Adding To My Ladies Layette

Would you jolly well know it the burning ball of fire  sun was shining long enough for me to be able to photograph  a couple more items for ‘My Ladies Layette’ to join the Bunny Eared Hat that I’ve already crocheted firstly this cutie

A newborn size beanie, it only took an evening to knit
A newborn size beanie, it only took an evening to knit, and it’s teeny tiny and sooo adorable

And now for something a little more traditional as per ‘ My Ladies’ request

A pair of simple knitted booties, and a crocheted pixie bonnet - to which I might add a pom pom if I have enough yarn left over
A pair of simple knitted booties, and a crocheted pixie bonnet – to which I might add a pom pom if I have enough yarn left over – I have a little something blocking that requires edging, so I’ll have to see what yarn I have left

I have really enjoyed doing little people items, so much so I’m not sure whether to diversify and add a few hand crafted vintage inspired baby items into my on-line store is there a market for that kind of stuff..would you buy or dress your new arrival in that type of apparel ??


38 thoughts on “Adding To My Ladies Layette

  1. it’s so cute… and I would love to see it on a little human :o) my aunt made a lot of things for me too as I was a little thingy, I wish she had see your creations before she started to knit clothes for me. We always had a river of tears before I wore the aunt-clothes :o)

  2. Oh aren’t they adorable!!!! I think little booties are just so cute. I can’t get over them. ha! I think baby clothes are adorable and I would buy them if I had babies of my own. But there could be a market for them. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Jess x
      I haven’t crafted any baby clothes for ages so I was pleased to get this commission, loving your latest creation ❤

  3. Roma, the booties and bonnet and little beanie are super cute!!! You did a wonderful job!! I know the baby clothing industry is huge so I bet these would sell…you could always try. 🙂

    1. Aww thank you soooo much for such a lovely comment
      I was thinking of doing vintage style baby goodies, I’m working on a little something at the moment to highlight what I was thinking of, I’ll post soon to see what everyone thinks 🙂

  4. They are all so darn cute and beautifully made! Your Lady will be so pleased she gave you the commission when she sees them all. I definitely think there is a market out there for a ”Mrs.P’s Vintage Baby Goodies Range” Such quality items should sell very well 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Mrs T, I gave ‘My Lady’ most of her commission last night….she oohed and aahed so much I thought she was laying an egg LOL I’m taking her vocal sounds as a great thumbs up 🙂

      1. Hahahahahahahah LOL OMGoodness hilarious 😀 😀 😀 I’m reduced to tears I laughed so much when I read this!!!! I can just imagine you eventually had to look at the floor to confirm she hadn’t actually laid one :-0 LOL LOL LOL Though to be fair if I had been on the receiving end of your beautiful baby goodies, I would have probably done the same 😉 Congratulations on another very successful commission I’m sure they will all be treasured for a very long time 🙂

      2. I have to admit to immensely enjoying knitting tiny baby goodies – something I’ve not done for quite a while, and to this day I’m always really pleased when someone asks for something special for either themselves or a loved one
        The commissions you have done are out of this world, a legacy to your skills if ever I saw one ❤

      3. Awww, You are too kind with your comments Mrs. P! I dearly wish I had your ability to knit and crochet such wonders! Wallis Russell and Lamb are still being ever so kind as to listen to my daily is lovely to be able to look over my shoulder and see them so engrossed in my daily doings 🙂

      4. I bet Wallis still can’t believe her luck at being your apprentice, no doubt she has has learnt so much over the past few months especially with all the quirky little masterpieces you manage to create 🙂

      5. I’ve been so busy cutting and sewing these past few days, I think I will have to enlist Wallis and Lamb to pull the scrap cart into action with me tomorrow,as my ‘messy pile’ is becoming more of a ‘creation’ than intended LOL

      6. Wallis should be quite enthralled with your messy pile, I wonder what goes through her mind as she see’s it growing I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s waiting to give you a pretty penny for your unused bits …as I bet she has an idea or two of her own for crafting now she has seen you at work 🙂

      7. LOL I’m sure she has lots of advice on how to be less messy, but watching me probably realises that’s half the fun, it’s a bit like having the whole ‘primary school art cupboard’ emptied onto my table, just in case 😉 I think Wallis and I should collaborate on my next creative venture ;-D

      8. I love the description of having the whole primary school art cupboard emptied onto the table..that is wow I’ll describe my artistic process from now on 🙂

      9. LOL 😀 I still remember fondly those days as a nipper, they were the best part of the week – especially when I became art cupboard monitor – one of my finest achievements in life!

      10. LOL maybe your opinion might be somewhat altered if you had an impromptu inspection ;-/ How are you at opening a cupboard door, then using three limbs to hold everything in, whilst trying to find something??? OMGoodness….now I realise why I like it to be all on the table 😉

  5. All of my children just wore babygros and matinée jackets with matching bonnet, mittens and booties right up until their first birthday so I am bound to say “yes”. I think there is a definite vintage trend at the moment that extends to babies, so why not give it a go?

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, just like you my boys were clothed in babygros hats, mitts and swaddled in a hand crafted shawl …those were the days LOL

  6. These are beautiful! Must show them to my knitting friend — she’s a new grandmother and will absolutely adore! 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mrs P 🙂

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