Helping Out In The Garden

Hellooo Moo here,

It’s been ages since I got a turn to write to you all, but I’m here now !! Grandma & Grandpa were busy all weekend out in the garden, Grandma says she is having a ‘war on weeds’ whatever that means. On Saturday I called on round to give Grandpa my expert help

Moo helps Grandpa
“You do it like this Grandpa, and next time don’t let the grass get quite so long !”

On Sunday ..(the day I always call round for lunch) would you believe they SILL hadn’t finished so I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in

Moo weeding
I’m creating little pathways under the trees so we can run & hide, take shelter from the rain & sun, in other words just have fun

I think I’ve deserved my lunch ~ then we are going back outside to do even more work ..goody




20 thoughts on “Helping Out In The Garden

  1. weed war is hard to win, great that you came to support granny and grampy… we hope you can celebrate victory after all that hard word and the weed weeded away for a while :o)

  2. Goodness!!….where has little Moo gone?? Such a grown up young man now 🙂 !! After all that hard work in the garden, I hope grandma made Yorkshire Puddings to go with your lunch?! Hope your secret paths are clear and ready for fun hideaways very soon 😀

    1. Hello Mrs Taylor,
      I’m so glad you said I was a grown up young man now, that means Grandma might let me have a go with the bigger gardening fork !!
      We did have Yorkshire puddings, how did you know she was making them – are you magic ??
      Grandma let me stop out right until bath time so I got lots of work done, and Grandma said she will tell you all about Yorkshire puddings real soon
      Bye for now
      Love Moo x

      1. Hello again Moo 🙂
        I was so impressed by your gardening skills pushing along the mower, I think for sure you should be aloud to move on to the grown up fork..and other long as you are very careful! I bet your grandpa was so pleased with his newly mown grass, he’ll have you over twice a week to keep it in ship shape fashion over the summer 😀
        Goodness, wish I was magic!! I would have my washing up, and mopping, done in the Sorcerer’s apprentice fashion, sadly I need to do it myself…probably safer in the long run!
        Though, I do know your grandma has a special Yorkshire Pudding post upcoming very soon, so, I suspected she may practice another batch for your Sunday Lunch 😉
        Looking forward to seeing you as Alan Titchmarsh’s apprentice on the TV very soon 🙂

      2. My Grandma says Merlin lives in your garden, so I was rather hoping you were magic.
        I can’t garden any more it keeps raining which is rubbish and I have to go to school, which isn’t so rubbish because I have friends there

      3. Your Grandma is quite correct, I do have Merlin at the bottom of my garden, standing quietly in amongst the leafy shrubs…everyday I can see him reading from his spell book 😉 I’m sure he’s always trying to make the weather nicer ~ sometimes I think his spell book really does help, especially when we get a lovely warm sunny day!
        Oh No! It’s terrible when the rain stops you doing something you enjoy :-(, but…all that rain will make the grass grow much quicker, so, I bet Grandpa will let you mow it again as soon as there is a nice dry day… and Grandma might let you have the big ‘grown up’ digging fork too! I wonder if you have planted anything exciting and are waiting for it to grow??
        School is great, and, it sounds like you have lots of friends there, hope you’ve been telling them all about your gardening skills and how nice you made your Grandma and Grandpa’s garden look 🙂

      4. I have planted some seeds, but I didn’t ask what they were first, so it will be a surprise, I hope it’s either sunflowers or something to eat.
        You really do have Merlin in your garden!! can we just pretend you are magic? I’d like that very much
        I didn’t tell my friends about gardening but I did tell them about you and Merlin.

      5. Oh my goodness…how exciting, I can’t wait to find out what they will grow into??…it could turn out to be a beanstalk 😉 WOW, that would make for some very exciting conversations with your friends at school!
        I’m very flattered that you have talked about Merlin and me to your friends…he was thrilled when the painted portrait I did last of him posing in the garden last summer, was bought by a lovely lady in the US! So, he is going to be even more excited when I tell him tomorrow we are playground news too!
        And, you know what??..perhaps I do work a little magic sometimes, when I’m making my little creations, they start off as bits of ‘nothing’ and suddenly they turn into a lovely little handmade item 😉 perhaps Merlin’s magic IS rubbing off onto me too 😉

      6. Do you really think Grandma has given me a beanstalk to plant ???
        Merlin’s painting has gone on a plane all the way to America ? I hope they put a seatbelt on him, it’s very important to wear a seatbelt you know.
        If you can make handmade things then you are magic, I know this because I’ve seen Grandma make things, she has shown me how to do cross stitch and I had a go at knitting, which is very hard!

      7. I think your Grandma is the most amazing magician when it comes to her beautiful yarn creations! And you have such an amazing teacher of these wonderful skills, So I look forward to seeing more of your little creations! Your Grandma has such a way of weaving loveliness and life into all her knitting and crochet…I know, because of My beautiful Wallis Russell and Lamb :-)!!
        I think Merlin definitely wore a special safety seat belt all the way to the US, the funny thing was…he had an extra, unplanned by me, internal trip… New York to California AND back in the same 24 hours….I thought it was an airline mistake, but, who knows…. perhaps he magically planned it??? Shame the new owner had to wait for him to complete his jolly sunshine jaunt though 🙂

      8. My Grandma is just my Grandma, but I’ll let her read what you wrote 🙂
        Merlin did lots and lots of miles that was more than from my house to Legoland !

      9. To know, love, learn and share with your Grandma is one of the most precious things you will ever have…and keep forever in your heart! Your Grandma’s is VERY Special, I bet she can’t wait until you are old enough to make her a lovely cup of tea!
        Merlin went on the trip of a lifetime, I think, bet he was tired when he eventually got there 🙂

    1. Moo was a fantastic helper – he only came indoors for lunch and was so eager to get back outside, perhaps I have cultivated a budding gardener 🙂

      1. Our granddaughter likes to help out outside too. She likes working with Grandpa. He is more into that than I am. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Keep Moo busy. 🙂

  3. Hello Moo! Gosh, it’s been a while since we caught up with you! It looks like you had a great weekend in the garden – you really earned your Sunday dinner this week 😆 The Beasties and I hope you have lots of fun playing in all the secret pathways you’ve cleared for yourself… enjoy!

    1. Hello, I’ve been so busy learning all about the fire of London to write on Grandmas blog, my Sunday dinner was lovely, I had sweet potatoes which I really like

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