Feeling Sad

I don’t usually do ‘serious’ posts but this is an exception, I came home from ‘ The Workplace’ this afternoon, logged on, answered a few e-mails, checked a few blogs,and as I had a moment to spare thought I’d have a quick look in on FB, I knew straight away something wasn’t right by the amount of private messages awaiting me, my account has been hacked, a VERY EXPLICIT video proclaiming to feature my good self … (AS IF !!!!!!! ) has been sent to family, friends, work colleges & goodness knows who else. I’m fortunate enough to have some trustworthy friends who reported it for me,  I’m absolutely gutted, what has someone gained by doing this ?? Did the person who did it feel it’s just a laugh & that no one will be hurt ? Well I am hurt, I’ve deactivated all my accounts & feel isolated & in tears, I may be missing quite a while until I come to terms with such cruelty


59 thoughts on “Feeling Sad

  1. Sadly, there are many individuals who do these senseless things however, there are (I believe) so many more who are responsible.

    As somebody once said “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind.” The context was a little different but the same applies in that those who know you, will understand your situation. It is terrible to know that your supposed private (yeh right FB) space has been violated, but whenever you are ready… there is always your blogging community. Take care. 🙂

      1. As an aside, we (in Canada) have been advised that Twitter has been hacked. Everybody with Twitter accounts have been advised to change their passwords. Such is our modern world!

      2. I guess it’s like everything else, there are always those who will exploit at the expense of others. There is no doubt in my mind that “modern” is extremely good re allowing communication around the world; sharing ideas; greater understanding of cultures; organizing world wide petitions; making a public display of discrimination and abuse…. and I have not mentioned the medical treatments that are only possible today because of modern technology.

        Perhaps it is a little like that first broken love affair. It hurt for a while, and you may not have trusted your heart to anybody for sometime… but time heals and, while the criminals/hooligans/juveniles will always be out there, we
        should never give them the power that makes us stop doing something that we enjoy. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday! 🙂

  2. I feel bad just clicking on the word ‘like’ for this post but we all know the mechanics to get to message someone. What has happened to you is appalling and you have every right to feel upset, hurt, or traumatised and want to withdraw. Do whatever you need to do to get over/through it. You have new and old friends that will bide their time and wait for you to bounce back, hopefully. Don’t let the morons win. You are way better than them. Lovexx

  3. I am so sorry. I can no t imagine how this must feel, but I know it must be awful. Take heart, it will pass as all awful things do. I do not understand why such cruel acts, so randomly are committed. I will keep you in my thoughts. I send you comfort and peace.

  4. Whatever you do Mrs P please don’t let it stop you blogging because that would give the perpetrator way too much power. And I would miss your posts!!! Jane

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear this, but I think that it’s important to remember that this isn’t personal. Don’t feel that you have been targeted – you have been unlucky. I’m not trying to excuse the person who did it and I have no idea what’s to be gained – other than mischief – but don’t retreat from the world because someone else has behaved like this. And remember, NO ONE thinks it was you who posted that video – NO ONE thinks any less of you – your friends are still your friends.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better now. xxxx

  6. Hugs to you, that is such an awful thing…. I’m sad with you, it is such a bad feeling when such things happen. Maybe you can try to take this attack not personally, probably this id*ots tried to hack a lot of accounts and yours was one where they were successful. I wish there would be better laws to protect users and to give this hacker-freaks an adequate punishment…

  7. “Like” isn’t quite right in this case – definitely a “don’t like”. How horrible – your poor thing. Hope your spirits bounce back soon xx

  8. Dear Roma, I’m so shocked and saddened to read your post and learn what has happened!….that some cruel person would do such a thing is just way beyond sick, low and down right nasty!!! It’s so scary that people are able/have the know how to interfere in other people’s lives causing such pain and devastation, my heart goes out to you ((Big Hugs)) I hope with FB you can find out who did it?!

      1. As a woman of such substance you have the right to as many days as it takes to re-ruffle your feathers and still be as outstanding as ever you were before some minor hiccup 😉

  9. This is just awful 😦 I don’t understand why people do that, it’s just being mean for free. Sending positive vibes your way 😘 X

  10. How utterly vile – take comfort in the knowledge that any of your real friends will know straight away that it’s not you in the video. Don’t let them beat you. xx

  11. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this, what a horrible thing to do. No wonder you want to take time off from social media. It’s a wonderful thing in the right hands but hurtful and damaging when used for mean purposes. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way x

  12. Oh no, what a horrible thing to happen! But as other people have already said, this attack wasn’t personal, and no-one who knows you will think for a minute that it was you. Take a few days off to clear your head, change your passwords, and don’t let some jackass with too much free time on their hands stop you from doing something you enjoy. Hope you’re doing ok 😃

  13. That is just terrible!!! I can’t believe people are just hacking into accounts. My email got hacked one time but I was logged on to it and checking my emails at the time but was able to recover it quickly. What good comes about it when people do this! Social media can be a lonely place to be. Hope you feel better. Sending lots of hugs and I think your cat should bring you some chocolate again. xx

  14. Do not worry, Roma! Unfortunately that happens more often than you can imagine! Just take your time to solve this problem and believe that all of the people who received a message from your account have perfectly understood what was happening!

    1. If I understood it right from FB, it should be your birthday today. So have a great great day fool of love, smiles and positive vibes, enjoy yourself and take care!

      1. Thank you it is my birthday today …along with 2 others at ‘The Workplace’ so we are having a birthday party there today ~ which includes party games cake and lots of fun so it will be a brilliant day 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness – that’s horrible! I will never understand what goes through the minds of people who would do such a thing. I was hacked once and it’s such a horrible, gutting feeling, but to echo the comments here you have to remember it wasn’t a direct personal target as they will have targeted many accounts, it’s just so unlucky 😦 Sending good thoughts your way x

    1. Thank you, a week after the ‘event’ I’m in a much better place …mainly thanks to everyone’s comments on this blog ~ so my heartfelt thanks to all who took the time to drop me a line x

  16. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I am praying for you and thinking of you. Many hugs and happy thoughts are being sent to you. It is so disgusting how people think this kind of thing is funny to do. Your blog would be terribly missed by me and a lot of other people who care and love you. As another reader stated, take as much time as you need. but don’t let this idiot win by staying away forever. I have often thought of getting off FB, but decided to just narrow my friend list down to family and some very close friends. You were one of those I kept on as a friend. Take care. HUGS!!! ❤

    1. Thank you for your treasured comment, it’s much appreciated, I’ve closed down my personal & business pages on FB and I’m in a much better frame of mind, out of all social media I LOVE my blog and all the comments I of support I’ve received have really helped me feel at ease ~ so thank you one again for your friendship it’s truly valued ❤

      1. You are most welcome Roma. It can be very upsetting for these things to happen. Looking forward to seeing your future posts. I am in a slump of my own today. Nothing to do with the webb, but still feeling useless and blue. I hope to get another post on soon of our cows and babies. All six on now born and doing well. Hang in there and take care dear friend. 🙂 ❤

      2. Sorry to hear you are feeling blue, your last sentence to me was ‘Hang in on there and take care dear friend’ such welcome advice …and the same to you ❤

  17. I’ve only just found this post, hence what appears to be a late (very late) comment.

    I never wanted any part of Facebook and everyone who knows me know how much I dislike and distrust anything to do with it. It’s a place where horrible people hang out, in the shadows, hiding from you but all the time picking up little snippets of information so that they can, at some point, scare you to death and leave you hurt, upset and untrusting of anyone.

    However … I joined facebook about 5/6 weeks ago, was there a week, spoke to a couple of people, one of which who was really helpful and then out of the blue Facebook wrote to me and demanded a copy of my birth certificate, (naff off!) a photograph (for what reason?), and some other bits of information – bank details (absolutely not), a utilities bill (ours are all done on-line so no paperwork) and other things to numerous to mention.

    Now this smacked of some sort of U S of A Big Brother program (not the channel 4 prog.) who wanted to make a list of all the people in the world and do it by stealth.

    Why would an on-line chat website want all of this information? I could understand a doctor wanting some of the information they were asking for; Or even a Bank. But an on-line chat site? Why? I mean to say … if I was a bad person who was planning to do something dreadful, they’d find me anyway (and a bad person really wouldn’t give over their real information anyways) …. so what reason do they have for asking for such private information, which, if you listen carefully to the Police, they will warn you against giving over the information which Facebook was asking me for.

    Facebook isn’t a place for nice people – as you’ve found out.

    I feel so upset and angry for you about what happened. I know how I would feel if this happened to me, so I imagine how badly it affected you, and rightly so.

    I’m glad that you decided to make the strong decision to come away from it and stay away, because you’re far too nice for the site. There are too many people who have too much time on their hands and trouble on their mind on that site. They chose you because it would give them a laugh. Why I have no idea because they weren’t there to see your reaction, so it can’t be ‘a laugh’. It’s just desctruction of another person in the worst way. It’s insidious, sneaky, sly and, in your case, almost like a sexual harassment but without touching you or even knowing you.

    Did you report this to Facebook? Did they take you seriously? Have they come back to you with any updates?

    I’m so glad that you stayed with your blog, for I wouldn’t have ‘met’ you and that would have been a great loss in my life.

    I hope you never come across this sort of treatment from an unknown idiot, ever again. If anyone is horrible to you ever … you and I will join together to make the smallest gang known to man, and beat the thit out of them. We might be small, but we shall be MIGHTY!

    Sending extra hugs and squidges your way, ~ Cobs. x

    1. Bless you for you comment, it was reported by quite a few of my ‘real friends’ when it was posted to their pages, by the time I got home from ‘The Workplace’ it had been removed by FB so I never actually saw the content although just about everyone else I come into contact with did !! I don’t know if FB have been back with any updates because I haven’t ever been back, after a couple of weeks I realised I don’t miss it & don’t need to be part of it.
      My blog is the only online media where I put myself forward and to this day I’ve had nothing but kindness, help and good vibes from this community.
      You made me laugh out loud about being in the smallest gang known to man 🙂 gawd help anyone who gets the wrong side of us two LOL
      There are some strange folks in this world and thank goodness they don’t invade my little world, why anyone would want to hurt or take it upon themselves to annihilate another persons character is way beyond my comprehension.
      So am I ‘over’ this episode ..yes, have I learnt from it … yes, will I let it change me …in a subtle way yes, but do you know what I’m a better person for it, so lets start said gang and do good in this little world of ours and each time we follow another persons blog that is exactly what we are doing …power to us 🙂

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