Artistic Photos Anyone ??

I love artistic photos …photographs that possibly mean nothing to anyone else yet capture a moment in my life, a snippet in time, a memory – for example

Through the trees
‘Over the hedge’
Ridge & Furrow
‘Ancient ridge & furrow’

Thank you for your patience …normal service will resume soon..ish


15 thoughts on “Artistic Photos Anyone ??

  1. Simple everyday scenes can be so beautiful and thought provoking. Having the time to contemplate them in our hectic world, means that many go unnoticed, so nice to share your captures 🙂

    1. Awww thank you, taking photos… however arty/amateurish is one way for me to focus a little more in the here & now, instead of letting the madness of a hectic life cloud my mind – my don’t I sound all philosophical !!!!

      1. Not at all amateurish!!!!!! Very artistic indeed 🙂
        I have noticed you have a flair for capturing a memorable moment whether on film or in text…I know, we your audience, embrace them, but they have so much more special value for yourself 🙂
        Sometimes, seeing ‘something’ is an escapism for us all, even as a distraction, however we interpret it… upside down reflection has great meaning in my life at the moment! Where in reality we would see growth(from your image), by reflection, we interpret rootedness……
        My upside world of late (due to some tragic family issues) has had it’s roots uplifted… causing a great lack of growth and restriction ;-/
        On a lighter note…. LOL ;-)… philosophical parchment scroll no.2 helped me out in this post 😀 !!

      2. Caren, many thanks for such kind words !!! you really warmed my heart,
        On a lighter note I certainly hope you have philosophical parchment scroll no.2 insured ….as it’s worth it’s weight in gold

  2. Heehee, I’m a big fan of the artsy photo! I really like the third one… At first glance I didn’t notice the old earthworks! I have a collection of random artsy pictures too… I’ve been meaning to print and frame them FOREVER and haven’t managed it yet 😆

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