The Day The Dishwaher Died

The dishwasher has been ill for quite a while …OK months & months- but heyho if I turn the radio up real loud I can’t hear it churning and clunking away, and I’m of the school of thought where I’m not going to replace anything until it gives up the ghost entirely, well this morning the dishwasher finally decided to go out in a blaze of glory, I was doing my house wife duties (please when you read this- insert a very sarcastic tone at the last sentence) when I got to the kitchen on my hoovering expedition I noticed a puddle of water…which was growing at a rapid rate ..think of Niagara Falls flowing forth from the said dishwasher and you won’t be far wrong – cue me screeching for Beloveds assistance

Oscar & dishwasher
K9 was first on the scene which actually wasn’t that helpful !! at least he wafted the towel vaguely in the right direction

Although Beloved answered my distress call and galloped into the kitchen like a young gazelle at the back of my mind was an advertising campaign on TV

Apparently Juan Sheet was busy on another emergency call so Beloved K9 & myself are left to our own devices on this one

After mopping – my department of expertise apparently, plenty of huffing and puffing on beloveds part and K9 now deciding his fortune lies in taking up a plumbers apprenticeship said dishwasher has been manhandled to the safety of the back garden

poor dishwasher
“Beloved are you sure it’s dead and not just resting ??” inquired K9 “Yes it’s bleeding dead ” replied Beloved

24 thoughts on “The Day The Dishwaher Died

  1. yes… when dishwasher start to bleed water they mostly die…. and they sadly have special funeral plans… like burials at sea :o((( I cross my paws for a reanimation or for a new one without black &wet thoughts…

    1. Dear Easy,
      I never knew the dishwasher thingy had sooo much water to throw up …goodness knows what Beloved & Mrs P would have done without me to give my expert advice, talk about all paws to the deck, at least Beloved had a work out moving the think about & Mrs P got to wash the kitchen floor bonus in my book
      Love K9

    1. As it’s Beloveds chore to wash up it took a nano second for the decision to buy a shiny new dishwasher to be invited to join the cottage household πŸ™‚

    1. To be fair it’s been in a terminal state for ages – I’ve been impressed at it’s tenacity to hang on as long as it has – it’s gone to the appliance grave yard in the sky

    1. It could have been so much worse, we normally set the dishwasher going last thing at night..imagine getting up in the morning with K9 doing the back stroke in our indoor kitchen swimming pool πŸ™‚

  2. OH NO!!! Fancy Juan Sheet being otherwise engaged at such a crucial time ;-/ I’m so sorry for your loss..always so inconvenient (and costly) when things like this go wrong..but, bravo to your two boys in escorting the puddle maker outdoors!! I hope normality at The Cottage resumes very soon…;-)

    1. I know how could Juan Sheet desert me in my time of need !! at least some other pretty lady was being adequately looked after,
      I’m just wondering if at 16 months old it’s too soon to send K9 off on a plumbing apprenticeship ??
      Beloved has forgone his wild nights at the bingo and put this tuppence allowance into shares at a local electrical company and bought a shiny new dishwasher …equilibrium has been restored at the cottage LOL

      1. I think Juan Sheet needs a permanent replacement under the circumstances……whatever the other ‘damsel in distress’ had CANNOT possibly be comparable to your dilemma!
        Dear Big Oscar!… I can just imagine him on his first day off to plumbing apprenticeship with his tool bag strapped firmly around him – maybe, perhaps, you could hold off until he’s 18 months ?! πŸ˜‰
        What a little gem your Beloved is for sure πŸ™‚ To deny all his weekly pleasure at the bingo hall to enable you to have a shiny new kitchen appliance – maybe you could allow him to have en extra t-bag per month?!

      2. LOL an extra t bag per month ?? I think we may need to have a referendum on that contentious issue
        Ok fair comment on waiting another 8 weeks before putting K9 into an apprenticeship scheme perhaps 16 months is a little young πŸ™‚
        I only hope the bingo hall won’t fall into receivership now Beloved has forgone his visits in lieu of a dishwasher

      3. LOL ….if, I could I would offer a virtual hand to the vote….I would definitely go with the ‘Ye’s’ !!…after all, forgoing his bingo entertainment in lieu of you getting wrinkly hands is so chivalrous πŸ˜‰
        PS Do be warned though…..if this is an addictive pass time?? you could well return from The Workplace one day to find him with numbered ping pong balls in the washer drum ;-/ LOL

    1. New shiny dishwasher is now strutting it’s stuff at the cottage, I certainly don’t do washing up…as I do the majority of the cooking it’s Beloveds job to clear up and the thought of him hand washing the dishes is too terrible to think about !!!

  3. Oh dear! RIP, dishwasher! But I was super-impressed by K9’s Juan Sheet impersonation… Since the man himself wasn’t available, I reckon you got the best best thing! Wish him luck in his plumbing apprenticeship from me πŸ˜€

  4. Oh no!!! At least the good thing you were home when it decided to die. If you came home to the mess and possibly even bigger mess, that would have been awful. Hope everything gets sorted. My dog is like that as well. Always in the middle of things. So funny!

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