How Do You Know It’s Spring ?

Most folks thinking of spring are sensed into warm tranquil thoughts of longer days, sunshine, the country side turning a million shades of green and me ?? Yes all the above but with the inclusion of  yarn !! blankets !!  and crochet !! …please feel free to intervene any moment now and type in the comment box yes me too.

Did you know there just might be collective noun for blankets  – A swelter of blankets or a snuggle of blankets perhaps ? either way I ought to be nominated for an Obsessive Crafter Of Blankets Award, yesterday I perched myself in the window seat awaiting a delivery of yarn for my latest project … isn’t the tracking of parcels a marvellous thing (the post man begs to differ I dare say )

Of course this actually isn’t  me …like I would waste precious postman stalking time by combing my hair or even entertaining the idea of applying make-up !!!

My super lovely yarn duly arrived … I don’t think I quite snatched it out of the  Postman’s hand – although he may tell you a rather different story ! the fact he pushed today’s mail through the letterbox with a stick could possibly tell you all you need to know on that subject.

Anyhoo a new spring themed blanket is beginning to take shape

Pretty maids all in a row
I’m after a ‘vintage feel’ to this blanket – which will be henceforth be known as ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ so I’m using 3 subtle shades ranging from palest pink to a darker lavender for the flowers with a cream accent, crocheted in an Aran yarn with alpaca, which gives just the soft, cosy yet gentle palette I’m after

I wonder if I ought to bake the Postman some cookies ?? or will that just strengthen his case of being stalked ?? I ‘ll crochet a few more rows while I ponder on that


30 thoughts on “How Do You Know It’s Spring ?

    1. Hope your parcel arrives soon !! even when I know what’s being delivered I still get excited LOL
      I’m afraid it’s not one of my paintings I can’t draw for toffee… when we went to a wild life sanctuary in the Far East it turns out the elephants can paint better than me LOL

      1. Ha ha! Art in the form of drawing and painting isn’t exactly my strong point, either. Still, we can’t all be good at everything (unless you’re Caren Taylor whose art AND sewing skills are amazing, lol). My parcel arrived four hours late in the end and I’m enjoying the books within with a nice glass of red.

      2. Ah the very talented Mrs T … a fine example of craftwomanship that we would all like to aspire to …I’d just be pleased to be able to master making Yorkshire Puddings – I really ought to do a post about that LOL
        Enjoy your red wine and books x

  1. OMGoodness, I do so worry about your Postie ~ I wonder if he is in therapy yet?! He must rise each morning wondering whether there will be a parcel/letter delivery to your homestead??! Poor guy ~ must have the dithers by now, especially going off this latest post…LOL ;-D……How long is his stick I wonder????? I’m sure he must spend his afternoons in the recovery position whenever you have a yarn delivery 😉 The new blanket is simply wonderful!!!!! even after just a few rows ~ the colours are beautiful together ~ you should consider yourself an artist of the highest level!!
    OH MY DAYS!!! I have been ‘conflabbed’ by two of my favourite bloggers!! Thank you both so much, I feel I have achieved a star rating I never in my lifetime expected ~ you are both so kind with your lovely comments….I must now take my blushings to an appropriate corner!
    Oh!… you simply must do a post on your Yorkshire puds too 🙂

    1. Don’t worry about the postman unduly at the very least he has the occasion round bought for him at the hostelry next door as he regales his/my antics to all & sundry, plus I have it on very good authority (from ‘The Village Ladies’) he is oft seen with quill in hand jotting notes onto parchment for his memoires ‘The Life & Times Behind The Letters’ I have given the task to Mrs W to find out whom he intents to publish his tomb with – so I know where to send an opposing novel ‘Where Postmen Fear To Tread’.
      As for your ‘Conflabbed Achievement Award’it’s much deserved …as both Mrs S & myself are testament to, just a thought and meant in no way to detract from your moment of glory you understand …you are blushing & not having a hot sweat aren’t you 🙂
      Thank you for your heaped praise for my (I dare not take to guessing which number blanket I’m on) Pretty Maids All In A Row blanket even Beloved threw in a random quote of “That’s pretty”
      As I’m not required at ‘The Workplace’this weekend and 2nd Born & Gelfling Grandson are due for lunch I’ll give the Yorkshire puddings another outing then recite my achievements in a post for you LOL

      1. How wonderful…A weekend off AND family round to enjoy your latest Yorkshire pud moment 😀 Hope you enjoy your well earned rest!!
        Mr. P is quite right about your ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ Blanket, I can’t wait to see it finished 🙂
        LOL…Sounds like your postie is definitely out to get all the local gossip and antics duly noted with a feather in his cap each morning ;-)…in which case, I hope your manuscript is well under way too!

      2. The weekend off didn’t quite happen !! it transpires I’m being given next weekend off instead ~ so no well earned rest 😦 there we be no Yorkshire pudd event so the post will have to be postponed while I iron & contain myself with other household clearance tasks, so I can spend a couple of hours of my day off ensconced at ‘The Shed’ to have my locks tamed LOL

      3. I have it on good authority this is the look I should be going for

        As I’ll soon be of an age to join the ‘Blue Rinse Brigade’
        Love the image of the new and improved straightening irons – will they be hitting the market place soon?

      4. LOL I think we are both heading to that age, though I did wonder about saving money….by crushing a few blueberries and seeing how that works ;-)Also, Keeping an iron on the stove just in case of unplanned visitors is always a good move I find 😉

      5. If I have a crop of rhubarb this year (K9 took to laying on the shoots last year) I’ll go all out, be a rebel and try pink rinse a la Dame Barbara Cartland only having just looked at some images I’m going to have to update my makeup !!!!!!!

        I mean for a start where on earth do I get that eye shadow from ????????????

      6. If K9 has flattened the rhubarb for this year, it’s not long till the raspberry season me thinks ;-0 I think a link maybe didn’t attach for the eye shadow you require for your new look?!? Shame, I bet it was a spectacular colour very befitting for you LOL

    1. Just to keep the postie on his toes I’ve taken to closing the drive gates ..he never knows if I’m lurking or at work …huge fun for me – heart stopping stuff for him hehehehe

  2. Roma, I’m sure you’re a fun stop on the post man’s route. Lol. Your blanket is really pretty thus far.

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