Missing Due To Being In Demand

Just in case you were slightly curious… even if you weren’t I’m going to tell you anyway just where I’m at in the whirlwind that is called my life at the moment

Beloved becomes ‘Unbusy’ as of 18 th December ..he gets made redundant – I’m saying he will be Unbusy, he will actually be taking on the role of

'Carson The Butler' to The Cottage On The Green
‘Carson The Butler’ to The Cottage On The Green, anyone who watches Downton Abbey or indeed has a butler will know what a super accessory to the household they are

This will free up invaluable time for me to take up what feels like semi permanent residence at ‘The Workplace’ I’m on a 2 week rota which entails one week of a minimum of 35 hrs and the second week at a minimum of  49 hrs ….. as if I’m not lucky enough I also doing …

A 10 week course to update my certificate in the safe handling of medication
A 10 week course to update my certificate in the safe handling of medication, which for your information contains WAY more maths than I deemed appropriate !!

AND I’ve been commissioned to whip up a knitted storm of baby garments, for a colleagues daughter whom is expecting a surprise yet very welcomed addition to her family

I've been asked to do both a tradition layette, as well as a couple of modern pieces
I’ve been asked to do both a tradition layette, as well as a couple of modern pieces

Please know I am reading your blogs even though I’m not commenting as much, I’ll only be doing infrequent posts for the foreseeable future but I’d like to thank everyone who has shown support for my inane ramblings  🙂


24 thoughts on “Missing Due To Being In Demand

    1. We are having a Christmas lunch this Sunday with First Born & his Lady Love as both she & I are working Christmas day, Carson will be cooking I’ll be partaking of the sweet sherry
      Wish you and yours the best Christmas and thank you for calling by The Cottage On The Green so often it’s been wonderful of you to keep me company xx

  1. I’ve loved your ramblings and will continue to love the infrequent posts. New job and buying a house have kept me away but I have always read your posts (mostly via the e-mail not through WP) Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, I also hope you get some time to eat, drink, and be merry. xx

    1. Awww thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, I want to get in front on my course, and a couple of smaller items knitted then I’m going to have Boxing day off sat eating chocolate, watching the new Miss Marple, having a G&T or 3 LOL

  2. Wow!!! First off LOVE “Downton Abbey”. Sorry to hear about your beloved being redundant. It can’t be easy for him. My uncle in law got made redundant awhile back. He was a factory worker. Oh!! Can’t remember what one. For some reason Cadbury pops into my head but I could be mixing him up with a guy that my Mum spoke about who used to give her and her siblings free chocolate and sweets that were “unsellable” what with them being not perfect shaped. You sound like you have such a crazy few weeks ahead. Take care of yourself and make sure to take some time off during Christmas. 🙂 It will be much needed. Good luck with the 10 week course. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I’m not very mathematical. I am dreading when we do statistics in 2nd year. I think you should get Christmas day off. It doesn’t seem right you have to work. Of course my brother in law is an engineer for electricity power plant and he would work Christmas day too or it would be Christmas eve and come home late the next day or something like that as his shifts are 12 hours shifts. Take care. xx

    1. I’m off on Boxing Day which is brilliant, Carson can cook LOL
      The maths has been doing my head in today, I’ll be glad when that part is over !! on the down side I’l have lots of reading and writing to do next,

      1. I like writing but it does get tiring. When I was writing out notes for my exams, I got a blister on my thumb from where I hold the pen. ha!
        At least you will get a day off. I much prefer Christmas eve as we have so much fun cooking, playing songs and it’s so relaxed and fun. Christmas day can go very slow especially after dinner when you are completely stuffed and in a food coma. ha!
        You should get Mr. Carson to wear his proper work ensemble with dickybow and everything. ha!

      2. ‘Carson’ had better wear the full ensemble or I’ll be really miffed LOL
        Enjoy your Christmas eve and pace yourself on Christmas day dinner 🙂

      3. That wouldn’t be excepted if he didn’t wear the full ensemble. I bought my Mum series 6 on DVD. So sad that its the final series. 😦 Hope work isn’t too stressful. 🙂

    1. We are having 3 Christmas lunches, one on the 2oth, one Christmas day and one boxing day ALL cooked by ‘Carson’ how good is that LOL
      Wishing you and your loved ones a very, very merry Christmas 🙂

  3. It’s a real whirlwind indeed! Remember to breath from time to time,please! I’m sorry to hear that your husband is at home,I know that it is not an easy situation to deal with.. 😦

    1. Beloved has 101 jobs around the cottage to keep him occupied, the list grows daily as I keep adding to it LOL
      I do worry that he will become despondent, and of course the long week when I have 8 days on the trot will take it’s toll.. never mind anything worth fighting for never comes easy 🙂
      I’ll miss not being in blogland so often, but I shall keep reading every ones posts and hopefully will find time now and again to keep in touch with you all 🙂

      1. I do hope that the jobs around the cottage will be satisfying for him even if they are not even close to a real job but… fingers crossed for him!!
        I have to tell that I miss sometimes being active in blogland, it was so helpful for me having the chance to meet so many creative and good people even if only in the virtual world… the fact is that you were right some time ago when you said that I will work hard for make presents for family and friends, I really tried to satisfy everybody and do not regret the time spent crafting! I’m almost done,only some details left and then the photo session….
        I take this occasion to wish you a very Merry Christmas, hoping that you will have great time wherever you will be!! Hugs and thanks to be always there! ❤

      2. Unfortunately my Christmas crafting has been left unattended as I’ve been working the aforementioned rota pattern for the last 2 months, when I finish my gifts I’ll distribute them to the relevant person throughout the year as a thank you for being understanding for me putting Beloved & I first in keeping our lives on an even keel.
        I’m looking forward to seeing the posts about your crafting, wishing you and yours seasons greetings ❤

      3. People who know you will understand,I’m sure about! Receive a goodie you made makes life bright no matter the season is! Again happy holiday and take care ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Oh, I feel your pain! I’ve been a little absent from the blogosphere myself lately… Where does all the time go?! Hope you, Beloved and family enjoy your Christmas dinners, and don’t work too hard 😀

  5. I miss your frequent mad ramblings, I have to say, but know that you are doing a far better thing at The Workplace. If you don’t get online before Christmas – HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment I start on my 8 day stint today so there is a good chance I’ll not get back into blogland before then, wishing you and your family a very very merry Christmas x

  6. Sorry to hear about Carson’s plight, I trust you are about to sit down to your delicious lunch with the family courtesy of Mr Carson right about now. Good luck with all your work challenges. I hope you and your family have a good Christmas around work commitments and a very happy & healthy 2016.

  7. Wishing You and ALL Yours A Very Happy Christmas and New Year!!!
    What a busy time you have coming up, though it sounds like your very own Carson has his home agenda covered 😉 I bet you’ll soon wonder how you ever coped without a butler??!! LOL
    Good luck on your course and enjoy your boxing day off, seems you have the perfect plan on how to spend it 😉
    Look forward to all future ramblings, whenever they may be……. 😀

  8. There’s nothing like a good butler to keep things aright on the estate. The traditional layette is very sweet. Have a great New Year. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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