Glamour Personified

This last Saturday Beloved & I were later than usual taking K9 for his morning constitutional due to the showers,

osacr 20 months
This was the weather when we set off, half way round a 3 mile loop it decided to throw it down ..obviously we had no coats on

When we arrived home ‘The Postie’ had delivered a pile of mail, one contained our bank statement ~ a payment had been deducted from a cancelled direct debit, looking at the time we had approximately half an hour to get into town, which was doable if we left immediately, earlier in the week ‘Postie’ had left a card stating  a parcel had been undelivered could I call in and pick it up? so now would be the perfect time for me to call in the post office while Beloved went to the bank !!

At the edge of town I jumped out of the car making hasty arrangements where Beloved & I should meet up,  anyhoo I made a dash to the parcel collection area at the post office.

well dressed queue
Who would have know 17 mins before closing time is THE optimum time to pick up a package …while wearing your very best attire,

I caught wafts of fabric conditioner, aftershave & I swear one woman was wearing Chanel #5, while the stench aroma permeating from my good -self is a combination of wet dog and wet sheep (thanks to my rain drenched cardi) mingled with just a tad of badger poo …which is just as attractive as you are imagining ~ I’m thinking of marketing this desirable perfume to the young city dweller under the name of ‘Country Style’

After claiming my prize parcel I made my way to the prearranged meeting place…then the penny dropped, today was the very first time I had been in Beloveds company car ( he’s had it 6 weeks mind you ) I have no idea of the made or model, I only know it’s Black or Brown …or possibly dark Grey,

I know for definite this isn’t Beloveds car …because it’s the wrong colour

I’m having to peer into every dark car the passed by, I  received the odd wave, strange look and double take, then after a complete age a car drew up looking suspiciously like it was kerb crawling, YEAH  it’s Beloved…it transpires he’d forgotten where we were to meet!!  I jumped into said car –  it was only when I arrived home to be greeted with a full length mirror in our entrance vestibule …(it’s not large enough to be considered a hall) I notice my khaki’s are covered in mud, with dog snot down the leg, my cardi is button wrong due to cardi on, cardi off syndrome due to the humidity & showers and to top it off my hair is plastered Hitler style to my head, perhaps not the best look …but do you know what ~ I can carry it off


38 thoughts on “Glamour Personified

  1. it’s the wrong color lol I once waited for my dad who would pick me up…. he had a run of the mill vauxhall and I thought I saw him, jumped in the car and looked in the puzzled face of an older lady… we both laughed after I apologized but I felt like the last idiot :o)

  2. It must be a woman thing – the times I’ve lost my car in a car park and only, after ten minutes of walking around searching for it, realised that I came in my husband’s car, not mine!

    1. When Beloved & I go out together in his car I never take any notice where we are parked … (that’s his job LOL) so if when we head back to the car & he utters the words I
      “I’m nipping to the gents see you back at the car” I have to make my excuses and declare “I need the loo too !!” even when I don’t 🙂

  3. 😀 😀 😀 LOL What a day to remember!! The new look you AND launch of an invigorating countryside fragrance ;-/…so pleased that you found each other eventually…any longer on the look out for Your Beloved and you might have aroused suspicion on the sidewalk LOL Postie will be so sad he missed out on all this~it would have had his quill in overdrive ;-D

    1. Thank heavens for small mercies on missing ‘MY Postie’ LOL
      When I collected my parcel the postie behind the counter did utter “See you again” …I’m sure if that was a challenge 🙂

  4. He he he what a busy day!!! Well, I’m sure that you never get bored and I can perfectly understand the mirror story hi hi hi it happens quite often to me too hi hi hi 😀 😀 😀

    1. I think the Royal Mail should commission me for their mascot, I’d be a hybrid of Eddie The Eagle & Inspector Clouseau LOL
      As for my ‘Country Style’ all the localised thunderstorms have washed my supply of badger’s poo away, I’ll get K9 to sniff out / roll in a fresh batch ASAP 🙂

      1. Hahaha! Nice to know that K9 has found his calling in life – master parfumier! Let me know when your next batch is ready, and I’ll trade you a bottle of Agricultural Winter… a heady mix of silage and cow slurry. I bet it’ll pass the K9 test!

      2. WOW Agricultural Winter sounds too good to resist … you can’t beat a heady whiff of silage ..K9 is drooling at just the thought of it LOL

    1. Awww thank you, it’s hard to stay down when I find myself in situations like this one, and ……I still don’t know the make or model of Beloveds car 🙂

  5. The car pic caption cracked me up!

    As for “Country Style,” I am guessing there are a lot of hipsters who would pay dearly for that. You may have hit upon the million dollar idea – perhaps the next company car will be the red one!

    1. LOL wow just think I could be on the brink of something big for my designer fragrance, bring on the red car …whatever make it is 🙂

  6. I for one am hugely impressed that you can identify poo as being of badger origins! You country folk have skills I can only dream of! Glad you are felling better.

      1. Good! Have just seen I made a spelling mistake in my comment. Phooey. Anyway, keep us up to date with poo-watch!

  7. I had prearranged I would pick up a friend in my red car on her one-way street. When I arrived she was waiting outside all flustered. Someone else had driven down her street in a red car, stopped in front of her house, and she hopped in the back seat. Oops. We don’t let her forget it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

      1. It took me awhile to figure out I was in the wrong car. I got in the back seat and I was saying right you can go now since they were waiting for me and I had my seat belt on as well. Looked round to find the people staring at me. Well I was mortified and I just got out. I said sorry wrong car. I turned round to find my friend and her brother laughing their heads off. ha!

  8. Mrs P., I found you because of a comment you made on someone else’s blog, so I clicked to take a peep at your own blog and boy oh boy am I glad I did! You are one of those people who can write humour in such a way that it takes me ‘there’, there with them, where-ever they may be. I love you to pieces and I’ve only been reading your blog for about ten minutes. I shall be a follower after this.
    Bless your beautiful heart. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Oh my !!!! what a wonderful comment *giggling like a school girl ~ while blushing* I might just get my happy dance on …. I’ll phone the local accident & emergency department first in case anyone passing the cottage thinks I’m having some sort of fit 🙂
      Of course I’m off to yours this instant to have a little sneaky peek, thank you so much for taking the time to read my inane ramblings and being my latest follower

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