Not The Chelsea Flower Show

I’m not much of a gardener …mainly because I’m not 100% sure what is a weed & what isn’t !! so I go by the rule if I like it I keep it ~ which probably means I have the most comprehensive collection of weeds known to man. Anyhoo tis the season for the great Chelsea flower show …which I have never attended  (although I do drool over the TV coverage)  and thought why not do ‘A Walk Around The Village Flower Show’ my apologies to any resident  I may has scared as I lent over gateposts and fences in my attempt to make them famous  …so without further ado numerous pics

Lilac from Cornish Crescent
Laburnum from Vicarage Lane
smaller village green foilage
Answers on a postcard for this specimen .. it can be found on Green Lane in the village
My absolute personal favourite Hawthorn & Holly from North Fen
Farmer field
K9 was totally adamant I add a photo of this years crop of sugar beet from Farmer Field ..he checks on this almost daily as once it’s ready he will commence his pilfering campaign … Sugar beet when in season constitutes half of his dietary intake !!!

I hope you enjoyed the ‘First Annual Walk Around The Village Flower Show’ if you have I’ll see you next year for new contributors


21 thoughts on “Not The Chelsea Flower Show

  1. accidental end to my previous comment. I long for an English country garden! Instead I have gums and grevilleas- I’ll show you some photos. Sugar beets = beetroot? yes?

    1. I’d love to see photo’s of a’Down Under’ garden.
      Sugar beet is grown commercially in Lincolnshire for sugar production, it’s because of their sweetness that K9 closely watches the crop waiting (not very patiently) for harvest time 🙂

  2. What lovely pictures…and wow, just look at the colour of your sky behind the Laburnum!! I love Hawthorne and your picture with the holly is beautiful, but sadly, it sends me into a sneezing snivelling wreck as soon as I get the first whiff of scent ;-( I wondered if I should enter a postcard with ‘Sycamore’?? It does look like it, but could of course be something entirely different. I imagine K9 can’t contain his excitement surveying that huge field on his walks 🙂
    I hope we get to see your extensive colourful weed collection in a future post? 😉 I’ve just spent the last two days tilling my garden soil to the consistency of fine bread crumbs, not a weed in site….then noted the mischievous neighbourhood ‘tripod cat’ thinking it must be her birthday……. ;-/ needless to say Peppy bobbed out to make sure my work was not unduly disturbed….poor old boy, by the time he was out, tripod was at least two streets away LOL

    1. This weekend ..when I’m allegedly free from ‘The Workplace’ commitments, I’ll be throwing myself into the weed / flower / rock / rubble removal mode.
      Last year I bought a plant from £1 a pot man and I think it must be some sort of maundering alien life force ~ it’s invading EVERYWHERE gawd I bet he still chuckles to himself to this day about his successful efforts to take over the world.
      How kind of you to convert your acreage into a ‘tripod cat’ ( btw I spat my recycled teabag beverage over the hovel floor when I read that !!) playground / privy I wonder if word has got out to the feline community that the new and improved latrine is now officially open ??
      I think you could be right about the sycamore, oh and it’s a good job I took the photos yesterday …today it’s grey, damp and cold ….ah the great British weather an’t it grand

      1. yay….freedom!!! (though you will be missed of course ;-)…) It sounds like you have gardening Jenga planned ! LOL can’t imagine how that will end up, though I’m sure your efforts will keep K9 amused!
        Oh My!!…is that pound pot man still trawling the length and breadth of the country??? I suspect you have a ”Mile-a-Minute/Russian Vine?! the same as we took missiles to in our back garden after a ”bargain buy” some years back! Got to give it to him~quite the green thumbed entrepreneur ;-/
        LOL sorry about the involuntary spraying of precious recycled t-bag juice ;-D, but that ‘bl…y’ cat is such a pain. I know they are at best very clean and want to ”tidy their mess”
        but…with a rear back leg missing…not possible 😦 and, she has definitely spread the word about the newest bestest cat latrine in Bolton!!!! Even the Magpies nesting in our garden are worn out today trying to shift the passers through!!!

      2. I’ve googled Mile a Minute vine it’s not that it must be some other super growing thingy I’ll take some pics ..when the gloomy skies clear ~ it’s like the middle of October here 😦
        Sounds like Bolton’s very own ‘Cat Central’ is the latest feline tourist destination on the map, is the gift shop open yet

      3. Phew!! Thank goodness you didn’t invest your penny candle money into the same disaster we did! ;-/ In one season the blooming triffid had traversed over 25 ft into and through rhododendrons, holly tree and birch hedge, not to mention the low growth invasion into the cottage garden plants (my Dearest was so sure he would rid the garden of the problem ~ he made sure to pull out all my lovely flowers out too 😦 )…and what a pain to get rid of ~ just when you thought you’d beaten it …another triffid tendril would spring forth! Good luck with your invasive species..whatever it may be 😉
        LOL…I’ve had the ‘Peppy Patrol’ on stand by today to guard my bread crumb soil against the local feline gatecrashing community..though to not much avail…as it had been precipitating in the same ‘October Grey Day’ fashion up here too ALL DAY!! Which means that patrol dog, or not as the case would be, a Weimeraner, simply won’t get wet unless nature calls, and even then it’s a battle to get him out!

      4. I think which ever triffid I was inadvertently foolish enough to purchase is populated be wind born seeds …think poppy population and you get the idea ~ it’s invaded the patch of grass we like to call a lawn, flower beds as well as my patio pots, I had an hour or two out there yesterday IN THE YUCKY WEATHER culling said plant, I had to relent due to K9’s help ….or should that be not help !!!, by the time I retrieved my weeding trug several times, pushed him out of the way so I didn’t impale him with the garden fork,fought him for the hand fork I was cream crackered gave up and reused a single tea leave to make myself a brew … gardening cull will resume at the weekend at least with Beloved’s help one can fight the Rottweiler off while the other actually gets some work done – or that is the cunning plan at least.
        It transpires a Rottweiler does not have the commence sense of a Weimeraner to stay indoors, curl up and snooze during the ‘October Grey Day’ festival.

      5. OMG sounds like you and K9 had a wonderful interaction over the garden tools.. I bet he was as worn out as you by the end of it all that day!! If your ‘weed’ turns out to be as proliferous as dandelion clock seeds…I should give up now ;-/ !!!..though watching K9 and your Beloved war over the trug this weekend sounds like a plan LOL 😉

  3. Heehee, the Beasties and I really enjoyed your alternative Chelsea Flower Show! Our little garden is going well this weather too, thanks to that great Irish combination of warm sunshine followed by surprise apocalyptic downpours 😀

    1. Thanks for taking the time to amble around the village with me on my quest to find the best blooms for the ‘Not The Chelsea Flower Show’ 🙂

      1. Always a pleasure! I was going to be a copycat and take photos of my local blooms to share, but I think I’ve left it too late… spring really was short here this year!

  4. Lovely pictures!!! I’ve never been to the Chelsea flower show. I think my mum has but I would just be screaming and running away from bees and wasps. I do that in our own garden when I help out. The other day I stood in an ant farm. Oh it was horrible. Thankfully not many ants went up my legs as I figured out pretty quick when I look down since I was wheeling the wheel borrow to dumb the weeds out. So gardening is so not my forte.

    1. Yuk sorry about the ants !! those I can cope with ..sort of, but slugs EEWWW no way, I don’t think gardening is my forte either although I do like it when it’s all done and I can enjoy the view 🙂

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