Rainy Day Out

I’m not sure if you are aware but just for the record…the UK is having a washout of a summer, it must have rained for part of each day for weeks & weeks ~ so what do you do when you have planned a day out ?? go anyway !!

Big sky
One of the joys living in the countryside is the big skies …even if it’s raining

Today we are off to our nearest city ~ Lincoln, to show Gelfling Grandson something a little special …according to me that is

Although Moo has seen Lincoln Cathedral before many times, he did ask if I could show you a photo we took from the top of steep hill

So what is so ‘special’that I wanted Moo to see ?

Lincoln Poppies
The wave of poppies to mark the centenary of WW1Β it was even more poignant in the rain, Moo has grown up seeing poppies wreaths all year round on the war memorial which we can see from every room of the cottage so he knew the significance of the wave.

There was only one thing more to do ….Lunch

Moo aged 6 yrs 11 months
Goodness than that boy eat !!!









22 thoughts on “Rainy Day Out

  1. It’s been the same here!! Next week we are told it’s going to be lovely but colder than it has. I’ll take the sunshine. That looks like a lovely little place. My two nephews don’t care about eating. It ruins play time. So we give them a tractor or something to play with to distract them and try to feed them.

  2. Goodness still chasing my tail to catch up! What a lovely post!!
    I should ask… Are you planting Moo in a bucket of manure each night ~ He’s growing so fast….???!!! LOL πŸ˜‰

    And good for you!!!… not to give in and cancel due to our ”wonderful ;-/” British Summer Time! It’s so important to pass on the history, to the younger generations, of all those soldiers that gave of their lives for our country’s freedom, and, the poppy display, especially in the rain, does that so poignantly!

    1. As Moo’s grandpa is 6 foot, his daddy 6′ 2” and his uncle 6′ 4” there is a good chance he will reach these dizzy heights LOL
      Moo had heard about the poppy wave going on tour, and second to the Great Fire Of London, he takes an interest in the war years ~ living opposite the war memorial in his formative years really fired his imagination.
      Hope you are enjoying the traditional British summer πŸ™‚

      1. It sounds like Moo is taking after his grandma with lots of history interest!! which is lovely and you are able to share enjoyable days out in the field together too πŸ™‚
        Goodness, no wonder, looking at the immediate family heights, that he’s growing so fast….I would look like a little pygmy in amongst all your boys LOL

      2. Moo will be spending time with myself & Grandpa over the summer ~ so my days away from ‘The Workplace’ should be pretty hectic, no doubt he will want to blog about some of the things we get up to LOL
        At 5′ 7″ I’m the smallest around here, I don’t suppose it will be long before Moo catches me up !!!

      3. Summer hols with grandma and grandpa are a sure fire way of making treasured memories for the future ;-D I look forward to reading all what Moo gets up to!
        I never surpassed 5’6”~ on the whole at that time Boltonians weren’t very tall at all, these days I feel so small, In fact, I’m sure I’m ”shrinkling” LOL, especially when stood between our two!

    1. Moo’s (strange nickname I know LOL) school places a huge significance on the war memorial, they make a wreath each year which stays on the steps all year round~ as we live in such a small village most families lost someone, so he knows why poppies are so important.

  3. What a lovely day out, even in the rain. My husband proposed to me on the walls at Lincoln castle so it’s a very special place to us. We’re hoping to go in the summer holidays. Hope your grandson enjoyed himself. 😊

    1. What a romantic proposal,
      Moo had a great day out, he was able to really stretch his legs … read that as run around on the paths …as hardly anyone was around, he was so good in the hostelry at lunchtime ~ another sign he is growing up fast

  4. Oh, I hear you! It’s as bad over here in Ireland… every other day we get the kind of end-of-the-world rain storms that would make you want to brush up on your ark-building skills. At least the grey days can’t dull that cascade of poppies though… what a beautiful display! Are those the same ones that were in London a few years ago?

    1. They are the same poppies that were in London, if I remember correctly they sold quite a few and the rest are going on tour around the country,

  5. Its the wind as well, it adds a cold edge even when it is dry and it makes my cat run around the house madly!

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