thinking of branching out into offering suitable advice for any occasion, I have amassed a whole range of vintage books for reference, and of course ‘The Village Ladies’ offer a wealth of knowledge at my disposal, if you need any advice please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

    1. The father of the bride gets a raw deal don’t you think ?? what better way to claim a little of the limelight from his daughter & wife than adding a touch of flamboyancy to the proceedings, as long as he calms the eye shadow down a touch I think all will be well 🙂

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