Secret Santa Blanket’s done !!

I’ve even been crocheting in my sleep – shame the rows don’t show up on my blanket when I wake !! but finally I have a small but perfectly formed lapghan as my Secret Santa gift for ‘My Lady’ I’ve based it on the traditional Christmas Candy Canes, but hopefully the green and grey will see it through the other seasons.

As 'My Lady' is bed-bound this will be the perfect size to drape over her bed guard for her to see the colours
As ‘My Lady’ is bed-bound this will be the perfect size to drape over her bed guard for her to see the colours,

The blanket will whisk its way off to ‘The Workplace’ tomorrow ready to put under the tree, and as luck would have it I’m working Christmas morning so will get to see Santa deliver her gift, now I’m itching to do another blanket from my yarn stash… I know just what I’m aiming to do next, an experiment in colour, I’ll catch up with you all soon with the next instalment of my blanket fest


17 thoughts on “Secret Santa Blanket’s done !!

  1. This is the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever seen! I’m so glad that you are my blog friend because I learn how to be more human with every single post of yours!

    1. We could have bought a Secret Santa gift, but I wanted to reach out to touch her soul, a special gift for a very special lady who teaches me to care by my actions ❤

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, luckily I was on annual leave so I got to crochet to my hearts content, I have kept it small so the colours will stand proud, and it’s the right size to drape where ‘My Lady will be able see it 🙂

  2. Roma, this is such a beautiful crocheted blanket!! You did a wonderful job and I know all the thought and care you put into this blanket will be appreciated by your giftee. 🙂

  3. What a thoughtful gift Roma, and a bit of a shame that the gifter has to be a secret. Still, to see her reaction on Christmas morning will be thanks enough, I imagine. It’s gorgeous and you’re so lovely:)

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