Just Trialling A Couple Of Ideas

After working on ‘My Ladies’ Layette I have to admit to being bitten by the vintage feel of hand crafted baby goods, for one thing they are sooo darn cute and even wearable by today’s standard ….this is someone talking who’s little ones are full grown and Gelfling Grandson is a verifiable small person, so who knows I may not have my finger on the fashion pulse after all 🙂 Anyhoo I got to giving my mind the all clear to create a little crochet vintage inspired hat

1920's inspired hat
I’m calling this my ‘Anyway you like hat’ it’s a 1920’s inspired toddlers hat, with the flower worn on the side it’s very reminiscent of a flappers hat, worn with the flower to the front it’s more ‘modern’

As if that wasn’t enough I had a thought to try and incorporate the ‘good old granny square’ into the brim of a babies beanie hat

Granny square beanie
This teeny tiny new born beanie has turned out pretty much how I hoped it would

I am also whipping up my latest commission

Angies Flowers
A selection of crochet flowers, all I need now is to raid my button jar and finish them off ..ready to see if they meet my clients expectations then I can finish the rest of the order off

I’ve really really enjoyed making these crochet goodies … even if writing the patterns for the hats are taking FOREVER !! who knows where my vintage inspiration will lead next


25 thoughts on “Just Trialling A Couple Of Ideas

    1. I have to admit to being a hat wearer …walking K9 in all weathers does that to a person, I was thinking of making one for myself …in a larger size of course LOL

  1. I love so much your “‘Anyway you like hat”!!! A red one would be a nice idea….. I’m so tempted to try and make myself one….. aw…. if only I don’t have a to do list so wide…..

    1. Oooo I have some red yarn !!!
      My to do list keeps getting rearranged to suit new projects that keep popping into my head – may be I should be more organised but then I wouldn’t be creative I guess LOL

  2. Roma, the hats are sooooo cute!!! Love the granny square motif you incorporated into the white beanie!! Those flowers are cute too!!

  3. I love your new crochet baby range they are so stylish, and soooo beautiful!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if mum’s might want one to match 😉 Your little flowers are really pretty too, I’m sure your client will love them with their little button centres 🙂

    1. Thank you Mrs T, my flowers have found their way to their new home where they will be used as gift wrapping accessories, unfortunately the lady who requested them has started with arthritis in her hands, so although she can still do larger craft projects knitting & crochet are out of the question now,

  4. I love the Anyway You Like it Hat! It is so cute. The color is pretty too. And the Granny hat its so pretty. I love the red colors. The crochet flowers are nice too. The buttons will be a nice touch. And as the old saying goes, What was old will be new again. Or something like that! 😀

  5. I would wear either one on those hats, they are both so pretty! I love hats and homemade – all the better!!
    I can’t wait to see your commissioned work one finished!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Kimberley

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