So Just where On Earth Have I Been ?

I hope you all are fit and dandy since we last met. I have sooo missed being in Blogland – yet I’ve been pushed and pulled in quite a few directions of late. Beloved is still taking on the role of the cottage butler

Out of respect for the hours I work he meets me at the door with Gin …I wish

Whilst I have started a new job – as well as caring I escort NO ! NO!! NOT!!! like that  ..I escort ‘My Lovelies’ to and from the hospital, I also get do a little mentoring which is AWESOME

What else is new?  well Beloved & I have had daydream for ages to pursue our love of vintage and antiques, we realise now was the time to bite the bullet and give it a whirl, we have been hitting the antique auctions on a much more frequent basis, we knew we were making ourselves at home when the auction house owners were shouting greetings to us and calling us over at flea markets to see if we need anything.  Anyhoo we have sold a few bits already via the tinterweb and I’ve taken the plunge and started a second Etsy store Enduring Cottage

Enduring Cottage
A new shop banner quite chic me thinks

I’m still doing a little crafting my greatest accomplishment over the last few weeks has been to crochet myself a shawl I KNOW how cool

Easter Shawl
I still can’t believe I actually made this gem

Thank you for bearing with me while I’ve been ultra busy and please know I’ve been peeking at your blogs even if I haven’t been commenting


30 thoughts on “So Just where On Earth Have I Been ?

      1. Boo for the redundancy, yet hooray for you being able to start a new chapter in the never ending whirl called life, every now and again we get thrown a curve ball which actually turns out to be the exact thing we needed 🙂

  1. My Dear Mrs P,
    How lovely to see you back!! I might just feel the need to celebrate…by cracking open a little stout 😉 Let me say…You have been missed ~ very much 🙂
    Omgoodness, you have taken on more duties?! How lucky are all those people having you here, there and seemingly everywhere to care and assist!!!!
    I definitely think Mr. P, your charming, in residence Butler, should, at the very least, administer a drop of gin on arrival, when you have the following day off 😉 maybe you should write it into his t-bag allowance contract??!
    Your new little Etsy shop is so lovely, I wish you lots of Happy Sales, as well as some fun times at the auctions in pursuit of new goodies.
    Your little shawl is divine! Loving the colours too..brings to mind, liquorice and blackcurrant from yesteryear :-). You will for sure, be the best dressed woman in the workplace !! 😉

    1. I love doing the escorting …OMGoodness did I say that out loud :-0 I’m getting to know my way around the local hotspots (read that as hospitals) you would be surprised how many folks I get to know it’s like a meet & greet group LOL
      Awwww thank you for calling by Enduring Cottage your support is oh so valued, of course buying in stock is amazing and I really enjoy doing the research.
      I tried taking some crochet/knitting to the auctions but I kept loosing count of my rows every-time the bidding started 🙂
      How is life treating you ? ..up to your neck in fabric trimmings and trying to tame your frayed nerves with an afternoon rest on your chaise?

      1., I know what that shawl is really for… a caped crusader/escort girl.!! The cottage hospitals will know it as a calling card, no doubt 😉
        It was my pleasure to venture into your new and beautiful vintage shop…I can quite imagine how you rewrote crochet patterns during the excitement of bidding- I used to get my own knickers in a twist when I worked as an auction runner!! I’m almost sure the person who organised the placing of items had ”place dyslexia” as nothing was ever in order for the next lot!!
        Life of late has been a real roller coaster….my frayed nerves have been more to do with being dragged onto an aeroplane after a 15 year gap of flying ;-/ Having succumbed to needing a bloody Mary to knock me out (I thought stout had a punch, till they hit me with a tiny vodka…never again, I hope) (Me and Dearest had Wedding Celebrations to attend in Serbia, our Son-in-Law’s family and friends to meet and great) We may never, hopefully, experience again landing in conditions as we did in the wake of ”storm Katy”…. But, other than all that…all’s good 🙂

      2. You literately took the phrase flying by the seat of your pants to a new level !! to regain your poise to meet & greet must have taken quite a battering under the circumstances, don’t say you are now craving Bloody Mary’s in moments of stress – the stout companies will be throwing their hands up in horror at the thought of a dip in share values.
        I wish you a happy day amongst your fabric … I have another vintage sewing machine to strip and service ..I do all my own stunts you know. Have a brilliant week ahead and remember cocktail hour does not start before 6 pm LOL

      3. omgoodness….. I think my spycap caught you in the act of greasing up the vintage machine…lol
        …as for ‘Bloody Mary’s…I definitely won’t be attending cocktail hour any time soon, my ”delicious(yuk )” on flight meal got more than half poured over it in an effort to get rid of it, spirits have never been my tipple! I realised I had spoilt the tomato juice completely in the hope of calming my nerves ;-/, so I think the stout companies profits can rest easy for now 😉 !!

      4. ….goodness I didn’t know your spycam was able to actually roam our abode….I shall be sure to starch my best nightwear and cap as of tomorrow!!!…burning the midnight oil just has to be done!! Keeping Dearest awake does have advantages…when I need the needle rethreading 😉 LOL

      5. Can Dearest see to thread your sewing machine ?
        By the time Beloved has surfaced enough to comprehend the task in hand, found his glasses, then demanded a cup of tea for his hard earned troubles I think I would have just got ‘ye old spyglass’ from the pawn brokers and done it myself as it would be quicker LOL.
        PS you know that pesky fly that keeps bothering you every-time you try to concentrate and get anything done ??? that’s the latest spydrone

      6. LOL…to be honest NO! I might as well have a bat in the bed next to me, waiting to thread!! So…your Beloved insists on a brew for everything he does too!!…What is it with men having to have a cup of tea BEFORE…DURING(during thinking time)..and, AFTER a given task??? seems they are like little ‘Duracell bunnies’ only driven by caffeine 😉
        Well I never…..!!!
        I’ve had the good fortune to open up the conservatory doors, the past couple of days, (welcoming plus zero temps here up north is almost a sign of summer!!) and, I did noticed a couple of flying ‘bugs’ as I have been working away…I was so intent on my little creations I didn’t even notice one had bitten my chin and neck till later in the evening!…now I’m wondering if this pesky little bug(spydrone) is powered by some Alchemical Power Components?? If you could let me know, then, I can arrange for extra supplements each time you require feedback from way up north ;-D

      7. A frost free morning is a prelude to summer in my book, I also have had the back door open for a few hours 🙂
        I had to laugh today at ‘The Workplace’ …I spotted a fly and chirped up “Ooo look a spydrone” only for everyone to look at me like some sort of possessed demon … I have now been offered a room on an as & when basis.
        Beloved IS fuelled by tea ….and biscuits,
        GOOD NEWS !!!!!!!! this evening we raised our teacups in celebration ..Beloved has handed his notice in as butler at the cottage of May 1st he is entering the world of gainful outside employment, I would have had a juniper cordial but I’m at ‘The Workplace’tomorrow, hope you & Dearest have a lovely weekend, can’t wait to see your latest creations by the way

      8. What wonderful news (…or is it???) Your Beloved has a new imminent workplace offer of employment!!!! I’m sure that must be a great relief to you both 😀 Though, what of the daily dusting chores ???? Take a leaf out of my book.. and only grab the duster when the mice leave wellie prints!!
        LOL! Having been offered a room on an ‘as and when basis is hilarious…just be sure to add to your notes ”Juniper berry cordial only, by oral medication!’ 😉 BTW I have ordered a precautionary mosquito net just on the off chance I need some privacy from your new spydrones LOL
        I wish the very best and much happiness to your Beloved in his new outside employment 🙂

      9. What do you mean daily dusting chores ? OMGoodness I’m meant to dust daily ??
        The main reason K9 isn’t docked …(apart from the obvious fact it’s illegal) is so when he runs around all excited wagging his tail he does the dusting for me, of course we have no ornaments left either ..another bonus in my book.

      10. LOL!! Such a luxury to have a ”one piece tail” in action and in tact…I have to attach a dusting aid to Peppy’s for dusting purposes, when the mice have left inch deep wellie footprints, he being from the very last year of docked dogs! As for ornaments, I filed those years ago…in a plastic bag marked ”for posterity” my little lambs can do with them as they so wish, I reckon I have already saved four years of time in my life from having to spray Mr Sheen and polish them 😉

  2. oh I love it!!! I have a small collection (just 3 or 4) of pudding molds, they are a wonderful memory of my childhood. My granny had one with a grape on the bottom… and we silly kids refused to eat the part with the leaves, we only wanted pudding with a grape print :o)

    1. Oh thank you, I have … how shall I put it …quite a few – pudding moulds that I refuse to part with, including a rabbit one, I never use because no one wants to eat a rabbit lol

  3. Hello Roma, so good to hear from you!! I hope all is well with you and your family. It sounds like you’ve been staying plenty busy. I hope you have a great week!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your well wishes, Beloved & I are fighting fit ..a little tired maybe, but when you are planning to make an empire I suppose that is to be expected, hope you and your loved ones are happy, well and healthy x

  4. Oh Roma, the Beasties and I have missed you! But I’m hardly surprised you haven’t been around – do you even have time to sleep any more?! Good luck with your new venture – I’m off to check out your second Etsy shop now 😀

    1. Sleep ??? Mmmmm I vaguely remember sleep LOL
      I have been peeping in on your Beastie’s now and again – it seems they are behaving, still I bet now the lighter evenings are here and warmer weather is on the way (hopefully) they will be leading you a right merry dance 🙂
      Many thanks for calling round to Enduring Cottage, your continued support is most appreciated,
      Spoiler Alert ..I have broken a nail fixing a new rubber bobbin winder to a vintage Frister & Rosmann sewing machine ..I never thought I’d be mortally wounded in the pursuit of following my dream to deal in vintage & antique goods !!!!

      1. Noooooo! Best take to the chaise longue, apply a herbal poultice to the affected area and treat yourself with a hefty glass of juniper cordial for the pain. The things you do for love, eh? I’d say you have a busy weekend of auctions ahead of you, so you’ll need to be ready!

      2. Hahahaha I’m on a 7 day stretch at ‘The Workplace’ the juniper cordial is on stand by for Monday evening though 🙂

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