Last Of the Layette

I should think by now you will all be thankful to see the last of ‘My Ladies’ Layette I know I’ve been adding to this commission for what seems an age, but I’ve now finished the last 2 items

Baby Cardi
A pretty in pink 0-3 month cardi with a delicate crochet edge sooo small and cuteness overload

And to complete my hand crafted goodies I’ve knitted another pair of bootees

How tiny, just think a new person will be wearing these soon ❤

In my last post I’d been working on some crochet flowers for a lady who unfortunately can’t crochet or knit small projects any longer as she had developed arthritis in her hands, well they have winged their way to her so she can accessories her gift wrapping tags and labels, as I’d really enjoyed making them and our village is holding a monthly bazaar to which I’ve been plagued invited to attend as a seller, I need some lower priced hand crafted  items, what better than

Flower brooches
A selection of crocheted flower brooches, quick, simple and I get to use scraps of yarn, as well as raid my button tin…bonus !!

What lower priced items would you recommend for a bazaar ??


35 thoughts on “Last Of the Layette

      1. Eeeek I’ll call by your blog tomorrow when I get home from ‘The Workplace’ keep up the hard work it’ll pay off believe me x

  1. Oh Mrs P!!! How beautiful 🙂 The ‘new little darling’ will look like a little princess in that tiny cute pink cardi, the crochet edge is a wonderful finishing touch! I’m sure your crochet flower recipient is so very happy too, and, they are such a really good idea to have as small cheap items for your next table top sale.
    I found when I was doing craft fairs that my ‘Peg Doll kits’ sold very well! I made up a pattern for three different options (including the fabric/yarn too) for sale at a couple of pounds each, one for a knitted hat and dress, one for a fabric shawl and pants and another for a hat and dress (all fabric coordinating for interchangeable options) It’s a great way to use up tiny 3 x 3” pieces of scrap fabric and still make a profit. Good luck with your up coming Bazaar!! 😉

    1. It’s been lovely to made such small cute items for little ones, I really fancied knitting myself a long cardi ..until I priced the yarn !!!!!!
      What a coincidence you should mention peg dolls we were talking about them the other day along with wooden spoon dolls, kids today don’t know what they are missing !!
      How’s everything at Taylor Towers alls well I hope,

      1. Looking around my workspace as I reply…..LOL… Taylor Towers is in complete chaos as per usual 😉 Not quite sure which WIP to attack first this morning….??! though with visiting masses expected next weekend most of them will have to be shelved in favour of an early Spring Clean ;-/

      2. What you are spring cleaning so soon ??? you only just cleaned for Christmas LOL,
        unless you know spring is on it’s way in which case I need to claim my feather duster back from the pawn shop

      3. I know!!!!!!!! This is much toooooooooooo soon to be officially marked in the calendar – please don’t take effect upon your own feather duster from the pawn shop just yet!!
        After the epic return, from almost a month in India!!, my daughter thought it a good idea to get the WHOLE family round at ours for a post wedding celebration;-/
        Boy! for a clever person, she does have some daft ideas!!!! Anyhoo {as you would say;-) LOL } I’ve considered the dust bunny situation on the window ledges and under the workplace table…..multiplied by the amount of people expected for pasties and peas, in the small expandable space (due to no garden dwellings in this present clime) come up with a calculation of = MANY sardines in a tin scenario!!!! SO, cleaning schedule officially cancelled!!!…….
        I think just carry on with the chaotic creativeness 😀

      4. LOL the weather here is gales and squally showers, so the feather duster (so called because it is made up of just the one feather) will stay firmly in hock.
        I hope the loaves / fishes inspired tea goes down a treat 🙂

      5. The weather has turned tragic once again over here too 😦 ….Roll on Summer…NO WAIT… up North that doesn’t actually make any difference!!!! ;-/
        I have made a change of dining plan for the descending dozens…I heard the latest craze amongst the entertaining circles is to have tiny niblets, so…..I have booked the local supermarket to slice and dice a packet sandwich into micro portions to feed the millions coming…Genius 😀 !!

      6. Cor what a cunning plan …I like it LOL
        I know what you mean about summer here in the UK, at least the evening are lighter even if the weather can’t be guaranteed,

  2. Bookmarks, friendship bracelets, heart key rings – they don’t take any longer than a flower to make and bright colours make them appealing. Well done on completing your layette, what a wonderful achievement!

  3. Oh, beautiful! That new little person is going to be a style icon from day one! Good luck with your upcoming bazaar… I find small simple critters made from felt or fleece fabric can save the day if people aren’t spending much. Oh, and lavender bags as well… Might seem old-fashioned, but they do sell!

  4. Roma, that cardigan and those booties are so cute!!! You do a lovely job knitting and crocheting. Have you thought about selling hats/beanies at the fair?

  5. These are lovely, and I just adore the edging on the little pink cardi it’s so cute. I love the flower brooches, maybe you could add a hair clip to some of them too? Good luck with the bazaar!

  6. The cardigan’s beautiful! Have you thought about making covers for jam jars? I’ve made a few for fairs before, they are quite quick to make and can be used as laterns with a tea light in or vases. Happy hooking! 🙂

    1. What a lovely idea, I have a pattern for them in my files …just need to find the right folder I stored them in – I may be gone quite a while LOL

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