Keeping it simple

I know that anyone who read my previous posts … (I tried to link back but WP isn’t playing nice) may think I was going to yarn bomb my Beloved, when during my unscheduled ‘Pre – Christmas Cottage Clean’ I discovered a box of yarn I had forgotten all about !!!  what I’m actually doing is a stash busting  ‘Impressionist Linear Landscape Blanket’ (Don’t even begin to start being impressed – it’s a striped blanket)  I’ve been toying with this idea for quite a while, and while I figure out where I want to take this process I decided to start with a simple concept, so here is a glimpse into how my mind works

Freshly ploughed fields
Freshly ploughed fields, I love how the light catches the all too familiar rows of furrows, familiar because K9 and I traipse by this way far too often

And this is how I interpreted what I see

Can you see where I'm going with this ??
Can you see where I’m going with this ?? NO ?? go have a cup of tea, a piece of cake and humour me anyway 🙂

After the fields I wanted to incorporate a hedgerow, this is my photo reference

A laurel hedge on the lane behind the cottage
A laurel hedge on the lane behind the cottage

By now you may need a stiff tipple to envisage what I’m trying to achieve

So far my blanket looks EXACTLY how I intended
So far my blanket looks EXACTLY how I intended, it’s a super simple striped affair in single crochet (double crochet in US terms)

Next comes the more adventurous bit, so I’ll try to capture on film what I’d like to achieve and transfer it into a woolly stripe on my blanket, that’s if it EVER STOPS RAINING !!!!!! I do so hope it all comes together … whereas you probably just think I’ve lost the plot LOL


39 thoughts on “Keeping it simple

      1. Well that’s good! And I have spoken about you several times to a friend of mine who is also a “fiber artist.” I’m promoting you here like crazy! 🙂

  1. Your landscape blanket is going to look stunning with all those blocks of colours, and that crochet ‘stitch’ gives it a lovely looking textured feel to match the furrows! (…there and I didn’t even need to crack open the stout either) 😉 Can’t wait for the adventurous bit! It’s certainly welly weather, I’ll give you that ;-/

    1. Welly weather ?? ..I’m in waders !!!
      if this rain continues I’ll have to do a water themed blanket,
      I do hope you are allowing yourself the odd tipple of stout of a Friday evening with your fish supper, I have to admit to pushing the boat over the Christmas season and having a snowball …I’m classing the advocaat as a protein

      1. Waders…Sooo in Vogue atm I believe 😉 I hope your have several colour shades to coordinate for daily life?! Never mind a water blanket, shouldn’t you be thinking of sand bags – I hope you haven’t any rivers close by, being that your landscape is so flat!??
        Goodness I’ve just assessed, I have only three days before my next stout session with my fish fingers 😉 Can’t actually be persuaded to consume egg, but an odd Baby-sham is quire acceptable for celebrations 🙂

      2. We don’t have a river per se but the village has ‘The Car Dyke’ – which is a Roman canal which runs through 3 fields on the edge of the village we walk along it most days, it has badgers close by … which we were fortunate to see one evening 🙂

      3. That’s good news then, at least if the dyke bursts its bank you aren’t in danger!! How exciting to see the Badgers up close and personal. I’ve seen one once in the back garden of a house we were staying in once, I was amazed how large they are! I don’t know which one was most shocked me..or. it! LOL

      4. I didn’t realise how big they are either, they seem to amble along quite happily along the dyke banking …it’s quite reminiscent of Tales Of The Riverbank …very enchanting 🙂

      5. How lovely 🙂 to feel like you are immersed in such a scene whilst walking with K9 …do watch out for hamsters in their low flying machines though 😉

  2. I know exactly where you are going with this project, I belong to a crochet group the Ellesmere Port boat museum , we did a project which was castles and roses. It is on show there it was all of us doing our bit and the end result looked fantastic it was raised castles and various textured elements croched flowers the colours are vibrant and it really pops out very enjoyable project. Well done you let your imagination and creativity go wild

  3. Well done you, I belong to the Ellesmere Port boat museum where I live and we did a castles and roses picture which turned out fantastic, we all did our bit and it was raised castles trees croched flowers also on the bush I did I encorporated beads as blossom and all the lettering also croched and each letter individual y stretched and mounted on thick card, which was a pig to do but you can’t let it beat you end product looked amazing and it is currently on show there so Mrs P let your imagination and creativity go wild it is so worth it will look forward to seeing the finished master piece x

  4. I’m going to tell you what I tell my Mum most days. I love your brain!! I love your creative ideas and how you get your inspiration. My Mum works in a library and is brilliant at researching. I’m terrible and wish she would show me properly. But she finds the most amazing, wackiest things. I loved what you said about your beloved. “Going to yarn bomb my Beloved”. I started giggling at that bit. Can’t wait to see the finish project. 🙂

    1. The reason I had a forgotten yarn stash is due to moving boxes around while we are renovating the cottage, it was a joy to unearth a box of yarn just waiting to be transformed into a blanket

  5. I have to catch up a lot of posts lately…. I was in a kind of off mode from Christmas till now and I don’t know how often I’ll be in an on mode but I’ll try to do the best I can… that said, I LOVE YOUR BLANKETS!!! AND YOUR INTERPRETATION OF ANYTHING! I’m the happy owner of a beautiful blanket of yours and I love it so so so so very much!!

    1. Thank you Tajana for kind words xx
      I’m the same as you I’m not sure how often I’ll be in an on mode due to working extra hours, I do know I’ve missed seeing you post notifications in my e-mail in box though.
      I hope you had a restful time over the Christmas holidays after your epic gift crafting xx

      1. Oh,Roma,you always cheer me up with your words! Thank you! Every was fine and I did have a lot of resting hours after Xmas. My BM and me spent a lot of lazy time on the couch and I was able to knit myself a nice sweater with some gorgeous alpaca I was given a year ago 🙂 Now we are on the go again now and I decided to spend my time in an active job search and put my needles aside… I have to make the most of this time of year when seasonal workers are searched..

      2. I saw your sweater on FB …it’s GORGEOUS !!!! I can quite understand your need to concentrate on a job search – good luck any employer would be lucky to have you ❤

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