Yarn Elf Advisory

Mrs P has brought myself to your attention in one of her postsย ~ yes I’m a ‘Yarn Elf’ & yes we do exist,

gormley the troll under the bridge on the fairy walk
Go on admit it …I’m not quite what you expected am I ?? I know ~ who knew ‘Yarn Elf’s’ wore dungarees ๐Ÿ™‚ … photo from the wonderful world wide webย 

I have to hold my hand up to ‘borrowing’ a few ..oh alright quite a few rows of her crocheted blanket ~ it was sooo warm and comforting you understand, but never fear while Mrs P is asleep I appear in her dreams dropping little nuggets of crafting magic, how else to you think she suddenly understood a crochet chart ? where does her imagination for future projects come from ? an idea for a knitted rabbit ? ….yep that’s me and just so you know her blanket is growing, here is the proof

Growing Sweet Nothings Blanket
See she is further on than she realises, I will soon have to give her a few ideas for a boarder

Do you know what ? I think Mrs P would look darn cool in a knitted vintage inspired jacket .. I’ll wait until this blanket is finished then I’llย drop the bombshell whisper in her ear just what her next project should be…. I’m sure she will thank me for it ๐Ÿ™‚



51 thoughts on “Yarn Elf Advisory

  1. I’m sure they exist… and yours are eggs-tra beautiful :o) the guy in the picture reminds me of the bff of the mama… she once mentioned that she likes the elves of norway and efurrybuddy thought its a good gift idea… her house looks like elven city now :O)

  2. We have lots of elves in our house. The housework elf, the gardening elf, the “go to tesco and do the shopping” elf, the walk the dogs elf, the pay the bills elf… But I have never seen a yarn elf before โค Now I know better I shall keep an eye out incase one comes my way xx

    1. If you see your ‘go to Tesco and do the shopping elf’ could you ask her to get me a loaf of bread & some food for Neurotic Cat thank you in advance LOL

    1. Just when I thought I could claim to be creative .. it transpires a little Yarn Elf can step up & take full credit ๐Ÿ™‚
      I least I had the good sense to listen to good advice which must count for something right ??

  3. Aha! I knew Yarn Elves were real! And I’m impressed that someone somewhere on the vast Interweb managed to get such a good photo of one! Now I can’t wait to see what this new elf-inspired knitted jacket will look like ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. The Yarn Elf has been trawling the Interweb for suitable yarn to match a vintage pattern it seems 4 ply is a good match …a jacket in 4 PLY !!!!!!!!! why ?? why would a Yarn Elf think this is a good idea ?? 4 PLY !!!! my granny glasses will be put to the teat for sure LOL

      1. Wow, that crazy Yarn Elf! I’m sure it has its reasons though… even if those reasons involve getting a commission from Specsavers every time they successfully ruin a knitter’s eyesight! Good luck…

      2. Off to specsavers this afternoon to upgrade my glasses from normal to jam jar bottomed intensified make everything as huge as possible grade

    1. Thank you for calling by to give my blanket your much appreciated seal of approval … have you ever caught sight of a fabric fairy flitting around your crafting conservatory ??

      1. It’s always my pleasure to see what lovely wonders and developments you are up to in your crafting den ๐Ÿ˜‰ Though, where time of late has been filtering off to I have no idea?? So much excitement with important dates up and down the country with the children has kept me at the bare minimum at the computer, I must get around to changing that very soon!
        LOL…I must say (and many who know me well) do think I’m away with the fairies, quite a lot when crafting in the conservatory ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. WOW it sounds like you have been kept busy of late !! I can’t believe we are half way through July already ~ where has the time gone ??? It really does seem the older I get the quicker times whizzes by, when we were children each day lasted for ever – I’d sure like a few of those days back …just think what we could accomplish !!
        No doubt you have been crafting up a storm and will have many a wondrous project to share, I’m positive you have a time travel device you have failed to share …either that or you can manage on 4 hrs sleep LOL

      3. It certainly seems to have been a very hectic time…though the proudest moment of late has to be seeing ‘baby No2’ graduate at his conservatoire with a 2:1 Bmus Hons! Especially, remembering some 19 years ago, when they said he might not go to mainstream school due to his Asperger’s!!! Well… we proved them wrong there ;-D !! And, OMGoodness, to have a whole 4 hours sleep would be amazing lol!
        I’m convinced as you turn 40ish something weird happens to your body and time??! As a child I too remember summer hols lasting an eternity, nowadays, you’re lucky to get through… three pegging out sessions and a couple of magazines ;-/ If I had a time machine, I’d definitely recapture the 70’s childhood…space hoppers and choppers and many million ladybirds, in all that lovely sunshine ~ where did that one go??!!!
        Crafting has continued, but of a lower pace of late..commitments.. and the like…and, also, the dilemma of wondering where to go with myself, after over 2 months since last posting I think I need to put myself in a bag and shake myself up LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

      4. Congratulations to your ‘baby No2’ what a proud mummy you must be ๐Ÿ™‚ good on him for showing everyone what can be achieved when you follow your passion.
        You are sooooo right about turning 40ish, I can’t remember the last time I slept through a whole night, come 2am .. ping I’m wide awake tossing & turning then I drift back off to sleep only for the alarm to go off at 5.30am Grrrrr.
        Beloved & I were discussing the 6 weeks summer holidays we had as children, when the sun shone and we played out all day long ~ those days went on for ever …I was even glad to go back to school !!
        You are not the only one who needs a customary shake in a bag, I could do with a little push to get myself into gear,

      5. OH I AM for sure ๐Ÿ˜€ !! He took his given gift and ran with it….So much hard work and dedication over many, many years, it’s a well earned and much deserved reward, which I hope takes him to the next level of where he wants to be after his Masters!
        I have a theory…….Do you think our body clocks have been prearranged to wake at an ungodly hour after we surpass the 40ish age!?? Perhaps our nightly disturbances are nature’s way of a work out… to keep us fit LOL ;-/ can’t say it’s working well, given the bags under the eyes, I’d prefer to decide on my own exercise time, but heyho!
        1976 & 1977 are seemingly etched very deeply in my childhood memories for some reasons..I think the heatwave of 76 and the endless Wimbledon of 77 (seemingly lasting 18 months) before Virginia Wade won it ~ plus the unfortunate incident of loosing both skins of my knees, down to the bone, to the tarmac in the street, after building a go kart with the other street kids! YEP!! 77 was epic, no knees, Virginia Wade and going to see ‘Jubilee’ the new baby elephant at Chester Zoo with a packed lunch of cheese square butties and a carton of orange! Think, I was pretty much ready to get back to school too LOL

      6. Ah ’76 I remember it well, endless summer days left to our own devices playing with the other kids in the streams & woodlands around the lane I lived on, having grass fights with freshly mowed clippings, planning the bonfire night party ~ who was bringing the toffee apples, parkin or chestnuts to roast.
        Your kart building leaves me feeling envious !!! although skinless knees is quite a price to pay,
        I wonder what our offspring remember ?? I must ask mine I hope they have as many happy memories as we do

      7. Though times were hard for my family at that time, I do have some lovely childhood memories, as do you too from the sounds of it, your long drawn out hazy summer days sounded idyllic ๐Ÿ™‚

      8. My Mum worked & I can remember how I loved Thursdays (her day off) then I felt like the other kids who’s Mums stayed at home.
        We always had food on the table, although I do remember us hiding from the rent man !! I now realise that as kids there was so much we took for granted a & didn’t realise the pressures of being ‘grown up’

      9. I think our parents hid the struggles very well allowing us both to enjoy our childhood, which we both realise now!! It must have felt very special to have your mum at home on Thursdays, my mum worked full time too, which also meant that during long school hols I spent the whole time away at my grandparents, I remember looking forward to my mum and dad visiting on a Sunday and bringing a cooked leg of lamb ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL small as it was, it fed the five of us and made butties too for the next day ~ no wonder we were all so much slimmer in the 70’s!!

      10. I wonder how many folks today make the Sunday joint do 2 meals ??
        We never ate between meals either, takeaways were hardly ever an option unless you count the odd bag of chips we had once in a blue moon …. and I hardly ate sweets ~ which still holds true today, as you say no wonder we were in better shape in those days LOL

      11. You know, I still eek out the roast, especially if there is only two of us..usually with chips and mushy peas on a Monday and then the rest on work butties for Dearest for Tues ๐Ÿ˜‰ OMGoodness…what are sweets??? they are such a thing of the long since past for me! I’m well into my 3rd completely sugar free year and still don’t eat between meals either…all that fasting and still signs of a muffin top….how sad is that LOL ;-/

      12. Very rare I buy a joint ..unless the whole family are descending on us, but when I do we have the customary chips & leftovers the day after LOL
        So pray tell how did you ease yourself into being completely sugar free ??

      13. Must admit since the children left home for uni and their subsequent lives much the same here too, much less effort into food especially at weekends, throwing a salad together is so much easier…sad thing is my food bill never came down, due to hyper inflation and everything being ยฃ1 at best these days ;-/
        OMGoodness…how are you coping with the heat down there?? the humidity up here is unbearable :-@
        After my dicky ticker event, I was warned that I would probably become diabetic in the future, my pvd also means I cannot do any meaningful exercise, so being warned I had become pre d !!, a couple years ago my best efforts were to give up all things with added sugar, this Christmas will be my fourth since I last ate a chocolate, biscuit, cake, fizzy drinks, etc etc, the hardest one was giving up the one sugar in my brew ;-( mind you I must consume over 16 every day so that should have made a difference….but it didn’t LOL! The funniest thing is for the last 3 years at my annual mot with the nurse, I’ve been exactly the same weight to the pound on the scales…double lol…couldn’t tell you what that is though, as I always stand on backwards so I don’t know ๐Ÿ˜‰ the nurses are used to my madness now and ask fore or backwards?!!

      14. The heat here is INSANE !!! yesterday I was lucky enough to have been reposing at home ..not so today, this afternoon it will be full onslaught at ‘The Workplace, ..cue violins LOL
        I don’t have sugar in my brews, biscuits I can take or leave ~ I mostly leave, ditto with chocolate & fizzy drinks …but cake & puddings are another kettle of fish !!!!!
        I laughed out loud at the fore or backwards scenario, I have no idea how much I weigh ..but in this sticky mini heatwave I feel pudgy, I retain fluid when it’s hot ..no matter how much I drink !!! cue full orchestra of violins ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      15. LOL…I think I should send down my baby No2 to you as he has just honoured in Violin for his degree, maybe he could bring a few friends to ensemble the full orchestra!! I hope you manage to get through another heat driven day with your lovelies at The Workplace ๐Ÿ™‚
        I find it so invigorating not to know how much I weigh, but feel so satisfied I still fit into my clothes!
        I hope you enjoy your ‘ kettle of fish’ desserts for many a year ~ we should not always be denied our pleasures ๐Ÿ˜‰

      16. I know I’m on borrowed time with ‘The Kettle Of Fish Deserts’ while I’m running around at ‘The Workplace’ their intake isn’t have too much impact, however when the time comes to ‘slow down’ I think they might gang up on me and just pile on my waist line with aplomb !!!!!!

      17. LOL…in that case you need not to slow down ;-D, I’m sure you have many more years of rattling round at top speed in ‘The Workplace’ to equalise out your favourite desserts!

      18. After the last few days in the mini heatwave it’s been more of a crawl round & try not to fall into a heap, my complexion has been fair aglow as I have gently perspired (sweat buckets more like)

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished product of your blanket. I’m making a baby blanket for my new niece or nephew. Those yarn elfs, they do give great ideas also fabric elfs as well but it does mean you spend money. Had a little spree in a craft shop this week while waiting for my Mum to finish her day’s treatment.

      1. I was in my element!!! If you ever find yourself in Ireland go to Cork city. Well you can look on their site Vibes and Scribes. But the shop is way more impressive. I spent an hour there just looking round. ha!
        She seems to be doing good this weekend. She hasn’t been sick so fingers crossed she won’t be. Thanks! I will. x

      2. It was but now she has started feeling sick again and her mood has just gone so low. I want to cheer her up but can’t. I bought her flowers which she did smile so I did cheer her up a bit.

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