Slow Going

My latest project has begun, as my confidence is growing with crochet I thought I’d give another blanket a whirl, firstly because I LOVE BLANKETS and secondly repeating row after row of stitches really fixes them into my scatterbrain. The blanket I’m trying I found at Cherry Heart here is a sneak  peek at my version,

Sweet Nothings Blanket
I’m going to name this clamshell stitch blanket ‘Sweet Nothings’ by the way it is perfectly normal to name your blankets isn’t it ??

This isn’t a difficult stitch ~ if it was I’d have given up by now .. BUT  I have found fault in the equation of time, it doesn’t take into account slow projects !!! I spend hours crocheting away, apart from fitting in specific K9 feeding times ~ I can set the clock by him demanding his food !! then of course there is  Neurotic Cat whom I’m a slave to, the mandatory showing my face at ‘The Workplace’ not to mention

Enough said on this one

And other numerous interruptions too boring to mention, may be this is why when I retrieve my blanket it isn’t growing … well not very fast !! my yarn is decreasing, but just where is it going ?? I think I have a ‘Yarn Elf’ who is unravelling my blanket and is stealing my yarn for her very own project ~ I think somewhere in ‘Middle Earth’ there is one very busy ‘Yarn Elf’ crafting up a storm !!

By the way as soon as I find my way to ‘Middle Earth’ I’m moving in







53 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. I don’t see any problem giving your blanket a name. You’ve got to call it something, right? If, though, you proffered a middle name and surname too, then, well perhaps, some moderation or intervention might be appropriate?! I love Sweet Nothings, by the way. S/he is fab. Your colour choices really do it for me!

    1. Hahahaaha so now I know if I give my blankets a double barrel compilation name with a prefix of My Lord or My Lady I’ve gone too far 🙂

  2. Pretty colours on the blanket and love the pattern! The meme made me laugh so much – and if you do find that door, I’ll come too!

    1. When I bought the yarn (online) I thought the colours were paler, they are a little less subtle than I intended but I think they still works ..or at least I hope they do LOL

    1. I’m plodding on and am determined not to start another project until this blanket is well & truly finished …mainly because I have a couple of projects waiting in my stash bag that need to be completed !!

  3. I’m terrible for ‘getting bored’ with those large projects. I start with all good intentions and it inevitably falls into the … I’ll pick that up again later… pile. But don’t give up! It’s a along slog but worth it when it’s completed.

  4. Hahaha, isn’t it terrible when real life so relentlessly interferes with crafting time? Your latest blanket is shaping up beautifully (even if you do think it’s taking a while) and I love the names you give your projects – it makes them extra special. As for your Yarn Elf, a couple of humane traps set up around your knitting basket before bed should sort that out 😀

    1. Just one question …what do I do with a ‘Yarn Elf’ when I’ve caught it ?? unless they can manufacture yarn ~ in that case I’ll set a sticky bun trap this evening LOL

  5. That blanket looks amazing! Can’t wait to see when it’s finished. You are so neat as well. I tried to do a blanket but anytime I get to the end and then turn, I always seem to add on an extra stitch so instead of the edges looking neat the piece gets bigger and bigger and turns into a triangle almost. The great thing is you can rip it out and start again. I must get back into crochet this summer. Shall go yarn shopping. All I have is brown.

    1. Aww thank you Jess for your comment, you can do a corner to corner crochet blanket, not that I’m confident enough to try that yet sounds like you can do it without even trying LOL

      1. I can just do the basic in crochet. I find it difficult to read patterns so try to find good youtube videos. I have found one great one. “HappyBerryCrochet”. She is very easy to follow. Most I can’t follow at all. Check her out.

    1. I also seem to be stalked by a ‘Cake Elf’ I’m sure I’d left myself a bigger portion than the one I found when I got home from ‘The Workplace’ LOL

  6. OOO! love your new ‘sweet nothings’ blanket project, such a lovely choice of colours too, it’s going to look simply spectacular in it’s full entirety 😉
    …It sounds like your Cottage is quite overrun atm with little elves 😉 (reading through comments ;-D LOL) perhaps you could pin some little notices around (….the yarn stash/cake tin) ”HELP NEEDED ~ IN EXCHANGE FOR MINOR PILFERING” 😉

  7. Lovely blanket – not a way of doing that stitch that I’m familiar with, but I might try it out. It will grow… and if not maybe you’ll find a little version around the house, made by the yarn elf.

  8. I also get irrationally irritated when I’ve settled in to a crochet bout and then someone asks “when’s dinner?”. I want to say “Get it yourself or do without”, but I never have. Yet.

    1. Would you jolly well believe it .. I was on the hunt for a ball of blue eyelash yarn I’d put away for a future project …can I find it .. NO the yarn elf must have borrowed it !!!!!

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